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Author: Brett Stevenson

Version: 1.1.3


GitHubCalendar is currently the only Rainmeter skin I've been able to find, which allows you to easily display your current GitHub contribution calendar tastefully on your desktop. 
This skin also displays the number of contributions for each day, as well as the date of each as a tooltip on mouse-over.
Keep an eye out for updates, as I will surely be adding more features soon.

• Simple and easily modifiable design that goes well with a wide range of themes, layouts, and wallpapers.
• Ease-of-use. Just load the skin and follow the two-step setup below.
• Well maintained and frequently updated with more features and improvements.

For more information, updates, or to contribute to this skin, visit the GitHub Page


• This skin requires that you have Rainmeter installed, which you can download here.
Open the .rmskin package file to install, configure, and load the skin.
• Enter your GitHub username into the newly opened Configuration window and press 'Enter'.
• Press the green button to load your GitHub Contribution Calendar.

Though currently functional, this skin and it's associated scripts/programs are still a work in progress and are in the process of being optimized. For this reason, I would recommend you download the project file from here, and check back for updates, as it will make its use much easier.

License & Credits

See here for a list of credits and license information for this software.

Please don't post issues or help requests on DeviantArt. Instead, please use the "Issues" feature on the GitHub page to report any issues or feature requests, to ensure that they are seen and addressed.

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