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Category 7: Nation (Fanart/Request) by BSDigitalQ Category 7: Nation (Fanart/Request) by BSDigitalQ
Over at Coalition Comics, one of my associates in the "Power Company" project is :iconkringles-workshop: Before we began our association as part of this project, he had sent me at least one request in the past asking me if I could create his characters in Fabrica. Now, back then I was not as good with Fabrica as I am now, and was not really in a position to fulfill requests. But though I could not accept his request at the time, I still had the feeling of doing them eventually. 

I still don't take requests now. However, what's different is that I am a much more confident, accomplished user of Fabrica, and :iconkringles-workshop: and I are now connected via Power Company, so now he's more than just another fellow creator on DA. So when he approached me again several weeks back, I was ready to do it this time. Thus, I have spent the past several weeks working on creating the members of his superhero team, Category 7, in Fabrica, with a height/lineup chart to cap it all off. Now that that is done, I'm ready to share with you all the fruits of my labor. Enjoy.

Next up is Nation, my personal favorite of the whole lot. A really great patriotic style character design, and a great synthesis of the elements Superman and Captain America in a design. Just really great, solid stuff. I loved working on him.

Nation and the members of Category 7 belong to :iconkringles-workshop: and are protected under copyright law. ©
Art is by :iconbsdigitalq:, created using Fabrica de Herois 2014.
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September 3, 2018
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