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Total believer in Jesus, Joy and Java. Science teacher, doodler and aspiring cartoonist.

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Occaisional crimeshow on PBS
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CS Lewis
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After the near riots yesterday, Saturday morning is blessedly quiet. The streets are empty and still, like everyone is collectively holding their breath; but I have reason to believe that sustainable peace is finally at hand for our troubled country. Yesterday was horrible... and the deaths were regrettable, but in bringing this whole affair to a just ending I saw the harmonious working of our religious and governing bodies finally working together as YHWH intended. Sadducees, Pharisees, Romans and our Provencial authorities finally worked together against a common threat. If this coalition of diverse powers can be sustained, I think we could be entering into a blessed era of peace and prosperity for our country. How ironic that we mocked the (now former) Galilean prophet as the 'Prince of Peace'; it appears that Y'shua of Galilee may bring about a peace for Israel beyond what we could hope for.
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A webcomic to aid your procrastination. For me there is a moment preceding artist’s block where I am almost ready to procrastinate but I need a visually-tasty something to make the squandering of time worth it. Look no further than Bouletcorp » What is a Comic Artist? where you can enjoyably lose an hour in wit, creativity and deep thought. Bouletcorp is a sort of autobiographical, visual satire done by genius creator, Gilles Roussel, a French cartoonist living in Paris. Originally released in the author's native language, he's been translating it into slowly over the last five years
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Because why should I be the only one to spend hours staring at a computer monitor; amIright? 1) Glass wings by ,Dinnartz - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt. I am not a fan of fairies, large appendages on characters or anything resembling CG art; which is to say a webstory has to have really strong dialogue, plot and art to overcome my petty dislikes. Glasswings also has terrific worldbuilding and compelling characters! If it was on Amazon, I'd buy it; since its free on DA, I'd say get your favorite beverage and cuddle up with this story for an enjoyable hour. 2) I've often wished that talented artists would team up with strong writers, but it's a fairly rare event except on the website of DrZime - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt. In addition to being an honest2God healer with a degree and looong time creator on DA, she is an excellent team-builder for web stories. Her latest teamwork creation between herself, sister DrMistyTang User Profile | DeviantArt, and talented
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What I am thankful for this week : Encouragers on DA, Small dogs, Irish Coffee

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When you get the chance to, here's the details for the trade:

I'm thinking Lance getting hugged by Sue in comfort. He was heartbroken when he couldn't talk to her in time, but Sue overheard him crying which leads to Lance getting comforting cuddles from her as a sign of love. Lance cuddles her back and gives her a kiss with happy tears, same with Sue minus the tears but with a big smile on her face

Sounds like that would require several frames to capture.

Whenever we get to make this possible, just remember this'll be 1 thing and not a whole comic

This is just the story of the creation whenever you make it

Don't worry, it'll only take one

Thank you very much for the emerald!

Hey, I probably won't do much to continue the Abalon critique over the next week because I have a country's worth of work and the only thing holding me tohether is hype for xenoblade 3