The Shape of the World You Live In
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Published: September 11, 2018
We often want to know answers to questions without having much experience. It's not wrong to ask questions, because being human is all about finding the smarter way to get things done. But there are some things which simply take time to figure out, and you can't really know it until you've experienced it yourself.

I was thinking that many things in life are like this, and I was trying to think of a simple analogy to express it. I thought: "It is like being blindfolded in a room and someone asks you what the shape of the room is. How can you know if the room is round or square unless you stand up and walk around to experience it?"

So these things will continue to happen throughout life. You might not understand why you are in school, or why you have to work, or what the government is all about. But after you get up and move around a bit it will all make sense.

So in conclusion, what is the best lesson to be learn from this? It is such. If you want to understand things in this world you have to get up and move around. Get out there and do things, and touch things, and talk with people, and experience everything you can. Only then will you understand the shape of the world you live in.
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