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Dwarf Illustrations
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Brendon Schumacker
Artist | Varied
United States
I do both personal and professional works in illustration. I also have quit a few online drawing courses which break down fundamentals of drawing and illustration.

My latest course is "Draw a Dog", where I break down the anatomy of dogs and demonstrate the best way to draw any type of dog.

Check it out on Skillshare here:


Charon (v2) safe
I have another version of this uploaded but it was marked as "mature", probably because of the "nipples" I had on the female figures in the background. OK. So I covered up the nipples for this version to display in my gallery.

For my Greek Mythology series. This is clean sketch for 6 of 10 in the series. Next I can start coloring.

I'm looking for feedback. What do you think? How do you feel about the composition? Does the illustration bring about any emotion? Do you have any suggestions for color?

Charon (v2)
This is version 2 of this illustration. I realized how sloppy it was and decided to go back and fix it because I will start working on my Greek Mythology series again. It feels good to be able to touch up older works like this. It's like saying that the illustration is always there to be improved upon, and not just a reflection of the past.

Here is the previous version.…

You can also see a new video with some notes about what I did here.

I will be looking for feedback. Do you see anything out of place? Have any advice? What is your overall impression? Is this version better than the last or did you like something about the previous version more?

The family is all sleeping. The house is clean. Now I can write.

These sound like the first few sentences of a wife's burden, but in this case that is not the situation. I am the man of the house, and I care just as much about family as anyone else in the neighborhood. Wives can be lazy too, and that is frequently the case in poor households. We have some laziness here, but not so much poverty I guess. I think everyone has caught a cold recently. And so... with some love, luckily perhaps, the children of this household will experience a much better upbringing than what I might fear at times.

I do look down upon some people. It's a shame when you don't work hard, and when you don't work to standard. Everyone should work to the standards of their community. To say otherwise would be to say as such "Being stupid and ignorant is cool, right?"... and I respond in public with ease "No. That is wrong. Shut up. Done. Finished. The End." I don't care what forces you have behind you. I will never concede to such weakness.

I just browsed the "front page of DeviantArt" and it is the same as usual. Just a bunch of tits and guns. What a shame we have come to. You artists today are just grabbing for looks, for likes, for ... money... for... attention...

Yes. That is it isn't it? attention.  with a lower case 'a'. You can't even ask for a capital 'A' because you know you are not worth anything more than that. But is that true? Are you really so useless?

You deserve a good speaking with. You've earned it. You have done so much better before and now you have become weak again, haven't you?

Do you remember the time when you were strong? Maybe you do. Maybe you don't. Is it possible that you have never felt strong? Is it possible that you yearn for times when you felt strong but can't get back there again? Either way, you might be there right now at the strongest point of your life. or... maybe... I am wrong... What if...? Will you be stronger later?

Are you currently the strongest that you will ever be in your life? Maybe that's true? Because maybe tomorrow you will get sick and, stay sick, for a long time? Maybe today is the last chance you have?

So does that mean you should go into a fury and push yourself today harder than you ever have? Because it might just be the last day? ever?

Well, there's an obvious quote for this "Live every day like it's the last day of your life." Many famous people say this.

Do you want to be famous?

I don't. I hate famous people.

HOWEVER. I do still work VERY hard for my family and for my loved ones every day. I think that's cool.

It is also very rewarding to improve yourself over the course of time. But NOT to compare yourself with other people. I stopped preaching that course a few decades ago. If you're not with us yet... I hope you catch up soon!


Here is a puddle. I throw a stone in the puddle. I watch the water splash a bit.


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