Got an Ipad.

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Hey, sorry for being (really) inactive for a while.  

I attempted to draw the next page but it looked bad so I tried again... then again... ugh! And again! It got too tedious so I stopped. :( (Sad) 

Two weeks ago, I was reading an Art magazine when I came across a review of the latest Ipad for art use.  I'm a PC so for years I was completely biased against Apple for their products.  I never took a closer look of an Apple product until I read that magazine article.  I got curious so I did some research not just for the Ipad but for a drawing App called "Procreate".  Procreate is Apple's rival to Photoshop with similar features and a lot of extras.  I got almost immediately hooked to this.   

I had enough money saved so I bought the 10 inch Ipad Pro along with an Apple Pencil (both from Ebay).  I then downloaded "Procreate" and started to do some experimenting.  I pretty much went "Holy S--t" when I went through all the features. 
The pencil brush looks so much like an actual pencil.  It records my every move.  The stylus is so so accurate.  Its got it own perspective tool.  I can even export and import Photoshop files!  It's got everything I ever wanted.  Why didn't I use before?!

You know what's the best part? The price. 

I bought a used Photoshop CS5 on Ebay for £270.  It's 8 years old with no updates. Works pretty well though. 
For Photoshop CC, it has updates but costs £250... per year.  That's why i use CS5. 
For Procreate, it too has updates and yet I only paid £10 upfront.  Not kidding! I checked for hidden costs and subscriptions but there isn't.  £10... and it's all yours.  

I'm now starting to regret being so biased to Apple.  If I knew all of this when I started practising drawing 3 years ago, I would've saved a lot of money.  What's done is done now.

I'm having a lot of fun using Procreate, I'm going to upload some works I've done and then hopefully I might get back to working on the next page.  See you soon. :) (Smile) 

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