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PL - Ghille

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Name - Ghille
Species - Wyvern 
Gender - Male
Age - Adult
Civil Status - Freedom Flyer

Ghille was only 12 when the Darkers came to the Wyvern Kingdom.  In less than a night his entire race was almost exterminated.  He never knew what happened to his Father.  His mother tried to protect him but ended up being butchered.  Alone, scared and trying to wake his dead mother, it seemed hopeless for the little Wyvern but help would arrive not by a Wyvern but a Dragoness.  She rescued him and managed to escape the city.  That Dragoness was Eirnin's mother.  She was with a band of Ironclaw Warriors who were doing mercenary work for the Wyverns but got caught up in the chaos.  

With the Wyvern Kingdom destroyed and with his kind scattered around the world, there was nowhere for Ghillie to turn to so Eirnin's mother adopted him and stayed with the Ironclaws.  He adjusted to their culture, learned their language and even became a valued warrior.  On the 8th year of the war, Ghillie along with others left Caladon and made it to Warfang.  He found a detached group of Ironclaws who were left behind because of the war but at the same time, he received terrible news.  Caladon had fallen and a year later, the Freedom Flyers brought the only survivor to Warfang.  It was Eirnin.  

With the Freedom Flyers having the best chance to win the war, Ghille joined and became a member of Team Delta.  One day he was due to go out on his next patrol but suddenly caught an illness that left him in no shape to fight and so his team left without him.  He recovered less than a week later but instead of his team returning, one of his teammates came back, severely wounded and died but not before he broke news of a massive Darker army heading to Warfang.  Bloody Dawn.  With his team wiped out and the battle was about to start, Ghille returned to his old comrades in the Ironclaw Tribe and joined them in their fight to defend Warfang and their Tribe.  Eirnin was alongside Ghille when out of nowhere Eirnin coughed blood and became violently sick so Ghille took him to the hospital before rejoining the Tribe.  Of the remaining 57 Ironclaw Warriors and 34 Tribesmen who went out there, only Ghille returned (with a scar on his face) carrying a wounded Ironclaw who later died.    

In the three months that followed, Ghille was promoted to Leader of Team Delta since he was the only member left.  Before he could lead the team, Ghille was given orders to become drill instructer to train the latest recruits.  It was nothing he couldn't handle except for one thing.  When the newest recruits arrived, he was stunned to find Eirnin among them.  He made a vow to Eirnin's parents that he would protect him but how could he protect Eirnin within the FFs let alone outside the wall?


Although he's not an Ironclaw let alone a Dragon, Ghille grew up and trained to be a professional warrior in the Ironclaw tribe in a class of warriors known as "Tribesmen".  Tribesmen were comprised of non-metal Dragons and non-Dragons who were loyal to the Ironclaw Tribe and would prove valuable since Ironclaw Warriors were always small in number. 

Throughout his training in the Ironclaw Tribe, he tested his fighting skills on all sorts of weapons.  His weapon of choice was ultimately dual wielding two short swords.  

With no element and his wings are also his arms, you may think he would be vulnerable in the air but make no mistake.  His tail is longer so tail attacks are more effective.  His talons are three times larger than Dragon talons so his claw attacks are more devastating.   


You have no idea how long I've waited to finally depict this character.  I made him up almost the same time I came up with Eirnin back in 2015.  I failed to depict him earlier because I wanted to depict Pure Light Wyverns the way Xannador made them but drawing them was very difficult and every drawing was too embarrassing for me.  Well, I've finally got over it so here he is.

- I actually made this last year.  I completed the drawing on my Ipad, then I wrote the description in my Stash but then... I forgot.  It was sitting there for over a year.               

Ghille belongs to me.

Pure Light belongs to RusCSI

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