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PL - Eirnin Ironclaw (New Ref)

By Brython47
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Did you miss me?  Sorry for being dead for almost a year.  I've had a bad case of art block but finally got past it and want to resume where I left off.

For quite a long time I wanted to make a new background for Pure Light Character refs.  I decided to make a castle wall background along with a banner to show who the character represents.  In case you're wondering what that symbol is, that is the banner of the Ironclaw Tribe.  It's a mix between the Metal Guardian symbol and a Viking symbol.  I'm already working on a Police Guard banner and after that a Freedom Flyer banner. 

I'll update this description box with a slightly new backstory for Eirnin.        

Eirnin belongs to me.
Pure Light belongs to RusCSI 
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I'm pleased so see you haven't vanished from reality! Also good to see you haven't forgotten Ironclaw as well. I also wanted to ask, this might seem odd, but are you ever going to finish the IronClaw comic? That was a really cool story and I am interested in seeing where it goes :-)

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Aye, I'm still here. I really hoped that I would be a comic artist but unfortunately that cost a lot of time, effort not to mention I got a new job that made progress impossible. However I did think about having the story continue by uploading story chapters with illustrations of my choosing.

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I see, that sounds like a good idea :-)

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Nice to see more stuff from you! Especially PL related. Can't wait to see what you got to show yet~
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Thank you! :D (Big Grin)  

Btw, I'm working on two other refs.