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Atoll - Adopt by DireRedemption

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Atoll was raised in a noble family in the Skywing Kingdom.  His father General Thunder was renowned in the Skywing Army.  His mother was called Dawn and had an older sister called Raven.  Not long after he hatched, he was crippled with a permanent illness. It made him physically weak, vomited almost every few days and his vision was poor.  His skin colour was green which was very unusual since most Skywings had shades of Red and Orange while the rest of his family had red skin. Because of his colour and ailments, Atoll was almost an outsider to both his family and the Sky Kingdom or more like a freak.  His Father pretended he did not exist and often avoided him. His older sister Raven downright hated him always taunted him that he was going to die by his sickness. Anyone else was no better especially his classmates while he was in school.  The only one who actually cared about him was his mother (Dawn loved him more than anyone else).  One day, a year before the Dragonet Prophecy, Thunder had him drafted into the Skywing Army. He claimed that it would make him stronger and get over his sickness but Atoll believed he was doing this to get rid of him... by having him killed in the war.  

That would all change when one day, he flew with a Skywing patrol when they got ambushed by a team of Seawings.  One of the Seawings was using a Trident... 


I haven't actually been reading Wings of Fire for almost a year but recently I carried on where I left off and became a Wof fan again.  So much that I want to make some fan characters and maybe a fan story (Not a comic though). Before you say anything in the comments, I know he looks a bit like Eirnin but that's not why I adopted him.  He's not a WoF version of Eirnin.  

Amazing work by DireRedemption 
If you fancy WoF adopts like him, check out Dire's 100 adopt challenge
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