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Custom Brushes | Fleabitten Grey and Rabicano


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Custom Brushes | Fleabitten Grey and Rabicano


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Sabine Aris Oana Ishtar

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[closed] Adopt Outfit Auction

Astrea Lir Gisila Atlas

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Makena Olivie Aliyya Nalini

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~ Com : Mrs. Murphy ~

Murphy Art

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Icon Batch 9

Sophia Art

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Day111-Mega Hounrock-ADOPT CLOSED

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[Close] Adoptable Outfit Auction 207

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(CLOSED) Sun and Moon daggers

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One off- Gilded Guardian- OTA CLOSED

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50 Watchers Giveaway! [Winner Chosen! :D]

First of all, thank you ALL for showing support and being kind.   I wish I had the time to draw you all a piece, but real life fills up quite a lot. With that being said, the winner is ... Number 11! Congrats to ArcticNomad ( !     Please write a comment below with a reference to the character you want me to draw and I'll get to it as soon as possible! <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> I can't thank you people e

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2017 Chibi+Commissions [CLOSED]

Chibi Icon == 11 USD/ 1200 Additional charges for: Complicated Hair accessories [+3 USD] Simple Chibi/no background/simple design: 16 USD/ 1700 STYLE A: [[NOTE: STYLE A WILL BE TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE. IT'LL BE AVAILABLE AGAIN ONCE I FIX UP ITS ANATOMY]] STYLE B: Additional charges for: Complicated Hair accessories [+3 USD] Props [+3 USD] Complicated Designs [+7 USD] Additional Character [+13 USD] Circular Background [+7 USD] Rushed Commission [+15 USD Non-chibi Commission Female icon : 21 USD / 2200 Additional charges for: Complicated hair accessories [+5 USD] Complicated hair style [+5 USD] Female Halfbody/Waist up wi

Commission Information

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Hi everyoneˎ₍•ʚ•₎ˏ UPD: My WiFi router is dead, and my DA core membership is close to extending, so i add a few chibi slots much more earlier than i planned before. The spring is here and i feel that my powers and productivity grows up day by day, so i reopen commissions again xD Don't forget that i still in progress of finishing the commissions ordered via TH, so i'll be a bit slow... But not super slow, i promise xD I will take 16 chibi slots and 6 slots of any other type. Icon commission will be not available this time... Please don't forget that maximal amount of slots for the points is 2. And

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Bay Andalusian dancing side view

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Black Cat 9 - stock

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Silent Autumn Bay

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FREE Lineart 17 - Pissed Draft

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Digital Painting Brushes


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