Two Stallions and a Mare

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Raziel tossed his head, the red, white and jester striped hair flying to and fro. He could hardly believe he was back in his home country. He was here with two unfamiliar ballators. The chestnut stallion’s green eyes floated over to his hunting companions as they chatted. He had to blink away the sun that reflected off the cream colored stallion’s coat. The mare was a pretty sight, though her light red coat speckled with white and the shade of blue which she sported well with her jester was pleasing to his eyes.  Slowly Raziel approached the two, their conversation stopped when he did so. The mare gave him a pleasant smile but the cream stallion was more reserved and instead just gave him a curt nod. “Good morning,” Raziel said, his voice deep and thick as molasses. He bowed his head to the mare as he greeted her and then the same with the stallion “My name is Raziel, I'll be joining you on the hunt today.”  The mare seemed really excited about that “ I’m Nantosuelta! But you can call me Nani!” She bleated, her tail raised high. The stallion was quieter and spoke with his ears pinned back “ Viridus...but please call me Farley”

Raz nodded to both of them, now that he knew their names it was slightly less awkward for him. “Well… I'm not sure what we’re here to hunt yet but I imagine it will be something good.” Raziel really wasn’t a social person but he was trying for the sake of his human. Nani’s eyes lit up “Oh! Yes, I hope it’s something good! This is my first hunting trip!” Raz found her eagerness pleasant. Farley however, remained quiet only nodding along with the short exchange. Hopefully, he opened up more before they started the hunt else running down their prey might be a bit more challenging. A loud whistle grabbed the horse’s attention and Raz grinned at the sight of his human Ashlyn and craned his head to let the other two know to follow him as he trotted over with Nani and Farley in tow.

“Wow made friends already? Aren’t you a social butterfly today.” Ashlyn said as Raziel shoved his velvet soft muzzle into her chest with a small bur. The human’s blue eyes gazed over all three of the ballators and she smiled. “Alright gang, today we’ve been given a chance to take down some big game. Do you think you can bring down a bison?” Both Raziel and the mare snorted their approval, Farley, however, stayed quiet and pawed the ground rather nervously. “Well that’s alright, I think you’ll do great!” Ashlyn gave both Nani and Raziel a pat on the nose, however, Farley shied away from her, she simply smiled and opened the gate for the three. Raziel led them out and followed his snowy-haired human to the edge of the pasture fence. “Just make sure you bring them back in one piece boy,” She said as she flung the pasture gate open and the three horses thundered past her.

Raziel led the group up onto a high ridge that rose above the tree line so they could peer down at the open plain. The chestnut stallion stood tall on the edge and peered down, his eyes peeled for any trace of Bison or other game. Nani joined him, she was so close to him he could almost feel the warmth of her against his side and that plastered a grin on his face. A breeze rose up the ridge into their faces laced with the scent of the trees, fresh water, and cattle. “It’s beautiful here..” Nani said in a breathy voice. “Not as beautiful as you,” Raziel said before he could even think about it which drew a giggle from the mare and a rather disgusted snort from Farley. “I think we should get moving so we can find something and go home.” The cream stallion said as he turned and stalked away from the two of them.

“Not that this isn’t a pleasure, but he’s right. Maybe afterward we can.. Get to know one another better.” Raziel purred in his deep voice, giving the mare a wink before he turned from the edge of the rise and trotted after Farley with Nani hot on his heels. Once they had caught up with the cream stallion Raz piped up again “Well, do you feel up to the challenge of a Bison?” He was trying desperately to win over the other stallion but for Raziel, stallions were much harder to win over than mares. Farley merely snorted and dropped to the back. Exasperated, Raziel took lead again and continued to talk over his shoulder. “Once we find a herd we’ll have to be very careful, they are larger than us and stronger for sure. The cows will protect the young at all costs and the bulls will protect the cows. Our best bet is to get the herd running and separate one to take down.”

“Wait,” Nani said in a hushed voice, the three of them halting mid-stride, “Look there..” her muzzle lifted to the south of them where just a short ways away grazed a small herd of Red stag, mostly does and fawns and the lead buck. “Oh, Raziel can we? Please?” Nani pleaded with her lower lip pushed out in a pout. Raziel chuckled and looked back at Farley, “What do you think Farley? Should we try a little practice?” Farley was hesitant because if they took down game now it would just mean the longer he was out here with the two of them and he didn’t think he could handle any more mush from them. His stomach answered for him with an audibly loud rumble, his face burned with what would be a blush as he nodded at the older chestnut stallion.

“Ok, so here’s what we’re going to do,” Raziel whispered as he stepped into the shade of the trees. Raz’s green eyes scanned over the herd and settled on the old lead buck and an old and more than likely barren doe. “Let’s see if we can’t take the buck down and if we can catch us the old doe as well.” Nani nodded in agreement and slinked off around the side of the herd toward the old doe who was grazing just outside of the herd’s reach. The buck was standing guard of his herd, grazing even though his ears were swiveling at every noise. “Well Farley, let’s catch us a buck. If you can knock him off his feet I can finish it.” The cream stallion nodded, waiting a few moments before trotting out of the brush towards the buck. Farley gave a small nicked to the buck before putting his head down and pretending to graze. The buck was wary as he watched the much larger equine graze. After a few twitchy moments though the buck put his head down and continued to graze himself.

The cream stallion was a mere few yards away from the buck when he spit out the few blade of grass he had plucked and charged. The buck gave a warning bugle to his herd which was silenced when Farley slammed into the buck and knocked him off his feet with a grunt. The buck called and struggled as the bigger equine pinned it, his massive horns swaying to and fro. Raziel watched as a Farley took down the buck right as it warned his herd which took off in flashes of brown and white. The chestnut stallion glanced up however and saw Nani chasing down the gray doe before knocking her to the ground and plunging fangs first into the doe’s soft throat.

Shaking his head, Raziel switched his gaze back to Farley who had the buck pinned and galloped out as fast as he dared and slid to a stop, plunging his own fangs into the buck’s throat until it gave its last gurgle breath. Raziel released the lifeless buck and gave a loud roar of a neigh. “Alright! Now that is teamwork! Great job Farley!” Nani came prancing to Raz’s side and like him, her muzzle dripped with fresh blood. “Did we do that good Raziel?” She said trying her best to calm herself as Raziel could tell she was suffering from ‘Buck fever’ after making her first kill. She twitched and trembled and spooked at any louder noise. Raziel and Farley laughed aloud at the twitchy mare and congratulated each other on a good first hunt. “Very good my friends, very good. Now… shall we dine on these now or should we move onto to bigger things and come back for these later?” Farley said with an enthusiasm that could only come from a successful hunt. “BIGGER THINGS!” Nani squealed, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. Raziel couldn’t help but chuckle heartily as his two companions seemed fired up to take down more game.

The trio carried on, Nani gradually coming down from her adrenaline rush, as they quietly made their way through the trees. Farley was the first to speak up after what seemed like half an hour of walking “Do you smell that? It smells like… cattle?”  Nani and Raziel both took in a breath, however, the mare brushed off the smell with a snort. “Yes…” Raziel said softly, “I smell it, but it’s not the cattle the humans have… this is different…”  Farley rocketed ahead of the group, crashing through the trees and brush. “Wait!” Raziel hissed as he galloped after the other stallion, catching him only in time to keep the cream stallion from tumbling down a hill. The two stallions gasped for breath after the run that almost plunged one of them to their doom when Nani finally caught up and looked downwards, “Look” She whispered her muzzle pointing down at a fairly large herd of brown specks. “Those must be those bison things.” Raziel nodded and turned away from the steep hill face.

“We’ll have to double back and find a way down there that isn’t in the open. We don’t want to spook them and have them run off before we can get down there.” Farley and Nani nodded in agreement and followed Raziel back into the trees as they picked their way downhill just on the NorthEast side of the herd. The three forest ballators moved as quietly as the could manage till there were a good 100 yards from the herd of bison. “They’re so much bigger than the deer, how are we going to take these down?” Nani whined with a frown. Farley smiled at her with gleaming fangs, “Teamwork Nani, the three of us can take one down!” Raziel chuckled at the two of them, these youngsters really made him feel like he was ten years younger. He scanned the herd until he found what he was looking for, about 200 yards from them was a particularly young bull who was walking with a pretty obvious limp which probably came from hoof problems or perhaps it had suffered a fall or something.

“The limping one, do you see it?” Raz’s deep voice purred, laced with excitement. “Easy pickings if we all go after him at once.”  Nani was the first to move, gliding gracefully through the brush closer to the young bull with Farley at her flank. Raziel lagged behind slightly, keeping his eyes on the herd for any sign that they might suddenly stampede off. They had closed the gap between them to 100 yards when Raziel suddenly charged past the two younger horses. “Take him down!” the chestnut roared which spooked the bison into fleeing away from him. Though the limping bull was a bit slower and Raziel caught him easily, using his training with the human’s cattle to cut off where the bull could run, much like a dog would a sheep. Nani and Farley had caught up to them at a full gallop with Farley rushing in and rearing up on his hind legs to bring his front hooves crashing down on the bison’s hip and knocking it off balance. Nani took that opportunity and rushed in to slam her side into the animal which sent it tumbling over itself as it crashed to the ground.

The bison gave off a range of grunts, groans, and moos as the two ballators dug their hooves and fangs into it to keep it from getting up. Raziel cantered over to them and curled his lip over her sharp teeth. “On the count of three, we need aim for the throat. 1...2...3!” Three had barely left Raziel’s lips when Nani flew in, fangs bared and sank them into the mass of fur on the Bison’s neck, lowering her front half to try and strangle the animal as she bit and tore at any part she could sink her fangs in. Farley had done the same as he grunted as he was pelted in a few places by the bison’s flying hooves as Farley tore at where the neck and mane met the chest of the beast. Raziel latched on to the softer spot just under the jaw and bit down as hard as he could, tugging and ripping as he did.

It seemed like it had taken an eternity but the bison finally lay still, the three of them drenched in blood and sweat released their hold and stepped back from their kill. “That was hard..” Nani said as she looked solemnly at their handiwork. “I feel bad that it didn’t go quickly.” Raziel nodded, the drying blood on his muzzle turning it a dark brown color “Yes, taking down the large game isn’t easy… and it usually doesn’t end quickly. But it was for the health of the herd we took this bull down.” They all nodded and thanked the bull for giving up its life for them and thanked Aether for their successful hunt.”Now…” Farley said with a joking tone ”How are we going to get this home?”
Ballator(s) Pictured: 1595 Raziel    2089 Nantosuelta (Nani) Winzer    976 Viridus Folium (Farley) AstroPonies 
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Region: Europe
Object Being hunted: European Bison
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These 3 have the most amusing interactions. :D  Thanks so much for including my grumpy boy in this!
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Haha you're welcome! I really enjoyed working with your boy! 
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AhhhHHH I loved this!!! Nani's personally works so well and she def has a crush on Raziel now I can tell you. Thank you so much for including her, I can't wait to see what they all get!! 
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Haha, no problem! It was really fun working with her! It can't be helped, though Raz is a suave old fox. ;D I'm sure we'll get something cool!