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Giovanni sat in the corner of the room, watching as his friends milled through the room. His yellow eyes settled on the young Sabnock, her purple coat giving off an orange sheen from the fireplace s she played 'house' with some rag dolls she had found. Vanth with her galaxy colored coat stood in the doorway to the dining room everyone had just come from with Dasgrar, their hands intertwined as they whispered about something. Adhira was sitting close to the fire, staring into it, perhaps remembering something? He pushed himself out of the chair and slipped into the kitchen where a pot full of spiced cider was warming. He grabbed two of the plain white mugs that say on the counter near it and filled two of them before looking around and pulling a flask out of the back of a drawer that contained pot holders and such. He filled the mugs the rest of the way up with the amber colored liquid before re-stashing the flask carefully. He was coming back into the room when he saw that Sabnock had claimed his chair to play another game with her dolls. He scowled for a second but got over it as there were plenty of other chairs over by the fireplace. Carefully so as not to startle her Giovanni approached Adhira. She never looked at him as he stood at her side. Her eyes looked far away as she stared into the flames. Gio felt he could probably relate to whatever was bothering her, instead he cleared his throat which seemed to rouse the mare from her trance. She looked at him, blinking a few times. "Sorry, I was a million miles away," She said to the small stallion. "it's fine," Giovanni said as he held out the steaming mug to her. "A drink," he said with a wink. Adhira warily took the mug and gave it a sniff before taking a drink. She made a slight face but let out a sigh after it went down. "Thank you, I probably needed this," She said settling back into her chair. Gio went over to sit across from her, his eyes trying to sneak glances of the golden lightning markings around her eyes. There was something sad about her face still but he wasn't too sure on how to even begin trying to connect with her to try and take her mind off of whatever it was. "getting could out," he said slightly grumbly to which Adhira nodded. "It is, it'll be winter soon," The purple-ish grey mare said as she stared down into the steaming mug before taking another sip. She didn't make a face this time but she did let out another sigh. "This is actually really good, I snuck a taste earlier but it didn't taste like this," She said eyeing Giovanni suspiciously. He took a drink and gave Adhira a wink before putting a finger to his lips. He knew that if it was different that Sabnock would want a taste and they couldn't have that. Instead the two of them stared into the fire again for a few moments as silence passed between them. Giovanni felt a bit awkward as he tried to think of something they could chat about but he was interrupted by Vanth and Dasgrar calling out that dessert was on the table now. They both watched as Sabnock tossed her dolls and ran for the dining room which made Adhira laugh. it was such a sweet and delicate sound that Gio smiled at. Adhira must have felt Gio staring as she laughed and looked at him with a raised brow, 'What?" Gio coughed and averted his eyes elsewhere "nothing," he said but he could feel his cheeks getting hot as he set down the mug on a high space so Sabnock wouldn't get to it. "Nothing...just... dessert," he said awkwardly as he briskly moved back into the dining room.

{F2U} Red Star - old Rejuvenation: It’s the time of year to give thanks and enjoy some delicious holiday feasts. As the weather starts to get colder, what food or drink will your Ballator be consuming by the fireplace?

– Draw or Write your Ballator enjoying their favourite seasonal food or drink

    Prompt(s) Shown: November 2020 Monthly Quest

    Stats: 5
+3 Story (658 WC)
+2 Extra Character (Adhira)

    Prizes Claimed: 1x Luminiferous Lantern, 100D
100 Denarii
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