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Leeu was crying as she followed the mare she came to know as Owl. She just wanted to go home to her mommy but she wasn't even sure how she got here. She had never seen a dead place like this. It was if this place appeared out of thin air. "Please Owl, I want to go home," She sniffled as she looked up at the feathery mare. "I told you dear..." Owl said with an edge in her voice that could have cut "I am taking you to your new home," The little seal bay african filly cried harder "but my mommy!" "ENOUGH!" Owl said, her feathers puffing as she flared her wings. Leeu quieted and sucked in a breath in fear. "Please be quiet now dear..." Owl said through a slightly more gentle voice through her teeth. "Or I will leave you out here all alone," Leeu followed close by Owl's side quietly now, occasionally shuffling her hooves and sending ash and dirt flying. A mist was starting to rise from the ground and Leeu could see something, it must have been a mountain that looked like giant teeth coming out of the ground that was were the smoke was coming from and that was where Owl was taking her. She was trembling from fright and then she spotted something running towards them. Whatever it was was white as the mist and completely see through. Owl stopped once she spotted it. "Let that child go!" Came a wavering voice. Owl hissed as she grabbed the filly by her neck and picked her up, running full speed towards the smoking pit. "Stop!" The ghostly mare flitted after Owl, reaching out and with a strength yanks on the feathers of Owl's wing and making her drop the filly. Leeu struggled back to her feet and bolted away from the ghostly mare and the feathery mare. "Interfering spirit! Begone!" Owl shouted at the faded bay splash mare. "I will not let you corrupt this little one!" The ghost said as she crossed to stand in front of the filly. Owl snorted and flared her wings at the ghost. "You cannot protect it, the child is mine now," The ghost mare turned to the small filly "Run! Run as fast as you can!" The filly didn't need to be told twice and bolted in the opposite direction of the mares. Her hooves were kicking up clouds of dust and ash with how fast she was running. She waited to hear wings, to hear the scary Owl's voice. She could feel her eyes stinging as she ran, she had to get back to her mommy. She noticed something beside her and turned her head enough to see the ghost mare beside her "Just keep going little one..i'll be with you till dawn," Leeu nodded and kept runnign till she could not anymore, the mare led her to a small cave hidden in some rocks. "Rest now, i'll return at dusk. Try to stay quiet and out of sight until then," said the mare to which Leeu nodded and all but collapsed where she stood once she was good and hidden. She just wanted to be home now.

Day 18Your Ballator stumbles across someone's spirit while out on The Charred Plains.

Depicted Ballator(s)
7741 | Klein Leeu
ID 059 | Owl
ID 1451

Stats - 9
+2 Story (534 WC)
+4 Extra Character (Owl, Ghost mare)
+3 AS MOS bonus

1x Glass Horseshoe
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