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Someone was singing, it was echoing across the open plains. It was so soft the tiny filly wasn't sure if she really even heard it. "Hello?" The little filly yelled, listening so that her own voice echoed. The singing came again, it was hypnotic almost and the little filly was sprinting towards the voice as fast as her legs would carry her. "I'm here...... i'm heeeere," the voice sang to the filly as she ran. "I'm coming!" The seal bay filly said as she was panting, she had never run this much in her life. The grassy plains were starting to melt away and become patchy until the ground beneath her was ashy and barren. Where was she? "Mommy? Voice? Where are you?" Her bright red eyes looked around the empty plain. She could see smoke rising far away and the smell of something foul made her nose wrinkle. "Mommy! Voice! Where are you?" She called out loudly. She could feel tears pricking her eyes as she thought she was lost. She sat down, rubbing her teary eyes with her knee Until she heard the voice again. She got up, sniffling and followed the singing, it was much louder now and easy to follow. "Come to me....i'm heere," There was someone standing in the distance, they were very big and the little seal bay filly hurried even faster. She finally made it to whoever was singing, the mare kinda looked like her but with pretty blue and yellow eyes and horns. Her head had feathers on it and she had massive smoky wings. "There you are little one...come with me," she said in her pretty voice. The little filly walked beside her, they were heading towards the smoke. "What's your name little one?" The mare asked her, reaching down and giving her a sweet nuzzle. "Leeu," the filly sniffled as she suddenly felt afraid, like she shouldn't be here "I want to go home," The mare tutted and led her onward "I will take you to your new home, I know someone who will be very happy to see you," The mare's pretty blue and yellow eyes seemed to flash almost dangerously which scared Leeu, she started to cry again but she kept walking. She didn't know what to do she was tired and lost and starting to get hungry. She had no choice but to follow this mare to wherever. What did this mare plan for her?

Day 17Owl seems to be luring Ballators to Orodrune with a sweet song and poor promises.

Depicted Ballator(s)
7741 | Klein Leeu
ID 059 | Owl

Stats - 7
+2 Story (408 WC)
+2 Extra Character (Owl)
+3 AS MOS bonus

1x Patchwork Cloth
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