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9268 | Giovanni



ID :
Name : Giovanni
Name Meaning : 
Nicknames : Gio
Gender : Stallion
Height : 
Type : Lilliput; Jungle EquusBallator 
Genotype/Phenotype: Ee aa nCr ChCh nLp(Patn2) R-R- nBi nNec  ||  Classic Cream Champange Reverse Roan Blanket Appaloosa Necrosis (Light) with Bi-Color
Personality :  Calculating, Loner, Cold, Loyal, Good Sport, Easily Irritated, Courageous, Crude
Bio: The earth was warm, buried by time the body of this Lilliput sat snugly under what was now the Master's Oasis, Aether's Hoofprint as he came to know it be called. The Red Star Pulsed overhead, a call unheard by those who lived but heard by those departed. The mummified corpse kicked its legs, but was confined by the years of dirt around it. The corpse squirmed and clawed its way to the surface, heeding the call of its Masters to battle. The little ghoul dug its way to the surface, once its hooves broke the surface the tunnel and grave it had laid in filled with water. The lilliput ghoul shrieked out its fury at both the water and whoever had angered the Masters so much that he had been awoken from his resting place for battle once again. Battle raged around the ghoulish stallion as he joined the battle against an opposing band of ballators. His company of ghouls led by Antares was victorious in their battle against the living ones. The red star pulsed above them again and he turned his head to the sky, new orders. Antares was joined by another, Betelgeuse, but she had always been one for flash and flair than brute strength like her brother. Away she went on her own mission for the Masters. Antares took his victory at the Oasis and turned his army out onto the dead plains. This place seemed familiar to him, but he could not place it now that it was a barren landscape. Devoid of life and destroyed by what he assumed was why the Master's had called upon them. However, the little stallion found himself falling behind the army as it marched out. He cursed his stature but stayed behind at the Oasis instead. He conversed with the star, begging for new orders so that he may serve again. The star pulsed bright and angry, the ghoulish stallion grinned. It took a while but it seems everyone was returning to the oasis. He looked upon Aether and scoffed. He should only have known. There were two others, Lords in their own rights he supposed. A fiery mare with a bad temper and a dark stallion with jealousy that seemed to drip from him. Antares and Betelgeuse returned, disappearing into the waterfall once again. The little ghoul stood waiting, how wonderous this would be. The Masters came, escorted by the twins from beneath the waterfall. No sooner had their hooves touched the earth everything that was long dead in this place returned to life. This included Giovanni. The ghoul made a horrible shriek which turned into a wailing cry as air filled his lungs in his first breath in 100 years. He blinked away the blindness of his death, his once milky and dead eyes returning to their former yellow color. He was gasping, coughing as his lungs filled and deflated a few times in spasms as he had to remember how to breathe properly. His Masters address their audience scolding them like the children they have been acting like. Giovanni was so tired now, the life breathed into him had filled him with such exhaustion...he just... needed to find his way home.
Quirks :  Theme Song Here
            ღ  He doesn't quite remember how to talk yet so he speaks in grunts, simple words and shrieks
            ღ  This new life confuses him as so much has changed, the world is a new place full of new dangers 


Name: Astor
Species: Red-Tailed Hawk
Breed: ?
Color: See Here
Use:  Allows a 5% chance of finding extra or rarer items during hunts for the Ballator to whom it is equipped.
Application Comment: LINK

Name: Fish
Species: Phoenix
Breed: ?
Color:  Blue Fading to purple See Here
Use:  +10 Denarii and +4 stats to be distributed as desired for every full-body image done of the horse it's equipped to. Bonus does not count for chibi drawings
Application Comment: LINK




Please see Terms & Conditions on breeding!
Name | Status| Partner| Foal  ( Dot Bullet (Sea Green) - F2U! - Usable, Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U!  - Unpaid,  Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! - Parent Slot,  Dot Bullet (Dark Purple) - F2U! - Related)
1. Mine 
2. Baylili00Dot Bullet (Sea Green) - F2U! | 
3. Fade--Touched Dot Bullet (Sea Green) - F2U! |
4. 2 HUNTS (with 2 EBs minimal) or $10 USD
5. 2 HUNTS (with 2 EBs minimal) or $10 USD
6. 2 HUNTS (with 2 EBs minimal) or $10 USD
7. 2 HUNTS (with 2 EBs minimal) or $10 USD


Attack Strength: 0
Experience: 0 

(Total : ) - (Level : Novice)

Art by: MostlyFaraday!!
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It's the lad! I love angry rock dad-- he is the best! Thank you so much for the slot!

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Lil mismatch family comin through! Of course, you deserve it!!

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Lovely boy, and that story is epic omg! Can't wait to know what happens next!

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We will only find out!

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OH many what a cutie! I am so excited to see him running around :eyes:

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His legs are gonna get tired from all the running!

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Haha maybe in the meantime he'll figure out how to talk!

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Maybe on one of his adventures

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oh man i adore this lil guy! <3

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A good lil boi

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