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Draugr (WIP) by Brynakha Draugr (WIP) by Brynakha
I decided to make a reference for my baby Draugr, it's a heavy W.I.P. because I plan on putting a lot more images of his various appearances(with his hackles raised, with his spikes down, with his other wing) But for now, here's a good-enough reference of him.

Name: Draugr
Nicknames: Ghost, Again-Walker, Phantom
Species: Howling Wraith/Hyrbid
Mother: Woolly Howl
Father: Sand Wraith
Size: 30 feet long
Wingspan: 55 feet
Weight: Around 2500 lbs

Attack: 14
Speed: 18
Armor: 14
Firepower: 14
Shot Limit: 8
Venom: 0
Jaw Strength: 6
Stealth: 18

Sand Shot: He can harness the firepower of a Sand Wraith and shoot out similar shots. He must have consumed sand in order to make these shots. The fire surrounding these shots swirls similarly to a Woolly Howl's shot, however it's much more condensed. 
Weak Flame: He can summon a very weak flame, typically occurs when he is out of sand shots, but it is not very effective. Usually only used for light.
Tornado: He can turn sharply at high speeds, and when he's close to the ground in either snowy or sandy locations he can make a mini tornado of sorts, and then send it in a specific direction with a wing-blast. This typically does not harm the opponent, but it is used as a diversion to allow for escape. This typically takes a little while to create, however, so it's not a good means of quick escape. 
Camp Fire: He can put a lot of sand into one shot(will use up two of his shot limit) and create a small campfire of burning sand. However, it will go out very easily unless it is sustained with wood or other fuel.
Disappear: He can easily disappear into the ocean, a sand bed, or a snowy mountain range if necessary. 
Burrow: He can burrow under either sand or snow for long periods of time, and he is able to take his rider down into a burrow for short periods of time. When he takes his rider down into the burrow, he forms a tent around her with his wings and protects her from both snow and sand. 
Night Vision: Due to Draugr's purple eyes, he has incredible night vision.
Sensitivity to Emotions: Like Woolly Howls, Draugr has inherited an acute sensitivity to emotions that allow him to analyze situations and those around him easily.
Sensitivity to Weather Shifts: Like Woolly Howls, Draugr has inherited an acute sensitivity to weather patterns and shifts in the weather. This enables him to detect oncoming storms in which he can alert his rider.
Internal Compass: Like Woolly Howls, he has an internal compass that allows him to find his way from almost anywhere. This is what allows hs sensitivity to emotions and weather shifts.
High Altitude Flying: He is very comfortable flying at high altitudes and can use this to his advantage when facing against dragons who are not used to it. This does not translate to his rider, and she cannot spend much time in high altitudes.
Howling: Draugr has also inherited the ability to howl like a Woolly Howl or a wolf. He is extremely good at carrying his voice for long distances, and he often uses this to signal to his rider and other dragons.
Extreme Strength: Both Sand Wraiths and Woolly Howls are decently strong, and due to hybrid vigor this is only increased. This leads him to be very formidable in fights.
Intelligence: He is extremely smart for a dragon, considering that both Sand Wraiths and Woolly Howls are considered intelligent. This is also increased by hybrid vigor.

"A Sand Wraith/Woolly Howl cross is a dragon fit for swimming in the ocean, flying high in the sky, burrowing through sand or snow, and surging through any storm that may come his way with ease. Combine all this with hybrid vigor, and it's practically canon to assume that Draugr is a very powerful dragon fit for many environments and has few, if any, known weaknesses. Beware the Howling Wraith!" ~ WhisperTheWolf 
       Thank you so much for helping me out with this boy!

Please do not use or take any of my ideas or my character. 
Character and art (c) Me, Brynakha 
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