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I want to tell you a little about myself and my work. I am an ordinary villager, a student at the college as a freshman. I paint with the mouse, because I do not have a graphics tablet. When it was me, but for me is still more convenient to draw a mouse. in the four years I was able to achieve a normal result, every day drawing 5-6 sketches (although it is very small). helped me a lot TobyKittenFlorenaHorrorMatiasBloodbones, and a few others that are not on DA. Many thanks to them for that. Some of my work, I do not like it, so I'm going to redraw them as soon as I will have an idea (this applies to work J0LIA ) .  I hope that in 2-3 years I will be able to achieve better results.
Regarding your request : I do not take money for request for several reasons:
1) I draw well not enough yet to claim the money
2) I do not always have enough free time to time to hand over all time
3) I just do not know how to use the system of payment on DA XD
So I do not know much English, so you have to use Google translator (and ask you additional questions)  :c 
I hope you will understand and support me. Thank you for your attention. ^^
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I LOVE your "Mouse" Work, Brymcha!
I drew just with a mouse for about 20 years!
Some of my early Work is in my Gallery!
I only started using a Graphics Tablet about 6 years ago!
Well done with your excellent hand~ eye coordination in using a mouse!
Keep on Creating!
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you draw well enough for money <3
At LEAST points <3

Keep up your art, and never give up, you'll grow to something big one day <3 c:
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Yet, it is important to have friends. They can help you. Even if they virtual friends. For me, these people became the basis of my work o^o
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that's so true nvn
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thanks for the support ^v^
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