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Rainbow is a Badass

By brycehebert
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So, this is actually from a screenshot of the leaked Season 2 footage. Pretty generic pose for Dashie, but it's still awesome!
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more like Rainbow is a dumbass
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Tell me something I don't know please.
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Rainbow is a cupcake. :stare:
MuffinThePonyArtist's avatar
 Pinkamena : yes, yes she is 
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Hell yeah she's badass >:3! She's just 20% cool in 10 seconds flat :meow:
PiplupSTARSCommander's avatar
SHE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!<<<3333
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She is proud of her wingboner.

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Yes, yes she is a badass. Great vector work man.
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Thank you! I appreciate it! :iconrainbowdashplz:
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Wait... so is this part of the screenshot or is a vector you made?
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It's a vector, my friend.
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Ok, just checking - I have a hard time telling the two apart quite a bit :XD: It looks great!
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not just badass dashie but freakin AWESOME
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