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Gray Dashie

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Published: September 1, 2011
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Vector tracing of the leaked season 2 Rainbow Dash.

Cheated with the cutie mark by using one that I vectored a long time ago, but if you saw my source image, you'd do the same.

I absolutely love this image of Dashie. It's so freaking adorable!

Now in color!

Some reddit love!

Made it to EqD! OK, so really the comment left by the awesome stroyboard artist made it. But still!
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This comin at you would be terrifying, because she'll have no problem hurting you in this state.
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ChloeDahliaHobbyist Traditional Artist
she's great :DD
BlackMorass's avatar
Monorail Dash says fuck yo' friendship.

Great vector! I love this image very much as well! :D
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BookWyrm144Hobbyist Writer
This may very well be my favorite face of anypony so far.
jettj12's avatar
jettj12Hobbyist Digital Artist
I feel like I'm time traveling into the future! Know why? THIS IS FROM EPISODE-FUCKIN'-2!
Doculean's avatar
I just can't wait to find out how Graynbow Dash came to be... :D
SorcerusHorserus's avatar
SorcerusHorserusProfessional Digital Artist
It's so cute how she's hugging the cloud and lookin' all grey. I can't wait until season 2!
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ElsdrakeHobbyist Digital Artist
Maybe its one of discord episodes
Masterge77's avatar
Hello there Graybow Dash!
andysonic1's avatar
I'ma postin on your DA!
eligeti's avatar
eligetiProfessional Filmographer
I know why she's flying like that, to "hide" from her other ponies that she's in greyscale! LOL
Yup it's a second part of the episode!
WorkingOrder's avatar
I would have saved some time on my animation if I had known this was here -.-
brycehebert's avatar
I love your animation! So awesome.
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The Ancient sport of Cloud Racing!
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The ear is slightly off from the source image but otherwise it's perfect.
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stevethepocketHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, that was fast! And such an accurate vector too! ~wontstoptalking is right; part of what you drew as a closed shape is actually a line from her hair. Everything else is spot on though.
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drax99Hobbyist Writer
Every time I see these images I am reminded of this shirt. [link]
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One suggestion: the way her ear is, it looks like it's outside her hair somehow. Like, if you look at it, it doesn't make sense. In the source image, it doesn't form a complete circle, indicating that it's folded. Here it looks a little off.

But hey, I only say that because I think this is AMAZING and that you did a GREAT job. I don't know what's so amazing about this scene here, but something about it is just so great. I'm so excited for season 2.
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Thanks for the suggestion. I'll get it fixed when I can.
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SibsyProfessional Filmographer
tee hee
I know what's going on but I can't teeellllll :P
brycehebert's avatar
Why must you torment me so! I want to know why she is gray! Why is she so adorable holding a cloud like that?!
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SibsyProfessional Filmographer
haha, soon...soon you will see! I'm just so excited for that episode to air :)
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