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Brooklyn Bridge Etch

Here's the Brooklyn Bridge on a pocket etch-a-skech. This might be my favorite thing I've done on an etch, I'm not sure I could ever part with it. Luckily, I removed all the sand, so it is permanent.
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O.O Dios mio :3 esta genial INCREIBLE
DarkXANGEL115's avatar
woah that is so beautiful!!! you're so talented and awesome!!! i have an atch and sketches, and i'm not good at it. but you're just so incredieble! awesome job! Happy cry (Tears of joy) 
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Ha, thanks. I love drawing with the Etch a Sketch. The added challenge of it makes it more exciting, and it gets a bigger response.. Someday I will paint and draw again but for right now, I'm an Etch a Sketch artist.
DarkXANGEL115's avatar
wow u're really great!!!
velvet-rose11's avatar
Your work is just jaw dropping!!!! You are GIFTED big time! Thanks for sharing. =)
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Wow thanks for the nice compliment! As long as people keep enjoying these I'm going to keep making them. I especially love doing the city stuff but lately it's been fun to try to get faces right. Thx again :)
KalistoneCrystal13's avatar
:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:!!!!!
I wish I could do something like this.
Your awesome!!!
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Thanks so much! Glad you like the etch-a-sketches. Appreciate it :)
KalistoneCrystal13's avatar
any time!
I love those toys. I'm so sad that mine got broken.
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I look at a picture while I draw it and try to go slowly, I guess. Thanks.
ObligatorilyOptional's avatar
Wonderful. I never had the patience for Etch-a-Sketches.
fictionalnostalgia's avatar
how is this even possible :3
Neekolassz0r's avatar
lol xD i can draw stairs, but that's about it c':
xTheKushinaUzumakix's avatar
I can't even do that...
Magianwizard's avatar
omg that is amazing. I can't even make a straight line on that thing Q.Q
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Cookie96's avatar :XD: I can'r even do this by hand. And the most I can do with an Ech is stairs :XD:
bryanetch's avatar
Thanks for the nice comment, Cookie. I started with stairs, then buildings, then cities!
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