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Birth of Venus Etch-a-Sketch

A friend of mine asked me to etch-a-sketch the Botticelli masterpiece, Birth of Venus. Probably 2hrs to complete.
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WOW! Nice work!!!
bryanetch's avatar
Thanks so much! Glad you dig the etch a sketch :)
Gneiss-chert's avatar
Your very welcome! I can't believe you did that in an hour! XD
KalistoneCrystal13's avatar
Awesome!!!! This is a :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:!!!!! image.
Make a image like this on one of this chiderns toys is really hard to do.
Super awesome job!!! :) ;)
pokemonworld1525's avatar
WOW THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
iAmoret's avatar
You know, I wish I could do that, but then again I don't- with my luck, I'd finish, shout "YEESSSSSSS!" with a fist-pump, and then look down at my newly erased etch-a-sketch. :(
Adelaidejohn1967's avatar
That's just mad......... Love it
themysticalmediator's avatar
Wow.... :wow: This just brings a simple toy to an entirely new level of creativity......... It's breathtaking....... :rose:
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Wow that is incredible!
MiCkIart14's avatar
WOW!, All those curves and angles! stupendo!
eatpraylove's avatar
I can think of no better candidate for the God of Visual Art at this moment than you, dear Sir. :worship:
artofmarius's avatar
2 hours!!! :OOO MAybe 2 years?
darthiscobobel's avatar
wow... that is really really good!!
bryanetch's avatar
thank you so much, appreciate it :)
TigerLivi's avatar
Thats uh-MAZ-ing! Holy Guacamole! :omg:
bryanetch's avatar
Thanks so much, TigerLivi! Appreciate the kind words
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raeblackfyre's avatar
This shouldv'e gotten a daily devation. It's so creative that you reproduced a freaking masterpieve using a POCKET etch-a-sketch. I mean wow. :laughing:
bryanetch's avatar
Maybe if I did it again on a full-sized etch, with lots of detail, it could get me a DD. I'm happy I got my first yesterday with my Philadelphia cityscape. I'm very limited with these little pocket etches, but they are fun! Thanks so much, I appreciate the kind words :)
raeblackfyre's avatar
You're welcome. :aww:
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