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Werewolf Versus Vampire

By BryanBaugh
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Hey kids... Well, I actually managed to get a little bit ahead of my Tigger and Pooh drawing schedule this week and found time to knock out a couple new monsters. I drew em really fast, and just threw a very fast and dirty coloring job on em, spending less than an hour or so on each. So they are not up to my usual stuff, they were done more for my own fun than anything else. But they helped me get away from my day job a little bit. Hope ya like em.
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Oh, split the last doughnut why don't you?
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FIGHT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Very cool picture ...
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I remember this pic... if you have a website I must've stumbled across it.

I'm just glad I can fav and tell my appreciation of it though. Brilliant job! Heh, looks like the vamp doesn't stand a chance.
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Ha, cool. Thanks for the comments!
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oh sh*t that vampire should be dead that werewolf's claws must be inside he's brain
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This idea is really worn out by the twilight and all these other vampire werewolf glam cinema crap. all the good vampire movies are ones that prove that being a vampire is a disease not something that you wear like a peice of clothing.

blade, martin, or let me in are good vamp cinema.

the howling or american werewolf in london are good werewolf flicks.

but I am ready for vamps vers zombies or something new nobody ever tempted afore. :)

like in I am legend, they are like zombie/vampire hybrids. nobody ever done that before or since for that matter.
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I love the savage look in both of their eyes. this is really cool
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looks like someone pissed off Count Orlock
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Kill that vampire.
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YEA, Go Werewolf kill the Vamp
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Ah a battle as old as time itself :D
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GO! GO werewolf! GO GO GO Werewolf!
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Finally, an old-school vampire that actually LOOKS like a monster. I like sexy vampires [just not the sparklefairy variety] as much as the next teenage girl, but THIS is what they were meant to be!

Oh, and the werewolf is pretty badass too ;)
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