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Tusken Raiders

Tusken Raiders from "Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope"

I have been a hopeless Star Wars fan ever since the first film came out, in 1977, when I was in kindergarten. My favorite characters were always the monsters and aliens.

The Tusken Raiders seemed like the scariest monsters in the world to me, when I was in kindergarten. The idea of these ugly, featureless, screaming masked beings who were so frenzied and savage that they would just automatically kill you for wandering into their territory, chilled me to the bone. I always thought they looked neat but the sounds they made freaked me right the hell out. The Tusken Raiders (or Sand People, as the locals call them) were one type of monster that made me love this fantasy world right from the beginning. I suppose I have been a hopelessly addicted Star Wars fan ever since.

And for the record, before you even ask, yes - I even love the Prequel films. I can't see the forest for the trees when it comes to Star Wars. Whenever I visit that world I am happy. Even when certain people who live there occasionally say or do awkward things I don't understand, I just kind of accept it. Sort of like when you watch the History Channel and learn some weird, surprising fact about a historical figure you thought you knew everything about. I just kinda go, "Huh. I never imagined it woulda been that way." Then I go back to enjoying the fun parts.

Some years ago, I tried to start a series of drawings that I wanted to call, "The Monsters of Star Wars". It was just a personal project I was doing in my spare time. Each drawing in this intended series would feature a different weird alien or monster from the 6 Star Wars movies. I planned on doing maybe 10 or 12 of these illustrations but only ever finished 3.

I have been sitting on those 3 drawings ever since, assuming that eventually I would get back to this series and finally unleash all my Star Wars drawings on the unsuspecting public, in one big batch. But other, more important (paying) projects kept cropping up along the way, and I kept finding myself with less and less time to do them.

Yesterday I was going through the art folders on my computer, getting rid of old stuff and clearing space for new stuff, and ran across my Star Wars drawings again. When I realized that 2 whole years had slipped by since I'd even thought about working on them, it seemed a little silly to keep holding back the few fragments of a larger whole that I might never finish. So I guess I will just post the ones I have finished. Eventually I hope to get back to this little series, though. I would love to finish all the drawings I had in mind.
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Once you've learnt the history of these people, it is difficult to purely hate them or even call them monsters.
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Oh I know their history. They killed my friend Anakin's mom. Then they attacked and hurt my buddy Luke. Even knocked his robot's arm off! They're animals! And they should be slaughtered like animals!!
When you have a bunch of aliens come down to your planet, enslave your people and turn your green planet to glass afterwards, and then have a load more species come down several millenium later to start mining your planet without your consent it's hard to see their behaviour as unjustified.

As for your friends, Palatine probably had a dark side hand in events, Luke should have left when they detected them and 3P0 tripped.

Also I forgot to say, amazing art work. :)
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Tusken Raiders were always neat. Your talent is perfect for drawing them up: the bandages, the spikes, the sloping posture are usually your monster motifs. Very well done!
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Tusken Raiders are one of my favorite Star Wars species
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Emperor Palpatine doesnt care about Sand People
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No he doesn't!!
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Man, the Sandpeople scared the crap out of me when I was little! Awesome work on the color palette!
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Same here! That's why I love em, cause they scared me to death.
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*imitates sand people* Lovely work!
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Really nice! Your Star Wars pics that I've seen so far have such character to them, such...Original-Trilogy sincerity.
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Well, I enjoy the Prequels but at heart, I am an Original Trilogy, first generation Star Wars fan.
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Umm You got the colors wrong. It was not that brown in the dessert in that movie. You could try to re-color this picture I guess if you really cared about integrity. But you do have sort of a lazy drawing style that tells me you don't care as much.
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You are absolutely right about everything you said. I hope you can forgive me.
man its realy great ilove the coloring
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