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Star Wars 1980: Kenner Bounty Hunters

Continuing my tribute to the Kenner Toys, Star Wars action figures of my youth. I was 8 (just about to turn 9) in May 1980 when THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK came out. I was obsessed with the first movie (in the all-consuming way that little kids get into things) but the sequel made an even more profound impact on me, during my peak childhood years. Maybe it was because I was just a little older and better able to understand. Or maybe because I grew up in a region with very cold winters and so much of ESB was set on the snow-planet Hoth. I could relate to that.

If you weren't alive when this was going on, I don't think you can understand what a BIG DEAL the release of each of the original 3 Star Wars movies was. The fact that there was nothing else like it at the time, and even the enjoyable rip offs (like the original Battlestar Galactica) that were cool still didn't measure up. Not to mention the 3 year gap between movies, felt like an eternity to a child. It was also the era when there was no home video yet. You couldn't just watch the movie on BluRay or DVD (or even VHS yet) to tide you over until the next movie came out. You just had to wait and remember! I think this might be why kids in my generation felt such a powerful attachment to the Kenner Star Wars figures. They were our daily reminder and connection to that galaxy. The Empire Strikes Back toyline included some figures that became all-time favorites of mine. In fact I would say, Boba Fett and Bossk, still, to this day, remain two of my favorite figures (and visual designs) in the entire Star Wars saga.

This piece was drawn traditionally with inks on bristol board and colored in Photoshop.
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Very creepy bunch!

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Awesome. Love the way you captured the characters here - Bossk in particular looks great, like he's snarling right at the viewer. :XD:

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I love the bounty hunters and you captured them so perfectly. If you haven't had the chance check out their series from Marvel, it's pretty damn good.

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The 9 year old me from 1980 thanks you for this. I still vividly remember getting my bobafett in the mail from mailing in proof of purchases cut off the backs of the starwars action figure's cardboard backing.

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We must be the same age. I did that as well. Such an exciting time!

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Same age here too. Everything you guys said rings true. I don't remember getting Boba Fett through mail order, but I DID get the accessories "Survival Kit". Later, I got Ackbar, the Emperor & Anakin through mail-order. But I missed out on Fett.

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Boba Fett was the first mail away figure.

Bossk was second.

4-Lom was third (although it was actually Zuckuss but Kenner got their names mixed up).

Then I believe the survival accessories pack was the 4th mail away item.

I might be forgetting something but that’s how I remember the early ESB era Kenner mail away offers.

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Oooooh, I forgot about those. I think I got 4-LOM/Zuckuss that way too. I can't remember. I didn't recall Bossk being a mail-away too. Memory lane... :)

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Those kooky bounty hunters!

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No disintegrations.
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These are fun and remind me of the James Bond lunchbox I had with drawn Thunderball images all over it.

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