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Star Wars 1977: Kenner Cantina

In May 1977 I was just turning 6 years old. Dad and Mom took me to see this new movie that had just come out, called Star Wars. Like every kid of my generation, that movie dominated my imagination. My parents, grandparents, and teenage cousins ended up taking me back to see it over and over again.

The Kenner toys were every bit as important as the movies. And of course my favorites were all the weird aliens! So this drawing is a little tribute to that innocent era, and childhood friends.

Drawn traditionally with inks on bristol board. Colored on Photoshop.
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Awesome picture. :D

I never grew up with the Kenner toys (I was born during the craze around the upcoming prequels XD) but I've heard much about them and this is a lovely tribute. :)

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It's like a nostalgia bomb going off in my face :XD: I had a friend who had all these guys and we used to mash them up with my GI Joes and have them all fight it out

Just fantastic work on the colors, details and poses.

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Little toy Snaggletooth for the WIN!!!!

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This rules! The second wave of figures was so exciting with their crazy, colorful outfits. As far as I was concerned though, the best part was being able to make up backstories for characters we knew nothing about.

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Yep. Back when Star Wars still had a lot of mystery to it. Because I was so young when it started, Star Wars has literally been a lifelong journey of fandom for me. But I tend to only watch the movies (and The Mandalorian) and avoid almost all other SW licensed products.

The ancillary animated shows, novels, and comics have mined every conceivable element of the galaxy for story material and revealed too much about things that were better left ambiguous. Nothing they could come up with is as interesting (to me) as not knowing, and simply wondering about mysterious things.

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I agree. It's kind of stolen some of the magic.

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I loved those Kenner SW aliens figurines.

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I had each one of those....still got 'em, in fact, in a shoebox somewhere.

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Still got mine too!

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Now that's some good nostalgia.

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