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Planet of the Apres: Nova Escapes

Another piece of Planet of the Apes fan art created a few years ago. Featuring Nova, the heroine of the first 2 POTA movies.

This one was done as a commission for a longtime collector of my art who described in detail the image he wanted and I just drew it.

Drawn traditionally with ink brush on bristol board. Colored digitally in Photoshop.
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Doesn't look as though she's escaping that successfully! Great image as always :D

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I just love the first few films of the classic series. You would think they couldn't pull off Escape after Beneath's ending, but it just works!

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Another delectable Nova!


hope she does not end up as a playmate of the apes !

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"No! I will not be captured! --Not by a gorilla without a sexy hat!"

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So, would Tracy from Filmation's Ghostbusters be more appropriate? :)

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Yes, Tracy was great! The smartest of the group, as well.

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That he was, though it's not like the competition was very fierce.

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