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PRE ORDER Wulf andBatsy issue 2 TODAY!

My comic WULF & BATSY has been picked up by a new publisher, ALTERNA COMICS!
PRE-ORDER issues 1 AND 2, at the IndieGogo Campaign! Physical print copies will ship out in December!…
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What happened to Batsy?

Also, we need more brutal vampires. Ones that really make use of shapeshifting, superstrength, and standing tall with sharpened metal and their own guts sticking out of them

Ordered mine on the 10th, can't wait!

Would absolutely love to see some madcap cross-over adventures for these two with Richard Moore's "Boneyard" gang.

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I love how fantastic this cover looks. I love all the gore you threw into this and the angle is just epic.

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Went there ordered it. looking forward to all the issues.

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Thank you so much!!

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It's so good to see Wulf and Batsy content again!

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Well done! Thumbsup-anim

I'm going to talk to my local comic book pusher and see if he will order a few copies for his shop.

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This is amazing. Well done as always!

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Love how Batsy has one of her eyes missing. It is a nice detail.

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this should be a show :3

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Yes - Cartoon Network/adult swim would do well with this classic horror comic style.

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Congrats on getting the new publisher!

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