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Lurid Fantasy

The title says it all. More brutal horror for October 2020.
Drawn traditionally with ink brushes on Bristol Board.
Colored digitally on Photoshop.
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© 2020 - 2021 BryanBaugh
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Casvalvania's avatar

Love it. Gives me some Fukitor comic vibes too.

BryanBaugh's avatar

I take that as a compliment. I’ve talked to that Fukitor guy a couple times years ago (just emails really). He seemed like a cool dude.

wondermanrules's avatar

This should be the sequel to Squirm

skrape3's avatar

Hey, the worms need some fresh meat to munch on every now and again. This schoolgirl will make a tasty piece of worm food.

Well done!

She’s such a cutie. Fantastic as always Bryan. Her boobs look perfect btw! Mine aren’t particularly big, so it’s nice seeing a character with realistic boobs in fantasy art for a change. Personally, to see white bikini knickers would make this absolutely perfect for my horror fantasy type of art. I really wish I had your gift to draw. 👍🏻🥰

NekripsArt's avatar

Poor sweet soul

NickMaster64's avatar

oh dear 030 id better go and rescue her

misstitty's avatar

love your pulpish style, just wish the models were alot bustier and the model agove should have had her blouse open showing her breasts and her skirt down further to reveal her pussy, but maybe that not your thing

DW13-COMICS's avatar
Don't forget the A-1 sauce. ;)
ardashir's avatar

Looks like the poster for an Italian horror movie!

87GABRIEL's avatar


Perhaps a little....TOO ITALIAN?


BryanBaugh's avatar

Now THERE'S a compliment!! Thanks!! Haha.

Aetostheronin's avatar
Just another Tuesday night sacrificing a teen to the God of Worms. You know, the usual.
RedWingsDragon's avatar
Its always lovely this time of year when the Bryan Baugh come out. Awesome work here
sherlockdad's avatar

I'm not so sure about legs, but you seem to have a very serious thing for worms! ;P

BryanBaugh's avatar

Worms are a LOT of fun to draw!!

sherlockdad's avatar

Are you sure this will appease the God of Covid-19?

darknessofanubis's avatar

Lurid fantasies are my life!

Mindslave24-7's avatar

:shrug: Meh. Prep school girls into worm-skull sacrifice fantasies. I've seen weirder.

=P ....:laughing:

RavenHeart1984's avatar

Zombie - Emote have a bloody good halloweenZombie - Emote

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