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Julia Adams and the Black Lagoon

A tribute to my #1 favorite horror movie scream queen, Julia Adams, of "Creature From the Black Lagoon". About a year and a half ago, I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Adams at a horror convention in Burbank, CA. She was incredibly nice and sweet and personable. I think I did a pretty good job hiding how nervous I felt. It's not every day you meet a figure from classic Universal horror movie history.
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There is no universal monster that scares me other than the gillman. Seriously, although I love the universal monsters, the but the one that creeps me out the most is the gillman. For me, the gillman and the wolfman are my favorite universal monsters. They're awesome.

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Wolf Man and Gill Man are my favorites too!!

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Great to know

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nice creature from the Black lagoon photo
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There's a sense of class to 50s pin-ups you just don't get anymore.
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Rest in peace great damsel.
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Creature From The Black Lagoon was my first and still is my #1 favorite movie of Universal's Classic Monsters.
And after 64 years, the film has aged rather well, especially the Gill Man, who on screen still looks as real as he was back in 1954.
To me, the Gill Man really stands out from the other monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, the Mummy, and the Wolf Man,
because he's not a being of the supernatural nor a product of mad science, he is a missing link from the prehistoric past, who unfortunately
doesn't belong in our world and is likely the last of his kind.

And if Universal ever gets around to producing the remake that has been in development hell for years, I hope that they'll still do the classic
man in a suit method for the Gill Man, because if The Shape of Water (Which was inspired by this film) has proven anything, it's that, that method is still effective today.

I loved that movie. when I was 12 years old i had a cvrush om Julie Adams!!
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I STILL have a crush on Julie Adams.
I understand that she did some pin up photos in the 1950's or sometime around there.
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Nothing risqué. A few leg art photos. But all actresses who were contract players in the old studio system did glamour shots like that. It was part of how studios marketed them as commodities back then.
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Nice tribute, great detail on the Gill Man.
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Thanks! I know it probably seems mind-numbing, but once you get in there, it's actually kinda fun to noodle in all those little scales.
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ozi likes your stuff she says that if you draw her shell give you a big kiss ;p
Glorious tribute!
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Stunning work! :)
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This is amazing... it looks like a glow-in-the-dark image!
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Thank you! Yes the lighting was the tricky (and fun) part of this one.
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I love that movie, too, and what an honor to actually meet Ms. Adams. You did her justice here. Yes, you could easily believe she just hasn't seen the creature yet, but she could also be ready to say, "I'd thought you'd never get here!"
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Haha. I met Ms. Adams a second time and was able to show her this illustration. She took it with great humor.
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That's great! It's a truly fun image.
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This is a awesome starting was wondering if it was ok for me to print to have Julia Adams and the creature sign it? I'm not gonna say it's mine or anything.
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I've met Ms. Adams and she's seen my Creature illustrations. So if you showed it to her, she would recognize it and know you didn't do it. But I'm not sure why would you want her signature on someone else's artwork anyway... When she appears at conventions she sells actual photos of herself that you can get signed. 
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