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My Inktober 2020 posts have been too nice. Time for something a little more evil.

Anyone who is offended by images of spoiled bratty school girls getting killed by monsters, should try to be more open minded. Remember, Monsters have needs, too.

Drawn traditionally with Ink Brush on Bristol Board, Colored digitally on Photoshop.
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I love the glowing coloring to the figures, it gives it a very surreal horrifying look to the scene.

I don't see how this is offensive. Knowing you this art follows horror movie rules where the bitchy mean girls die first and the good girl survives.

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What about those of us who are intrigued by this thing you call "images of spoiled bratty school girls getting killed by monsters," and wish to learn more? :)

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Don't ask me where this comes from, but I'm sure a psychoanalyst would have a field day with my artwork. All my current relationships with REAL human females in REAL life are happy and positive. But it seems I can't stop sending my monsters after those poor imaginary cartoon girls.

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Then again that's horror movie 101 (Monsters go after the girls) so as long you don't try to bring your art to life I think you're good.

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Haha, I see what you mean -- and I've often had the same thoughts about my own proclivities for fiction (though I can't artfully translate them visually the way you can!)

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I for one am impressed by kindness being shown here. I mean, these ghastly creatures could have torn this lovely lady apart and had her for themselves, yet here they are cooperating and bringing much needed nourishment to their fellow monster who clearly cannot provide for himself. A real bunch of stand up fellas!

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Obviously! Thank you! I appreciate your analysis!!

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Those clothes are gonna give him a stomach ache.

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Yeah, might need to ditch those, before consumption.

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Reminds me of that movie I saw referenced once.
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Yet another blonde learns too late that they're one of the main food sources for monsters.

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A tough lesson for sure! p

Perhaps she will be a smarter as a ghost!!😂

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Red Heads are lip smacking good CJ's Mouth

BryanBaugh's avatar

A monsters favorite snack!

Too devious for DeviantArt? How absurd!

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"Remember, Monsters have needs, too."

--It's how they get all their beauty supplies. They fall out of the school girls' pockets/purses. :nod:

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"One must maintain one's putrid green glow, after all."

Melanie Martinez - Icon

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I have a foot fetish, so obviously I like her feet lol. But also the design of the zombies

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Yikes! Something here for everyone then. Haha!

Seriously as long as people like my art, the reason why, doesn’t matter to me!😋

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I think that is why I became a watcher. The amazing artwork

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