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Brawlersaurs Side Story Part 7: Remnants of KT
Wednesday, 12:30 PM. I just finished running a few errands for a family who had lost their Brawlersaur in a park. Though how someone could lose an Apatolet baffles me, I took up the job for the remaining 1200 credits needed for the Brawlersaur Encyclopedia. This book, which is a fairly expensive buy at about 5000 credits is key to finding rare Brawlersaurs when combined with tracking techniques and old hunting tricks. I hate tooting my own horn, but I will admit I do have both of those up my sleeve. Anyway, before I could overstroke my ego again I decided to check up on Steve and see how he was doing. I had also thought to make some lunch; sushimi was on the menu, so I went to the local river and caught the fish necessary for the meal. I had some seaweed and rice left over, so after playing with SawSail and Buzzsaw and gave Claw a feather-cut, I swung by my place to pick up the rest of the sushi ingredients. Steve's apartment was only a few doors down, so I soon arrived at his door and
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#346: Thero
#346: Thero: Mid-Range/Medium Earth Type LP- 440 (Rank 20)
Atk: 70 Def: 75
Accu: 50 Spd: 32
Despite the name, this Dinaurian uses a hadrosaur-themed Battle form, giving him unique support capabilities. Clearing conditions and healing is all well and good, but a unique Triggered Ability truly makes him shine.
Life Stream: For 500 FP, Thero imparts Auto LP Recovery to all of his allies. He also gains Position Lock as well as he absorbs nutrients and gives them to his allies. Lasts 5 turns. Auto LP Recovery recovers 5% of maximum LP each turn it is active.
Support Effects: + 60% across the board.
Skills: Rock Slap: Thero slaps the opponent upside the head. 83 Attack, 90 FP.
Purify: Thero cleanses an ally of any status conditions. 30 FP.
Choir of Regeneration: Thero sings and recovers friendly vivosaur LP. 300 FP, recovers 220 LP for all allies (each ally gets 220 LP)
Status Reflect: Thero gets into a counter-esque stance, but instead of countering attacks, all status conditions including
:iconbryan1231:bryan1231 2 2
#78: Sarco: Close-Range/Large Water Type LP- 640-660 (Rank 20)
Atk: 120-130 Def: 80-90
Accu: 45-50 Spd: 25-30
Using deadly skills and packing a surprising assist in Sparkling Heal, Sarco is one of a few vivosaurs that can boast the claim to fame as both an impressive attacker and decent healer.
Elemental Boost: Deals 50% more damage to types it is strong against, takes 50% more damage from types strong against it.
Support Effects: -20% across the board for allies.
Skills: Swamp Flop: Sarco lifts its body up, then flops down on the foe. 90 Attack, 110 FP.
Croc Combo: Sarco flops, then tail swipes the opponent. 130 Attack, 200 FP.
Flesh Ripper: Sarco flops, whips, then charges the opponent, biting and shaking its head ferociously. 160 Attack, 380 FP, 70% chance to Bleed the opponent.
Sparkling Heal: Sarco wags its tail and a sparkling energy radiates from it. This move heals all status conditions and some LP from all allies. 400 FP, heal 200 LP and clears all status conditions from all a
:iconbryan1231:bryan1231 2 0
#176: Irritor: Close Range/Large Water Type LP- 440-540 (Rank 20)
Atk: 70-80 Def: 25-35
Accu: 50-55 Spd: 20-25
Irritor is one aggravating opponent, with poison, confuse and enrage skills, and even having the power to transfer its ability to an opponent! Now THAT'S going to drive your foes berserk!
Berserker: Below 50%, this vivosaur cannot be controlled.
Support Effects: 0%.
Skills: Toxic Crunch: Irritor bites the foe with poison-laced fangs. 90 Attack, 180 FP, 40% chance to poison a foe (Silver).
Baffling Combo: Irritor bites, then tail whips the foe. 124 Attack, 260 FP, 65% chance to confuse a foe (silver).
Irritator: Irritor bites, whips, then blasts water at the foe. 153 Attack, 300 FP, 70% chance to enrage a foe (Gold).
Ability Shift: Irritor barks several times, using an unusual power to trade its ability for another ability from a selected opponent for the rest of the match. 380 FP, permanently trades Irritor's ability with that of another vivosaur's.
Team Skill: Irritator Torre
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#145-149: Yutie (Element): Close Range/Large Air/Fire/Water/Earth Type LP- 550-650 (Rank 20)
Atk: 80-90 Def: 40-50
Accu: 60-65 Spd: 30-35
The only vivosaur that comes in different types, Yutie's abilities and status conditions change depending on the type! (This type of Yutie packs powerful ______ skills and crushes ____ types!)
Quicken Plus: Enters the battle with Quicken applied. (Air Type).
Enflame Plus: Enters the battle with Enflame applied (Fire Type).
Focus Plus: Enters the battle with Focus applied (Water Type).
Harden Plus: Enters the battle with Harden applied (Earth Type).
Support Effects: -10% across the board for allies.
Skills: Feathered Bite: Yutie crunches down on a foe. 90 Attack, 120 FP.
Fluffy Whip: Yutie bites down, then tail whips the foe. 139 attack, 220 FP, 50% chance to confuse (Air only), burn (Fire only), poison (Water only), or scare (Earth only) the foe, depending on type (silver).
Unerring Assault: Yutie bites, whips, then blasts the foe with its respective
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Tyrannosaurus Rex
#5: T-Rex: Close Range/Large Fire Type LP- 600-620 (Rank 20)
Atk: 140-150 Def: 60-70
Accu: 70-75 Spd: 20-25
The most famous Vivosaur of all time, T-Rex is the ultimate powerhouse. With killer attacks, high stats, and unbridled aggression, there is a reason why this beast's the King!
Parting Blow: Doubles Attack and Accuracy when LP is below 10% of maximum LP.
Support Effects: -30% across the board for allies.
Skills: Tyrant's Roar: T-Rex roars loud enough to damage all foes. 140 Attack, 200 FP, hits all opponents, 50% chance to scare foes. (Silver, Team)
Scare Tactics: T-Rex bites down, then tail whips the opponent. 168 Attack, 260 FP, 70% chance of scaring an opponent (silver).
Frightful Assault: T-Rex bites, whips, then torches the foe with hot flames. 230 Attack, 400 FP, 100% chance to scaring an opponent (Gold).
Team Skill: Tyrant Breath: T-Rex fires a gigantic red beam at foes. 600 FP, 186 Attack, Attack All Zones, 50% chance of scaring foes (Gold, Team).
Location of Fossils: Skul
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Indominus Rex
#534: I-Rex: Close-Range/Large Legendary Type LP- 750 (Rank 20)
Atk: 130 Def: 90
Accu: 115 Spd: 40
This pale terror was bred for war, and it's easy to see why. With terrifying stats across the board and the ability to Camouflage to hide from hits, it's a good thing it doesn't have good support effects.
Ability: Camouflage: Triggered for 400 FP, I-Rex will hide from battle for 2 turns, avoiding any hits during that time. If I-Rex attacks during this state, it will reveal itself and the Camouflage will disappear.
Support Effects: -50% across the board for Allies.
Skills: Hybrid Slash: I-Rex slashes the foe twice with its powerful claws. 140 Attack, 160 FP.
Wu Combo: I-Rex slashes twice, then crunches down with its maw. 162 Attack, 300 FP, 100%  chance to scare the foe (silver).
Ingen Monster: I-Rex slashes, bites, then roars at the foe, using the loudness of the roar to damage them. 225 Attack, 500 FP, 100% chance to scare the foe (Gold).
Law Of The Jungle: I-Rex absorbs an ally's L
:iconbryan1231:bryan1231 3 1
#174: D-Raptor: Close-Range/Medium Earth Type LP- 440-540 (Rank 20)
Atk: 65-75 Def: 15-25
Accu: 100-105 Spd: 70-75
Just as accurate as Yi Qi but far more dangerous, D-Raptor brings a deadly combination of Sleep and Poison skills, as well as a rare technique that can shut down all support moves from all opponents for two turns.
Ability: Elemental Boost: Does 50% more damage to types it is already strong against, but also takes 50% more damage from types it is weak to.
Support Effects: +5% Accuracy to allies.
Skills: Dakota Strike: D-Raptor slashes the foe with its clawed hand. 60 Attack, 70 FP.
Creek Combo: D-Raptor slashes then triple kicks the foe. 102 Attack, 150 FP, 50% chance to ensleep the foe (silver).
Deadly Predator: D-Raptor slashes, kicks, then exhales a cloud of sand at the foe. 132 Attack, 240 FP, 50% chance of poisoning the foe (gold).
Intimidate: D-Raptor roars with such ferocity that it prevents the enemy team from using any support (green) moves for 3 turns. 550 FP, aff
:iconbryan1231:bryan1231 3 0
Yi Qi
#164: Yi Qi: Mid Range/Small Air Type LP- 150-170 (Rank 20)
Atk: 30-40 Def: 10-20
Accu: 100-105 Spd: 80-85
Frail as glass, this small Air type is most useful for its support and sniper-like accuracy, allowing it to hit even Neura with ease! It also helps that this thing lands critical hits like no tomorrow.
Ability: N/A.
Support Effects: -50% to enemy Speed and Defense.
Skills: Wing Slap: Yi Qi slaps the opponent with its right wing. 30 Attack, 10 FP.
Talon Rake: Yi Qi slashes the opponent's face with its talons. 52 Attack, 50 FP.
Whirlwind: Yi Qi flies in a circle, sending a small whirlwind to strike all foes. 60 Attack, 240 FP, Attack All Zones.
Team Skill: Tornado: Yi Qi sends a larger Whirlwind to strike all foes. 450 FP, 85 Attack, Attack All Zones, 50% chance to confuse a foe (team, Gold).
Location of Fossils: Bonehemoth.
Fossil Museum Bio: A strange dinosaur related to Epidexipteryx with bat-like wings.
Genus: Yi
Length: 1 foot
Diet: Insectivore
Era: Mesozoic Jurassic
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Mature content
The Mortal God (Remastered) :iconbryan1231:bryan1231 1 0
Brawlersaur Episode 6 Teaser/Side Story: Upgrade!
Daybreak. 10 30 AM. I had overslept, but it was fine. I had no big plans until noon. I awoke my three companions and got to work making some breakfast. Cooked Cod for SawSail, some palm fronds for Buzzsaw and Claw. Soon, after breakfast, I headed out to the Cretaceous Arena for my first tournament. I had entered in the first challenge I saw, which was a single Solo Battle against a woman named Cassandra. When we entered the arena, I bowed, but she blew me off, blowing a bubble with some bubble gum. Great, first fight I am in and I'm against a spoiled mall rat. Without a word, she sent out a female Ouranfin. Oooooh, she's in for it now. I sent Claw from the Primordial Gauntlet. I was amazed to see that the Ouranfin was faster than Claw. In a grating voice, she barked “Brook, use Infuriation!” And the Ouranfin sang a grating song that seemed to anger Claw. I checked my Primordial Gauntlet and noted that he was Angered. It's a bit of a double-edged sword; it boosts my attack,
:iconbryan1231:bryan1231 2 2
Brawlersaur Episode 5 Teaser: Beatdown
The four of us; Claw, SawSail, Buzzsaw and I had had an interesting day. Sawsail and Buzzsaw, of course, were at each other's throats for the first little while, seeings as the former tried to eat the latter. Soon, however, that bad blood settled. Since the little guys were tired, we grabbed a bite to eat to sate SawSail's hunger, then they napped in the hotel room. I sat there, noting the punching bag attached to the ceiling. Haven't had a good ol' hit the bag in a while, so I decided to have a go. This time, without holding back. Each blow was audiable as punches, kicks, knees and even slashes from my knives were incorporated. Feinting and faking out were also something I'd been working on. The chains above were holding fast, but when I had decided enough was enough, I grabbed one of my knives and, using the body bag as an assist, ran up it, slicing off the chains before I kicked the punching bag into a wall. I could feel the sweat dripping off of my body, and I looked only to notice
:iconbryan1231:bryan1231 1 0
Elevated Template
Elevated Database Entry:
Elevated Class:
Subclass (if applicable):
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
:iconbryan1231:bryan1231 0 0
Elevated Evo-Boosts
Common Evo-Boosts
Spyder Web: This Evo-Boost allows Elevated to trap the opponents in a spider-web, immobilizing them. Legally, the web will deteriorate within 5 seconds in Combat challenges, but the web will deteriorate within 2 hours outside of the Combat challenges. This is also the name of an Augmentation with the same effect.
Scorch: Scorch is an Evo-Boost that gives the ability to create, control and use fire as a weapon. Most people think of it as the ability to shoot fire from one's hands, and while that certainly is possible, it is not the only way to use it. Agile Elevated will use the ability by launching fireballs at the opponent, while Titans can send large waves of fire at opponents. This is also one of the few upgrades that Deceptive classes primarily use as an offensive measure, exhaling jets of flame.
Bolt: Bolt is an Evo-Boost allowing those with it to store and use electricity, and by extension magnetism, by charging up large stores of electricity
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Cassandra StarBlanket
Elevated Database Entry: Cassandra Starblanket
Height: 6'4”
Weight: 168 lbs (76.2 kg)
Elevated Class: Blitz
Subclass (if applicable): N/A
Hair Color: Black
Length: Long (Shoulder Length)
Eye Color: Solid White
Nationality: Native American (Niitsitapi)
Upgrades: Peek-A-Boo, Bolt, Flash, MindLink, Cleric
Weapon: Knife (Handle and Blade are made of steel)
Age: 22
Biography: Born on a Blackfoot reservation in Alberta, Cassandra had a fairly happy life until her mother was killed by a killer who has yet to be caught, and her father as a result became paranoid and abusive, even going so far as to blind his own daughter. After this, she was transferred from the reservation to Edmonton, where she attended a school of the arts and soon became interested in Elevation. Wishing to help track down her mother's killer and to see again to a degree, she became a Blitz-class Elevated and competes primarily in Gauntlet tournaments to make money, though her moniker 'Sassy Cassie' is earned from her
:iconbryan1231:bryan1231 0 0
Mortal Kombat X: Ghost Rider
Mortal Kombat X Character: Ghost Rider
Key: S = Square, T = Triangle, C = Circle, X = X
Variations: Chained, Supernatural, Biker
Basic Attacks:
Back Punch: S
Front Punch: T
Front Kick: C
Back Kick: X
Sweep: ← C
Uppercut: ↓ T
Big Kick: → X
Hell-bow: ← T (Hold for Pop-Up)
Chain Strike: ← S (Chained Only)
Double Lash: → S (Chained Only)
Gut Knee: → C
Knee Buster: ← X
Hell Double: S, T
Brutal Legs: ← X, C
Judgement: ← T, ← X, S
Fists from Hell*: T, S, S
Kinky: ← S, → S, C (Chained Only)
Flogged*: → S, → S, → S (Chained Only)
Unstoppable*: → X, → C, C
Hothead*: S, T, S+T
Vengeful Choke: T, S, L1
Throw: Ghost Rider grabs the opponent, punches them hard enough to knock them on their ass, then kicks them in the face. In the Chained variation, he wraps a chain around the foe's neck, dragging them on all fours while choking them before kicking them in the face, releasing them from
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U-Raptor -- 028 by Draconasaurus U-Raptor -- 028 :icondraconasaurus:Draconasaurus 21 3 Johnny Cage vs Liu Kang Intro by Koldoom Johnny Cage vs Liu Kang Intro :iconkoldoom:Koldoom 52 10 Kano vs Kung Lao Intro by Koldoom Kano vs Kung Lao Intro :iconkoldoom:Koldoom 96 69 Kano vs Kitana Intro by Koldoom Kano vs Kitana Intro :iconkoldoom:Koldoom 187 37 Takeda vs Scorpion Intro by Koldoom Takeda vs Scorpion Intro :iconkoldoom:Koldoom 136 13 Cassie vs Jacqui Intro by Koldoom Cassie vs Jacqui Intro :iconkoldoom:Koldoom 210 40 Hanzo Hasashi vs Sub-Zero Intro by Koldoom Hanzo Hasashi vs Sub-Zero Intro :iconkoldoom:Koldoom 104 9 Johnny Cage vs Raiden Intro by Koldoom Johnny Cage vs Raiden Intro :iconkoldoom:Koldoom 153 24 Kotal Kahn vs Johnny Cage by Koldoom Kotal Kahn vs Johnny Cage :iconkoldoom:Koldoom 112 19 Sonya Blade vs Ferra and Torr Intro by Koldoom Sonya Blade vs Ferra and Torr Intro :iconkoldoom:Koldoom 101 20 Erron Black vs Sonya Blade Intro by Koldoom Erron Black vs Sonya Blade Intro :iconkoldoom:Koldoom 221 21 Quan Chi vs Kenshi Intro by Koldoom Quan Chi vs Kenshi Intro :iconkoldoom:Koldoom 141 12 Kenshi vs Kano Intro by Koldoom Kenshi vs Kano Intro :iconkoldoom:Koldoom 105 14 Johnny Cage vs Kung Jin Intro by Koldoom Johnny Cage vs Kung Jin Intro :iconkoldoom:Koldoom 105 13 Takeda vs Jacqui Briggs Intro by Koldoom Takeda vs Jacqui Briggs Intro :iconkoldoom:Koldoom 200 68


bryan1231's Profile Picture
I've been loving the prehistoric world since i first saw the Land Before TIme at 4, and ever since, i've made it my mission to become a paleontologist. While i have a hard time with some of the anatomy, i can easily point out behavior, weaponry, and lifestyle of a lot of dinosaurs. I am also Autistic, in particular, a kind of autisim similar to Aspergers, which basically means, while socially, i'm a little... unusual, i am fantastic with other things, like weaponization, dinosaurs, and potential alien life.

I love to Role-Play, so feel free to come on down and RP with me! I also do requests, though I can't draw very well, so they are usually tied to text profiles and the like. DFTBA!
Sorry, had to yell to let y'all know I wasn't dead. XD Anyway, some stuff I should explain.

1: My trusty ol' laptop is fucky, and might die at any moment (if it isn't already dead). Fortunately, I backed up the majority of my files on my dad's Passport so I should be good. Now I just need a new laptop...

2: I have a couple of braincrack ideas relating to my two favorite franchises: Fossil Fighters and Mortal Kombat. I'll get the Kombatant one out of the way now. I have had an idea for an alternate group of 4 for a while now, and I thought I'd share: Kotal K'etz, the son of Kotal Kahn with several powers; Plants, War, Blood, Sun, Wind, Water, and Command Over Beasts, with the ability to switch inbetween these abilities with ease, albeit with a 5 minute 'cool down'. He also has the weakness of not being able to use any but War abilities during nightfall. Oh, and his tats change in accordance to these, a la Kotal Kahn, but fighting for EarthRealm. Then, a cyborg similar to TriBorg but with a malfunction in his head that gives him free will, and he serves Special Forces. He also lacks the ability to unleash multiple bodies at once, but he can switch 'modules' on the fly instead. Then, T-Mileena; a clone of Mileena with a timid, shy personality... unless she is angered, then she becomes a ruthless killing machine. She lives with the cyborg. And finally, Raiden's son; Kidd Thunder. For those who don't know, Raiden can summon a mini-me version of himself named 'Kidd Thunder' and, while considered his nephew, I thought it'd be cooler if he was his son. This is complete crack so don't expect anything from it soon, just a random idea I had with some MK characters I had laying around, plus a reappropriated version of a long-forgotten friendship and an alternate version of an already existing character... I need to jumpstart my idea box for the metas again so I can write the damn story.

3: Finally, I have an announcement: I AM HAVING A CONTEST! Here's how it'll go: I want you to draw what you want for a next vivosaur; If FF4 was revealed and you could submit your own vivosaur, which vivosaur would you draw and submit to this contest? Here are the rules: 1, it cannot be any of the vivosaurs already mentioned in the game's lore. And yes, Frontier counts. 2, You can submit more than 1, but no more than 3. Any more and the ones after number 3  will be disqualified. And 3, no dinaurians. As much as I love the dino-aliens, this is a contest for vivosaurs, not dinaurians. If you create movesets for the vivosaur, that's bonus points~ Now, here's the critical part. The prizes are as follows: 1st place gets their vivosaur's stats written out by me immediately and 100 points. 2nd place gets 50 points, and 3rd place gets 25 points. Keep in mind all entries will probably get stats at some point (if they don't already have stats) and if the vivosaur who wins already has stats made by me, then I'll do a ShareFACTORY video of their choice instead. Oh, and all entries get to own their vivosaurs and stats; I'll even release some of my stats to you if you draw, say, Kaprosuchus. If you are interested, enter the contest by, at the latest, February 8th, 2016. Have fun!

Update: Since I spaced on the contest, I'm giving a week long extension to everyone. have the entries done by the 15th :)

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