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Jim aka Mirror - Glass villain

By Bruzefh
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This is my last entry for the Glass contest. Good luck to all of you, guys ! :) (Smile) 

JIM aka "MIRROR" - GLASS Villain
Ability : can travel through mirrors

So what? Have you ever seen a villain wearing a swimsuit, a bathing cap and pool glasses ? You have certainly never heard about Jim or Mirror before.

In the Glass world, Jim is a professional swimmer who has style. He is 26 years old, tall and finely sized muscular. He likes competition and extreme sports, girls, sport cars, parties. But, above all, he likes himself. No, he actually LOVES himself.

That's because Jim is a great narcissist. It is a fact : he can’t pass a mirror without taking a look at his reflection. It is a real tic. He can spend long hours looking at himself, admiring his face and his athletic body. A real obsession that finally gave him a way to enter and exit mirrors !

Oh, of course, it wasn't really intentional. It just happened. One night, Jim wanted to wipe the fog marks from the bathroom mirror, because of the vapours from the hot shower that he had just taken. He wasn't able to see the perfection of his reflection, you understand. When suddenly his hand passed... through the glass ! Surprisingly, his arm followed, his head, then his whole body. He observed that it was as easier as entering water.

In fact, Jim discovered that he was able to use mirrors as spatio-temporal doors and thus travel from a place to another very quickly. Those doors communicate with each other through a kind of liquid plasma, in which you can breathe. So, Jim  thought a swimmer’s outfit was the best fit for these particular trips. Of course, he has to be sometimes a contortionist to get in or out of certain mirrors, but it’s not a real problem, isn't it ?

One constraint remains, however : to reach a place he does not know, he must do a reconnaissance to see where the destination mirror is located, in order to be able to visualize and identify the corresponding output when swimming in plasma.
This sometimes means using a subterfuge to enter the targeted place before any action, such as dressing up and using false identities.

In any case, using mirrors is a very practical way to commit crimes in complete discretion and not get caught. He likes this feeling of power and superiority from this ability, but also the adrenaline rush each time he breaks the law.

If one day you look at yourself in a mirror and you see its surface slightly disturb, and then long members emerge like spider paws out of a hole, so get out quickly and call the police : it’s Jim aka MIRROR who's coming for you !
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Good job, you work is epic
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Hi. Thank you very much for your support :) (Smile)