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Angelika aka Mantis - Glass villain

By Bruzefh
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ANGELIKA aka MANTIS - A Glass villain
Abilities : persuasion and seduction, almost hypnotism. False identities. Psychopatic business men and political men killer. No fingerprints (genetic anomaly).

ANGELIKA has a happy childhood. Her mother holds the house and looks after her education, her father is a wealthy manufacturer who made a fortune in textiles. Until the day he is victim of a vile financial operation by unscrupulous businessmen. It’s a downward spiral. Ruined, harassed by the IRS, the small family is forced to move to a poor neighborhood where there is insecurity.

The depressed father begins to drink a lot. When he is drunk, he becomes violent and terrorizes his loved ones. One evening of drinking, during an other marital arguments, he accidentally kills his spouse in front of his daughter. He is arrested, a man devoured by remorse who is tried and condemned.

Angelika is traumatized for life. She is raised by a distant aunt who tries to give her a more merciful life and a little bit of happiness.

It was during a session with the psychologist who treats her after the drama that she became aware for the first time of her uncommon abilities of seduction and persuasion. She realizes that she is able to lie with conviction and that her interlocutors, as hypnotised, cannot long resist her charms - especially men. This is her secret.

Angelika finances her own university studies by doing odd jobs, her aunt having little means. She’s having an angel wing tattooed on her left calf.

Now 29 years old, she is a normal person who teaches psychology at a university. She lives in a pretty big but cheap apartment and never invites anyone.
It is almost empty, it contains only the essential furniture : a large bed in the middle of the main room, two bar stools against the kitchen worktop where she takes her meals, and a large wall closet that contains a double bottom, behind which are hung many dresses and evening shoes, and stowed some jewelry chests.

Because at night, she becomes a psychopatic criminal. She penetrates some private parties by various means (relationships, false invitation cards, intrusion, ...) and, thanks to her potential, seduces a man among the guests. Her main targets are businessmen, financiers, politicals, executives, shareholders...

The lucky guy thinks he will have a good time in this hotel room tonight. But once alone with Angelika, he’s shot by gun with a special ice bullet between the two eyes. This is Angelika's signature. Then, she disappears without a trace. Especially because of a genetic anomaly, she does not have any fingerprints !

Some investigative elements, the social status of the victims and the bullet in the forehead allow the police to establish a link between the victims and to guess that the murderer is a woman - nicknamed "Mantis" by the media.

During one of her night hunts, Angelika meets a member of a board of directors, of approximately her age, of which she falls in love although she doesn't want to. She cannot resolve herself for the moment to kill him and keeps him at arm’s length in an ambiguous relationship.

Then begins a struggle with herself, parallel to her double life of "men eater"...
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Great Job. Good luck!
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Thank you very much !