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Holy ever loving mother fuck.
It's the internet I know.
Lawlessness etc.
But if any idiot on here has been through school, at one point you've been forced to write papers.  WHERE YOU PROPERLY CITE, LIST WHERE YOUR SOURCES ARE FROM.

I've been browsing through several deviantart profiles where 'hurr durr i'm sharing this person's work'  WITH LITTLE TO NO SOURCING.
one idiot only typed 'artist's name' (in english) under the work's description.
some work was traceable that way, others not so much until i took the time to reverse image search through 50+ google searches.
same idiot, states on his page that hes only sharing artist's works with their permission.  "ok so at least he took the time to get their permission"  several artworks later in... "UNKNOWN ARTIST"  what the ever loving fuck!  I took the time to reverse image search, went through like 50 results AND FOUND IT.

another guy at least had a tiny bit more sense to post 'artist name from this website'  AGAIN WITH NO LINKING OR ANYTHING MORE PROPER
but at least this guy stating various websites he found the art from, made it a lot easier to find the original source\artist and look at more of their work.

Rant over. God(s) damn it.
**edited 10 hours later**
apparently not allowed to link outside DA,  well at least type out website(s) ya sharing the work from!
Very weird Friday the 13th.
Our internet went out twice the last two nights.  
the first night, internet goes out, we quickly resolved it with online texting service of theirs through cell data.
2nd night (last night) internet goes off, the same online tech support can't help.  Call their automated system, tells us a fucky thing in the same sentence.  that 1. our internet was disconnected due to unpaid bill, and 2. that our balance is $0 (meaning we paid the damn thing)
so this morning, 11am. called them, they shift me around several people\departments.  finally end up on a guy with the same name as me.
he finds the fuck up.  someone put in a work order for 'turn off their internet since they didn't pay their bill' kinda thing.
He cancels it, gives us a $25 credit voucher (next month of internet almost free thanks to this then)  and says it'll be several hours or so before internet goes up again.
4pm, still not up. called tech support again.  this time a lady gets it done in 5-10+ minutes.  has me disconnect our router, modem for a minute. reconnect it.  she pings \ sends a signal our way.  BAM. Internet working again! She ends the call by saying 'thank you for being apart of our Cox family for ... 17 years!'

On an end note, butt stuff.  Twice my pants ripped today around the exit area.
first was last night \ this morning as i tried to sleep.
2nd when was i was taking the dog out (while on the phone with the guy at 11am)


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United States
I'm Bruudwin, literally anything else on the internet that you can google Bruudwin that is me.

Only using deviant art as a way to follow artists. imgur can't do shit but repost beautiful DA stuff.

Currently in the middle of making a personal game\project with rpgmaker vx ace.


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