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Pandinus Automotor

"This nasty little thing was invented by Doctor A, Grimmelore in order to deal with an annoying infestation of ClockRoaches and TimeTicks. Upon detecting a preset level of vibration ( necessary to avoid injury to a beloved pet or small child.) the device will pursue the offending mecho-beasty, once its pincers have clamped down firmly for two full seconds, the tail gun will press against it and fire. Rendering the little blighter intert."

This piece was in the Shelburne Museum: 6000 Shelburne Road Shelburne, VT 05482 802-985-3346.

It is made of brass, watch and clock parts, and a very small, yes real pistol for the stinger.
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I asume the pistol is a 2mm pinfire?
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Very nice. Wish I could do this sort of thing as well :P
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Oh wow, that is splendid!

ClockRoaches & TimeTicks... very good too :D
miyuscorner13's avatar
Wow, that's cool!!
RiownerTias's avatar
I want that to stealthy guard my room 8D
gothitink's avatar
Nicely made! :) love it.
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