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it's the library at the palace of culture "Energetic" (something like "Energy engineer" in English).

the closed book left from the red one - is written by V. Steklov, and it calls "V. I. Lenin".
as you may know, Chernobyls'ka NPP was carrying the name "Leninskaya" (Lenin's).

This shot was done the floor above from the place this shot was taken.

You can see the exterior of "Energetic" here, at the right corner.


"Energetic", Pripyat, Chernobyl Zone of alienation, Ukraine.

More shots from the Zone are coming soon, meanwhile you can see already submitted [link]
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I think this is an amazing piece of photography! I featured it here with link and credit.
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Amazing shot, I love the colour scheme.
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I grew up near Three Mile Island in Harrisburg, PA, USA, and have always been fascinated with Chernobyl (probably because there was a "That could have been us!" fear). Between that and being a book collector, I love this photo. Besides Schindler's List, there is a great old Twilight Zone episode with Burgess Merideth called Time Enough At Last that this reminds me of. It's wonderful!
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Love the shading and how everything seems to just stand out. Great work!
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I saw the picture, and it made me think of that movie 'Schindler's List'. *shudder*
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Hi, Let me introduce myself, my name is Miguel, I play guitar on a progressive metal band from Colombia named Altered Symmetry, we are about to release a record (fully independent) and we love this photo, we want to ask your permission to use it as our album cover art. Our concept for the album is about literature; our lyrics are about Chejov, Dickens, Akutagawa, and many others short tales. Please let us know what you think.
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I'm working on putting together a website for the library I work at, and was wondering if I could use this image as a background photo for one of the pages. Would that be alright with you? We could credit you on the site if you let us use the image.
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Great job! :)
I find this photo amazing. The monochrome tone and highlighting one book symbolizes the destiny of one person among many others, a sad one.
Just one way to interpret this.

A friend of mine told me, that she saw almost the same setting of books in a memorial of a German concentration camp. In one room there were those books, in the next there were clothes, the next hairs and so on... Too sad to forget.
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You have been featured:


Examples for a photography contest with the theme of books.
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The pose and lightning are just perfect. There's something that attracts me about this photo, I just can't explain how! But I really like it.
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Thank you very much! i'm glad you find it been worth your attention.
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You're most welcome, my dear.
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Featured in my latest journal [link] !

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Great work on this one.
Anubis-noise's avatar beautiful...:)
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You've been featured in article called "Nukes Not Welcome"! [link]
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Very beautiful! I love your use of color in this photo. While the red draws you into the single book, there's so much else going on that the rest of the photo isn't ignored either.
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I love the texture of the books. Nice job!
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êàêîé óæàñ !
very expressive in a stunning way dude, great job!
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Thanks so much! i was afraid that highlighting one colour and making everything rest in monochrome is something like a "cheap pop-music"...
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