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Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 94
Jaunt 94.0 - Kendell2
"Uh...Rarity," said Fluttershy at Rarity's Manehatten Boutique in preparation to fill in. "Why didn't you just get another Rarity to fill in?"
"Because the other Raritys are all busy with their own, darling," said Rarity. "Though Star Crossed from Stellaria will be filling in along with you to explain a recent wing..." she said, trotting over and pulling up a curtain to reveal a line of star and space themed outfits with a very alien, but still beautiful appearance...and crystals lining them in multiple areas, giving them constant glowing patterns all through them of various elaborate colors. "Aren't they gorgeous?! This is the current 'in style' on Stellaria right now!"
"It's very...bright..."
"EVERYTHING on Stellaria is bright, darling."
"So, uh, Rainbow," said Splitfire when Rainbow returned from Las Pegasus.
"Yeah?" asked the mare, still excited from the rollercoaster ride.
"Why didn't you just visit a universe a few years behind us and ride i
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Codex Equestria: Mysterious Visitors (Part 2)
The Hunter in the Dark
Hayneck Scale: Fatality of a Sapient or Animal (Class 6)
Location: Talonia
While the pony-like Visitors are the most common sighted, there is another variety resembling a pony or griffon-sized quadrupedal flying reptile with glowing wings, normally clad in some sort of high tech, tribal-styled armor. While older stories from centuries or millennia back depict these creatures as malevolent, sometimes actively hunting ponies, modern stories show a change, depicting them in what could be considered an anti-heroic light, sometimes even in a seeming peaceful terms with the pony-types. Some theorists believe this shift may be some geopolitical change like the ones the Griffons underwent on Equus, or simply a cultural shift on Equus changing the perception of things mistaken for them by those who don't believe. Still other theorists propose they may secretly be living underground ruling Equus, but these are considered simply conspiracy theories by most
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Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 93
Jaunt 93.0 - Kendell2 Sovereign Guard Pt 5
"Now, while the animane Neighruto is amusing, and I have enjoyed what I've watched, true ninja are very different," explained Sparkle, the Sovereign Guard trainees now in ninja attire, known as a Shozoku. "For starters..." she said, before throwing off her royal kimono and donning a proper, face concealing mask, or Zukin. "The Bushin no Jutsu."
"You mean the Shadow Clone technique that let him make an army of himself?"asked Flash Sentry.
"Yes, that one. In reality, it is performed differently..." said the ninja Queen. She suddenly threw down a smoke bomb and when it cleared, three identical ponies stood in front of them.
"Looks the same to me..." Noteworthy said.
"Ninja are always more than meets the eye..." said the three Sparkles, before removing their masks to reveal the other two were other unicorns with the same eye color and coats dyed to match hers.
"Ah, I get it..." said Cherry. "Three ponies dressed identically and be
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Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Index (1E)
Supplementary Index 1E - Magic and Technology (Part 5)
Multiverse Alliance Armed Forces
MAAF Main Battle Mech Mk I ‘TRAJAN’
The Sentinel mechs co-developed by the worlds of the Multiverse Alliance and the Multiverse Police Department had been a resounding success, and between the surplus materials, personnel and funding left from the previous project and the extra available with the upcoming budget increase, the MAAF had the means and is looking ready to ride onto that success to develop at least one other series of mechas for their own use, despite the controversy over the viability/practicality of a mecha in pure military operations.
Regardless, this proposal was greenlit, and the effort would materialize under the Frontline Multirole Battle Mech Project, the culmination of which was the MAAF’s MBM-I TRAJAN Main Battle Mech, a first-generation armed and armoured military mecha which would fulfill the MAAF’s ne
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Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 92
Jaunt 92.0 - Kendell2 Digimon Tales Pt 9
Catrinamon snarled, clinching her claws. "I will not be trampled! Not by you, not by anyone!" she yelled, her expression clearly deranged and unstable. 
"And yet you would trample others?" asked Ariesmon.
"Where do you get off?" asked VictoryGreymon.
"I don't have to answer to you!" Catrinamon replied.
"Yes, you do," Aniwyemon replied. "If not to us then the digimon and people you've hurt."
Twilight sighed in relief, looking to Nebula. "Can you still fight?" She was surprised that they'd managed it, but happy about it given the power boost. That and she could mention their names without having to specify which version of them she was talking to, given Nebula was her own entity.
Nebula nodded. "Yeah, I can..." she said, two of her front legs presently touching her chest and sending Sweetheart's power into them. While only 2/3 as effective as they'd otherwise be (due to Sweetheart being unable to heal herself), it s
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Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 91
Jaunt 91.0 - Kendell2 Digimon Tales Pt 7
Visiting Bright Eyes let her aura flare and she analyzed the situation at as fast as her power could enable her. 'This fight is winnable. The question is how is it winnable...' she thought, looking at Catrinamon and Samudramon. 'Those two are monstrously strong. It will take all of us to have a chance.'
She looked at CaptainHookmon and Huntermon. 'But those two will also be involved. We can't handle all four at once and isolating one and defeating them isn't possible. We don't have that kind of advantage. And if they're not separated Catrinamon could just reabsorb them and repeat...Divide and conquer. Some of us keep Catrinamon and Samudramon occupied and try to wear them down, while the rest defeat them both...' she continued, looking to their group.
'Melody's endurance won't be of help in wearing down Catrinamon, she's not going to tire and Catrinamon doesn't seem easily frustrated...But from appearance
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Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 90
Jaunt 90 - Kendell2 Digimon Tales Pt 5
The group all raced through the forest, the Digidestined 7 riding their respective Champion Digimon with their counterparts, while Twilight flew.
"Wow, you're pretty strong..." said visiting Melody, impressed that Punkmon was able to carry both her and her native self while still moving at pace with his fellows, despite being comparably small.
Punkmon gave a smirk. "Would be a bad roadie if I wasn't strong, wouldn't I?"
The Melodys nodded...then jumped as the clouds filled the sky.
"That's so not good..." said native Melody.
Sukankumon's ears twitched and she gasped. "Everyone look out!"
The group turned as the sound of roaring water followed. UtaBirdramon swooped down, grabbing Sukankumon and flying up while Suwanmon grabbed Princemon and did the same, Punkmon jumping up and grabbing on with the Melodys.
"SaberGreymon!" native Patch called, Element glowing.
"Right! SaberGreymon Digivolve to..."
The transformation began and once m
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Giant MonStar Rampage by BrutalityInc Giant MonStar Rampage :iconbrutalityinc:BrutalityInc 12 16 Space Battle by BrutalityInc Space Battle :iconbrutalityinc:BrutalityInc 5 6 Blueblood's Cruise 2 by BrutalityInc
Mature content
Blueblood's Cruise 2 :iconbrutalityinc:BrutalityInc 7 22
Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Index (5B)
Intergalactic Federation of Friendship
"Bright futures beckon for all those who reaches for them."
Worldline(s): BFE-0136 - Bright Future
Leadership: Cosmic Alliance of Pantheons
Structure: Federation of Interstellar Civilizations
Power: Intergalactic Federation
Scale: Millions of interstellar nations across 'Local Group' of galaxies and dwarf galaxies in-worldline
Status: Active, MA member
The Intergalactic Federation of Friendship stands as a paragon of what sapient civilization can be, and is one of the Alliance member universes that rivals, if not surpasses, the Hegemony in power and scale. This universe is likewise home to highly advanced technology and vast military and economic might, but its history is a noted contrast. While withholding some things from the Alliance as the Hegemony has, they have a very different rationale for doing so. Regardless, they have proven to be an extremely helpful ally to the Alliance.
The Federation is also a far future Eque
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Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 89
Jaunt 89.0 - BrutalityInc The Night Unfurls Pt 2
Agent Sweetie Drops surveyed the carnage around her.
The stable was a slaughterhouse, much like the barn where the animals were found. The bovine residents who lived here for room and board were all dead, torn to mangled pieces scattered on the wooden floor. The walls were splattered with their blood; the pillars and roof beams dripped with gore.
The smell of haemoglobin and decay alone would had affronted the heavens itself.
The Cow herd was having a late-night party, complete with cake and alcohol and music. The last thing they would expect was a monstrous party-crasher; and they were butchered like non-sapient live-stocks by it.
No, she reminded herself. This was worse than butchery. Even the butchers among griffons and diamond dogs were more delicate and precise, cutting out meat at the right sizes with their various knives, to be sold in their butcher shops for their carnivorous customers at the right price. The
:iconbrutalityinc:BrutalityInc 6 92
Blueblood's Cruise by BrutalityInc Blueblood's Cruise :iconbrutalityinc:BrutalityInc 5 34
Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 88
Jaunt 88.0 - BrutalityInc The Night Unfurls Pt 1
“... Yet the night is long, and full of horrors.
The darkness is deep, without and within.
The Sun is setting, and the Light soon fades.
The Shadows gather…
… and The Night Unfurls.”

--- Excerpt from the poem The Night Unfurls, author unknown. Worldline: [REDACTED: Clearance Required]
= = =
“Your highness, I would like to express some concerns about the Jaunt we’re launching this morning.” Said Stablemaster, flipping through a clipboard of notes.
Princess Luna turned to face him, both standing on the ‘bridge’ section of the main Jaunt facility’s main mission control chamber, a raised platform overseeing the launch chamber behind magically-reinforced glass where even as they spoke, a number of scientists, technicians and engineers are working in preparations around a specially-manufactured crystal mirror. “What worries you, our estee
:iconbrutalityinc:BrutalityInc 6 48
Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 87
Jaunt 87.0 - Kendell2
"Ugh, I'm still stuck on this..." said Twilight looking at the screen in front of her, in a room full of other Twilights. The 'Council of Sparkle' as Rainbow liked to joke.
"What's the problem, asked Applejack, walking in with a cart of apples.
"We're trying to figure out a way to upgrade the Paladin Armors with the Platformer Equestria power ups, but while we've got the basics of the system down and it should work just fine for the apple power ups, we keep hitting the same wall..." said Tiny Hive Mind Twilight, the five tiny Twilights typing away at five tiny computers.
Plant Twilight rubbed her head. "The energy based power ups are impossible to mass produce. Even if the system works for them, it's next to impossible to reliably get a cache of them to USE it..."
"And with the Winter Wedding and how strong the knock offs Chrysalis made did, we need to keep advancing. If we don't, then we'll eventually be matched or outpaced by
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Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 86
Jaunt 86.0 - Kendell2 Snapshots Pt 15
"So... that's it then..." said Tempest Shadow, sitting in the base (still under heavy watch).
Fizzlepop of Princess Lemonheart's set of Bearers sat across from her and nodded. "Yeah...I guess so..."
They'd been comparing to see where everything diverged. While Lemonheart's different status did change some things, they ultimately narrowed it don to one thing...
Tempest looked at her for a few moments before finally speaking. " chose to go down one fork of a path and I went down the other...and in the end I ended up a monster and you ended up a hero..."
Tempest had heard of Lemon Hearts, and likely had many similar thoughts, so alone it changed little... but just one different chosen path the night of Nightmare Moon...
"...It was more than that...certain ponies I met that night...certain choices I made..." Fizzlepop replied, thinking on it. "...You might not have changed if you met Twilight and her friends..."
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Unique ideologies of the Fourth Age (Codexverse): Any suggestions?

(Preferably distinct from real life historical [Or Second Age] ones)
Codexverse world-building:

Lord Tirek of the Fourth Age is not Tirac of the First Age. Tirac of Midnight Castle was definitively killed in the Codexverse by the Rainbow of Light, and even his soul was rendered down to nothing. The fabled Wilms Siblings and Ponies of Paradise Estate had made it decisively certain that he's not coming back, ever.

The legend of 'Tirac', however, persisted and remained influential in Centaur culture, even if by the Fourth Age the precise origins and details had been largely distorted and forgotten by most outside of academic circles. Lord Tirek here is a completely different individual; he quite literally has no idea about the legacy behind the name and is out to do his own thing with his own modus operandi.

Tirac and alternate spellings thereof are popular first names for Centaurs; the name of Lord Tirek, ex-Crown Prince of the Gargoyle-Centaur Kharganate, is merely one of many alternative spellings in Centaurese. After his foiled rampage in his homeland and first attempted draining/takeover of Equestria, however, that variant of the name is gradually dropping out of popularity over the centuries due to negative association with him. 
Major combatants of the Storm King Crisis (Codexverse):

International Forces
1) Principalities of Equestria (Besieged/Occupied)
2) Commonwealth of Mustangia (Leader of Pony nations' military coalition)
3) The Union of Hooviet Republics (leader of alliance of Solidarist states and paramilitary groups)
4) The Changeling Courts (Thorax Hive, Spring and Summer Court, plus Autumn Court independents)
5) Equestrian and other Dragonflights
6) Others (Griffonstone volunteers, League of Royal Giants, Harpies Freebooters Front, Queen Novo's Hippogriff kingdom, etc.)

Storm Empire
1) Empire of the Storm (Yetis and Storm Creatures, new temporary capital in occupied Canterlot)
2) Storm Empire Tribulatories and Vassals (E.g. pre-liberation Abyssinia)
3) Equestrian collaborators ("The Storm Authority" based in Las Pegasus)
4) Winter Court Changelings (Chrysalis' 'Black Hivers' and others)
5) Various Cults, Covens, Cabals, Criminal and Terrorist Organizations
6) Others (Autorists support and Fallen deities' involvement rumoured)

1) The Cosmic Council (Anti-Storm King. Preoccupied, primarily supporting mortals' efforts via angels and demigods, plus several godlings and younger deities)
2) Various Independents (Mercenaries and privateers working on both sides) 

I had been thinking about Stygian and his quest to recruit the Pillars of Equestria ever since I watched "Shadow Play" two-parter and read the Legends of Equestria comics; specifically, the circumstances of his downfall. 

Now, we all know by now that there was a great misunderstanding, and that Stygian was kicked out of the Pillars who jumped to conclusions too early when he took their artifacts (Though Stygian also holds responsibility for not making an effort to let them know his anxieties or at least tell them what he was planning to do with said artifacts BEFORE he took them). The one thing that bothered me was how quickly Stygian seemed to have gone off the deep end after being rejected by the Pillars. 

Sure, it would had led to despondency and resentment, and if those two festers he might had turned to villainy because of it. But he hasn't exactly lost EVERYTHING due to the rejection by the Pillars, does he? He still got his life in his village that he had before the Sirens appeared and he gone off to his quest. Well, the village was saved, so he still at least have his old life left, right?

That's when I suddenly noticed something seemed off about the whole scenario. Horribly wrong, I'm inclined to say. 

It took me a while to triangulate exactly what, but it boils down to this: In the cartoon, we were shown Stygian being there when the whole crisis began, the Dazzlings descending upon his village and using their magical singing to mind-control the villagers into unreasoning hatred and attacking each other, allowing them to feed upon the conflict. Stygian runs off, and a few seconds later, he returns with the Pillars of Equestria, who proceeds to kick the snot out of the Sirens and banished them to the Canterlot High world. 

In the comics, the whole quest was significantly expanded; Stygian is shown to have went through a lot of effort getting the the Pillars to help him and get them together, and the recruitment process is not without difficulties due to Stygian and the Pillars having to deal with whatever issue they were facing at hoof - with Stygian even having saved several members from the calamities on one or two occasions (Not that any-pony noticed. At all). They were visibly shown going on a long journey that took them across the width and length of the land as Stygian raced to catch them all. And as of last comic I read, they still haven't got Mistmane or Starswirl yet.

That's when it hit me: Between the Dazzlings attacking and the Pillars arriving to fight them, how long was Stygian off on his quest to recruit the Pillars? 

We're not talking about modern-effing-day Equestria here, with its railroads, its airships, its oceanic liners and other forms of modern transportation. We're not talking about Equestria which is explicitly shown (At least in the comics) to have telegraphs. Stygian and the Pillars are explicitly shown to have lived at least around a thousand years ago (Because OF COURSE it is, according to Hasbro) and back then things were still primitive. There could had been pegasi chariots or dragon-fire mail back in the day, but they were never explicitly shown on screen or in the comic, and given the time period and the likely quality of life for the majority of ponies back then, I don't know if some village kid, even a well-learnt prodigy like Stygian, could had possibly afford or have access to those means. 

Point is, even if Stygian knows where to look for the Pillars (And in the comics, he does), when he had gone off to acquire their help, he would still have to do so by his own power - he would had to walk there, to where they live (And that's what the comics shown him doing), first by himself and then with those Pillars he recruited on each stage of the journey. Even if we go by the frankly silly canon interpretation that they were merely living in different parts of Equestria (Because OF COURSE Equestria is the whole world, according to Hasbro), one can only walk so far within a set period of time. 

In short, it would had taken him at least weeks, if not months, tops, to set out from his village, find all the Pillars, help them through whatever troubles affecting them, recruit them, before finally bring them along back to his village to defeat the Dazzlings, and save his...

You probably can see where I am going with this, right? By the time he got back, would any one of his fellow neighbours and villagers still be alive

They had been enthralled by the Dazzlings' songs and set on each other, frothing with aggression and hatred, while those gluttonous sea monsters fed upon the emotions and conflict that was generated. They hadn't been shown to stop on screen, and I don't know how the comics would depict the finale, if they bother to depict it at all. Assuming they haven't stopped fighting all this time, they would had killed each other off by now. Even if the Dazzlings were smart enough to hold them back (forward thinking of which, I must remind you, they were NOT DEPICTED to have that I can recall), the population is only going to go down from the word go - accidental deaths does happen in non-lethal sparring between martial artists, or just two random idiots beating the crap out of each other. 

So how does this tie with the original premise/question I was talking about? Simple: when Stygian had set off to fetch the Pillars, it would be impossible for him to return with the Pillars in time to save his village, barring them living quite literally right over the hill from where the village is (Which isn't the case, whether on TV or in the comics). He won't be returning home to his family and neighbours; he would be returning to a graveyard, and whatever beat-down the Pillars delivered to the Dazzlings afterwards, all it would had done would is avenging their deaths and preventing the Sirens from repeating their atrocity in another part of Equestria. Despite all his hardships, all his efforts, all his sacrifices - everything he did - Stygian had FAILED. He would had lost everything, nothing else he would had done would had made any difference. 

When we look back at Stygian's fall with this context, his rapid slip off the slippery slope suddenly makes a lot of sense: The Pillars wouldn't just become a major part of his life and existence, it would literally be the only life he has left. He putted them together, he planned strategies for them and read all he could about the foes he faced; all this and other ways he dedicated his efforts to supporting and being part of the team would be the only thing that mattered to him anymore. Perhaps it would had helped distract him from the horror and guilt of not being able to save his village, of being the only survivor - who only made it out alive because he ran off. And of course, when he found he couldn't contribute as much as his more powerful Pillars - in fact, he doesn't even consider himself to be one of the Pillars because of this - and felt becoming neglected and sidelined in terms of recognition and respect, his anxiety would had hit him significantly harder since, being the only life he has left, how much he could give to the group would be the measure of his own self-worth, the only thing defining his existence.

No wonder he was so desperate to want their respect and being able to stand by their side in battle - desperate enough that he went off to steal the artifacts of the Pillars and imbue their powers into himself. And what happens when his comrades, the ponies whom he had gathered, befriended, helped and was helped by, completely and utterly rejected him over the misunderstanding? What would that do to him? 

I think it would had BROKE him. It would had broken anyone. Everything that happens after that - the Well of Shades, the Pony of Shadows - would had come naturally to him, because he would had, quite literally, nothing left to live for - nothing save, perhaps, hatred for his former comrades, and the world which had so unfairly taken everything from him. Who wouldn't want to make the world suffer in the same despair as he did after all this? 

Now, I know this bleak, disturbing premise would had upset many fellow fans, and I wouldn't blame anyone if they couldn't stomach it. But we cannot simply dismiss this out of hoof just because it's uncomfortable to consider, especially when one considers all available facts pointing in this direction. Of course, they would never show this on any media - whether in real life or in-universe.

This is definitely going into my Codexverse, that's for sure. What do you all think? 
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Kendell2 Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  Hobbyist
That's part of what I imagined too, so we're on the same page.

And yeah, that's likely the case with Orochi, and Celestia was likely aware of it. The Dying Curse was essentually a means to ensure Celestia COULDN'T have that done to him to kill him for real.

Which all brings possibilities for how the 'tyrant pantheon' will be beaten. 
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner 36 minutes ago
Look forward to seeing how they went down! =D
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Kendell2 Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  Hobbyist
For the record, Propagare is intended to kinda be the Big Bad to the 'new gods'. He won't be alone, granted, but the idea is he is their greatest enemy, at least at present.

I'd say he's the Megnito to their X-Men, since both's goals involve getting new gods who arrive on their side, but that'd imply Propagare's motivations are well intentioned. They're not. As his profile says, he's a high functioning sociopath.
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner 9 hours ago
He definitely fits!
Kendell2 Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Hobbyist
Glad he does!

The idea of his group is they all embodiment of aspects of corrupt or tyrannical governments in one way or another. Any suggestions on members is welcome.
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner 2 hours ago
Kleptoca - God of Corruption, Exploitation and Political Greed
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BrutalityInc Featured By Owner 12 hours ago
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