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Codex Equestria: Nations of Equus (5)
Territory: Mephitidia
Leadership:  Queen Fleur
Structure: Monarchy
Power: Regional Power
Ethnicity: Great Skunks, other races
Language: Pranch, other languages
Ideology: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité
Religion: The Great Skunk Pantheon
Anthem:  "Parfum D'Elégance" (rough translation: the Fragrance of Elegance)
The nation of the Great Skunks, Mephitidia is not what most would expect from that descriptor. While their odor is what most think of when they think of skunks in general, and Great Skunks will use theirs in self-defense if the situation calls for it with no shame, Mephitidia is a capital of culture, science, and fashion and a popular tourist destination by those who don't let that reputation worry them.
"Mephitidia, sweet land of ours,
Thy fragrant odour scents the air.
Such elegance, never it sours,
Mephitidia, our country fair..."

--- Excerpts from the national anthem (First draft, later revised)
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Codex Equestria - Weapons and War Machines (Pt 2)
Clovenist Comb-Scythe
“The outside world has scoffed at the armed forces of the People’s Empire, believing us little more than peasant levies and conscripts, only knowing how to wield a scythe for harvest… and that is very true. But within each peasant-warrior’s heart, burns a desire for a better tomorrow, and a determination to never serve tyrants again. And as for us wielding scythes… well, what can we say? A blade on a stick is still a blade, whether to cutting wheat… or cutting heads.”
--- Chervena Rekolta (‘Red Harvest’), People’s Legate of the Imperial Liberation Legions, VIX Legion.
The Clovenist Comb-Scythe is the standard-issue infantry weapon of the Imperial Liberation Legions, and an example of a ‘Combination Weapon’ that predominated the personnel weapon designs of the Fourth Age.
When the People’s Empire was united,
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Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 98
Jaunt 98.0 - BrutalityInc Shadow Ops Pt 9
The Wraiths done a stupendous job throughout the operation, taking out command and control; sowing maximum confusion and undermining the defenses of the Black Hivers with extreme efficiency. But they were not alone in their efficient work.
They did this together with the second element of the Taskforce, the Shadow Legionnaires, whom even now were either keeping the supreme commander Chrysalis busy, or wreaking further havoc with brutal ruthlessness, adding to the chaos with their own tactics of misdirection, sabotage, assassination and psychological warfare.
Steadily, even as the first and third Elements of the Taskforce continue their part of the mission through the base in earnest, the Shadow Legionnaires’ operation unfolded, and both ally and enemy would come across the mark they leave upon the Black Hivers' forces, in their place, in their flesh... and in their minds and souls.
“Say, Chitin… Have you ever wonder how
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Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 97
Jaunt 97.0 - Comickook
(OOC: And an idea for the Equestria Girls universe, I've been bouncing around in my head for quite a while):
Over in a big office building somewhere in Canterlot City, a black-skinned woman in her early-70s with green eyes and wearing an expensive suit sat impatiently behind her desk. Despite her age, there was still a gleam in her eye suggesting that she was a force to be reckoned with in the board room (as well as a figure that, combined with the aforementioned gleam, suggested that she was ALSO still a force to be reckoned with in the BEDroom).
This was one of the human counterparts of Queen Chrysalis, who, in her universe, was one of the most successful businesswomen in her world's Canterlot City.
Ever since the Rainbooms started jaunting between universes and discovering new technologies to share with their world as well as information of the cultures of other worlds, all of the businesses in Canterlot City have been benefiting, inclu
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Daffy Duck IS Watching You by BrutalityInc Daffy Duck IS Watching You :iconbrutalityinc:BrutalityInc 9 10
Codex Equestria: Genetic Mutations
As Equus is full of sapient species that evolved both naturally and via divine guidance (though some argue there is no difference), but that would have never happened if not for genetic mutations. With magic involved, these mutations can range from strange curiosities to powerful and bizarre. While many mutations are one off mutations, some last long enough to be more widespread and create subgroups in existing species. Some eventually lead to the creation of completely new species altogether.
Reaction to these mutations range from tolerance and acceptance to persecution and experimentation depending on the location and civilization they are born into: nations like Equestria, the Commonwealths of Mustangia and Queen Dazzleglow's Kerajaan Cahaya had accepted mutants with little to no reservation due to their views on life and tolerance; groups and nations of Autorist Griffons, Tribalist Ponies, Unseelie Changelings, the more vicious Dragonflights and other intolerant, xenophobic and rea
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Codex Equestria: Deities and Divines (Part 8)
Princess Stitching Time, the Princess of Time/Final Epoch
"We have come to the end of our time!"
Classification: Ethereal/Ascendant
Portfolio: Causality, Fate, Time
Rank: Deity (Tier III/Greater)
Princess Stitching Time is Dazzleglow's ascended student, and daughter of Second Age hero Dame Patch. Sadly, like Nightmare Moon, her return was far from as wonderful of a reunion as the return of Bright Glow.
At the request of her little sister, Dazzleglow took their mutual friend Patch's daughter as her student. Stitching Time was a promising young pony with a fascination of time, as well as her mother's adventurous spirit. Like her mother, she was brilliant, but with the proper instruction avoided being 'brilliant but lazy' like she often was. Over time as Dazzleglow's student, Stitching Time would ascend and become an Alicorn with dominion over time, and join the Time Primeval, Ourophion in protecting the time stream in his duties, as well as carefully n
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Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 96
Jaunt 96.0 - Kendell2
"Amazing..." said some Mechanicum Tech-Priests, unable to help themselves as they examine the sword before them. A long sword with a heart shaped guard and made of a metal that the Alliance's analysis had yet to identify much yet come close to producing. The blade at present was blunt. "This is beyond us."
Princess Applebloom and a member of the Race of Yith nodded in agreement.
"Where did you get this?" the Yith questioned, amazed the Alliance had found something that their kind simply could not comprehend.
A Shining Armor with a scar over his eye and wearing a white and gold MPD uniform picked up the sword, which seemed to react to his very holding it. Rainbow colored lines covered its entire shape and the blade became razor sharp "It's called the Blade of Courage. The Shades managed to capture it but could never use it. This sword is a useless hunk of metal to anyone but a courageous hero."
Captain Shining Armor held the blade up. "But as to wh
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Three-Headed Spike by BrutalityInc Three-Headed Spike :iconbrutalityinc:BrutalityInc 13 36
Codex Equestria: Notable Events (Part 9)
Dr. Toxikon Strikes Back (Part 3)
The Battle of Thunder Peaks
"Dragon, Changeling, Equestrian...all that matters in the end is those who seek to rob the innocent of life, cannot be allowed to stand."
--- Seiryū, the EMCS' 'big gun' and Dragon Town native as Equestrian forces join the fray.
Deep in Everfree Forest, Toxikon had been very busy. With the Antlergon acting as a mobile base and lab, while leading the world on a chase, he had built his primary base deep in the uncharted heart of Everfree, using its remoteness and seemingly having no possible bearing on his over all apparent goals. Furthermore, the location he chose was one where the wild magic of the region was at its most intense, a location that he had named Thunder Peaks. And that was the exact reason it was the location of his plan A masterstroke.
The interior of the mountain had been converted into a launching base for his endgame plan. Which, as it turned out, Derpy had lead
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Codex Equestria: Notable Events (Part 8)
Dr. Toxikon Strikes Back (Part 1)
"You Changelings have taught us dragons much. The lesson you taught me is humility. And if there's one thing a dragon hates it is being humbled. But through that humility I've spent all this time since the Time of Broken Scales learning from you...and I believe I've finally figured out where we went wrong the first time: we were trying to beat you at our game, we need to beat you at yours. Brains is the only thing that can beat brains, though having brawn too helps...I've tried telling everyone, but few listen. Fewer still act. Dragonkind has barely changed in eons, while you have changed and evolved, if this keeps up, we'll fall behind. Of you and everyone else. But does anyone listen? No...Oh well, as any farmer knows, one must exterminate the infestation and cull that which does not bare fruit if you are to have a fruitful crop and make the next generation stronger than the last. That's just
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Codex Equestria: The Changeling Courts (Part 7)
Other Notable Individuals of the Changeling Courts Pt 2
King Macrodontia Lyonesse
“Size, strength and standing means nothing without the will to use them well.”
Court Affiliation: Summer
Though Diversus had proven to be a disappointment, Emperor Blackthorn had not ceased his efforts for a spawn imbued with the same power and proportions as Spring Court’s Queen Supia - both as a potential counter to her and also to advance the Courts’ interests among nations whose rulers and populace are of similar gargantuan sizes. Of these efforts, Changeling King Macrodontia would prove to be the most successful.
King Macrodontia’s mother was a Jotunn doe in Jotunnheim - more specifically, a Bergrisar or Mountain-Jotunn consort of a powerful Jotunn Falkyr roughly 500 years ago. While it was known that he grew up as a Jotunn Prince, not much is known from knowledge gathered by Spring Court intelligence about his early life o
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Codex Equestria: Nations of Equus (4)
Territory: Sauropoda and other territories.
Leadership:  Queen Gigas and King Titanus
Structure: Monarchy
Power: Regional Power.
Ethnicity: Sauropods/Cutesauruses, others.
Language: Variants of Equish, Saurian
Ideology: Neutrality
Religion: Multi-Religious
Anthem: "The Peace Of Ages"
Sauropoda is a rather unique civilization on the world stage, for multiple reasons. One of these is the fact conflicts involving them are incredibly rare throughout all recorded history, and no major one has ever occurred. The second and more obvious reason is its a civilization of sentient, living dinosaurs as big as dragons with 'Cutie Marks' across their sides.
This in mind, it is believed that the term "awakening the sleeping giant" may have originated with this nation.
"Our history is surprisingly short, given dinosaurs are most species' definition of pre-historic."
--- Fossil Finder, Sauropoda historian.
While they are dinosaurs, Sauropo
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Codex Equestria: Notable Events (Part 7)
The Revenge of Apterus
"Once upon a time, there was a changeling and a dragon. Their love was forbidden, but they cared not. From their star-crossed union was born a child. Because of their forefathers' grudge the child was torn from her mother's arms...and would return a monster of our own making."
--- Prologue to The Tragedy of Princess Apterus, commissioned by Empress Blackrose to ensure the events that transpired would never be forgotten.
King Xestobium's rampage made headlines, the story of a good pony driven mad by an aeons-long grudge he was simply born into. Sadly, while the first incident, it wouldn't be the last.
A millennia ago, before the reign of King Sombra, a child was born from star-crossed lovers, sired from forbidden love. Unfortunately, as the title of the plays Blackrose would commission in its memory suggests, this story does not have a happy ending. And its consequences would resurface to haunt the Changelings and Dragons i
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Codex Equestria: Nations of Equus (3)
Territory: Isle Machina
Leadership: Grand High Engineer Crazy Ant
Structure: Democracy/Technocracy
Power: Regional Power with long reaching economic and technological influence.
Ethnicity: Changelings, ponies, and various other races.
Language: Variants of Equish, Old Ponish, Math (officially listed as a language), various.
Ideology: Technocracy/Mechanicism
Religion: Multi-Religious/The Novellus Pantheon
Anthem: "Invention Knows No Bounds!"
"No problem cannot be overcome by brilliance and insanity in the right proportions."
Machina is among the world's strangest countries, but also an extremely prosperous one. This is due to being a technological center of the world and rich mining reserves of metal despite its relatively small size, but also due to the self proclaimed mad genius of its leader, the Autumn Court Changeling Crazy Ant, who has seen the nation through many challenges, and even more experiments. As a nation, the entire focus of Machina is on
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The Sirens Who Ate Manehattan by BrutalityInc The Sirens Who Ate Manehattan :iconbrutalityinc:BrutalityInc 10 25


Glimmerlestia 2.0 by blah23z Glimmerlestia 2.0 :iconblah23z:blah23z 5 0 Rainbow Celestia 2.0 by blah23z Rainbow Celestia 2.0 :iconblah23z:blah23z 6 1 Trixie Celestia by blah23z Trixie Celestia :iconblah23z:blah23z 6 0 Sunset Celestia 2.0 by blah23z Sunset Celestia 2.0 :iconblah23z:blah23z 7 0 Queen Spoiled Rich by blah23z Queen Spoiled Rich :iconblah23z:blah23z 4 1 Dieu ne ment jamais by JekiDrawings Dieu ne ment jamais :iconjekidrawings:JekiDrawings 356 22 Destined to be Eaten [ commission ] by VittorioNobile Destined to be Eaten [ commission ] :iconvittorionobile:VittorioNobile 44 10 Dreadnaught MK-II stats by Avitus12 Dreadnaught MK-II stats :iconavitus12:Avitus12 11 1 NOVA Clas WIP 1 by dragonpyper NOVA Clas WIP 1 :icondragonpyper:dragonpyper 4 0 NOVA Clas WIP 2 by dragonpyper NOVA Clas WIP 2 :icondragonpyper:dragonpyper 3 0 Heel-y Good by bobthedalek Heel-y Good :iconbobthedalek:bobthedalek 201 42 Bella Breeze by CloudyGlow Bella Breeze :iconcloudyglow:CloudyGlow 84 5 Regent's Tomb by HrvojeBeslic Regent's Tomb :iconhrvojebeslic:HrvojeBeslic 8 0 Younger Cadance by punzil504 Younger Cadance :iconpunzil504:punzil504 39 4 Omega Phi Class Advanced Destroyer by MarcusStarkiller Omega Phi Class Advanced Destroyer :iconmarcusstarkiller:MarcusStarkiller 27 4 EAS Tisiphone by Martechi EAS Tisiphone :iconmartechi:Martechi 22 11


(This is Semi-Canon to the Codexverse, though the opportunity to complete and put it in has yet to arise)

"We are all born pawns, my little apprentice; pieces or puppets to others' designs." The master and patriarch of the Summer Court stated, "And most would die as such as they live. Only those who had the insight to see the strings binding them - and the strength and will to break them - are worthy to rise and become the players and puppeteers themselves."

Cozy Glow, "But master, I tried to do just that!"

"Yes, you did." Empress Blackthorn replied. He added, without a shred of sympathy, "And you failed." 

"But I was so close...!" Cozy Glow lamented.

Blackthorn sneered ever so slightly. "Being 'close' does not count for a slave attempting to usurp their master, or a puppet trying to cut their own strings. In the game of ambitions, either you rise or you fall. There is no middle ground."

Cozy Glow looked down. "It's just so unfair." She whispered to herself, not wanting her teacher hear it, and the weakness it implied - though he heard it anyway. 

"And fairness is a delusion embraced by those hopelessly naive about the world. There is only the triumph of the will, and what you must do to accomplish it. Something which you were unable to demonstrate." Emperor Blackthorn said simply, not sounding impressed. "Consider yourself fortunate that you had been granted a second chance, which most would not receive. We would advice you not to squander it when the time comes."

"So... will you set me free? To try again?" Cozy Glow asked, a spark of hope in her heart...

And then it was extinguished by Blackthorn's cold reply, "You know what our answer would be." 

Cozy Glow sank to the bottom of her cell.

"We believe we have stayed long enough. Reflect, and prepare." And with that, Blackthorn turned away, with one last look at Lord Tirek. "And do take care of yourself, centaur. One can only imagine how lonely it must be here by yourself."

"I'll keep that in mind, Oberon." Lord Tirek rasped, "And I'll give your regards to the other one if I ever pass his cell."

"You always are a being of your Word... when it suits you." Blackthorn replied, his disconcerting smile returning. And with a step into the shadows once more, he was gone. 

Cozy didn't lift her head as Blackthorn left. For a moment Lord Tirek thought she was sulking... but then he noticed her face was one of pure hatred.

"When I get out... he'll be first." She swore under her breath, her voice venomous. "Right after Twilight and those Six. They'll pay, all of them..."

"Good luck with that; chances are, he's already expecting it." Lord Tirek commented. Then, he reran Blackthorn's words in his mind... and an idea came swimming into view. "But if you are inclined to try anyway, you're going to need all the help you can get... is that offer of friendship still open?"

Cozy Glow looked up at Lord Tirek. Then, she gave a most vicious smirk. 
Codexverse Question:
Which of the following works better in regard to the nations/civilizations of the Second Age?

1) Strussia/Ruthmaneia/Prussia/Other? (Russia)
2) Pferdia/Germaney/Other? (Germany)
3) Isle of Pony/Equion/Bitain/Trotland/Other? (UK)
4) Neighpon/Yamareto/Other? (Japan)
5) Osterreich/Horsetria/Other? (Austria)
6) Bitally/Istally/Other? (Italy)
7) Prance/Chevallia/Other? (France)

(To be continued. Any other suggestions?)
I am of the view, in regard to the Eqg 'Science of Magic' short, that magic as a naturalistic phenomena COULD be empirically understood. It certainly is the case for the Codexverse interpretation of magic.

So what explanation for Sunset's setbacks to learn anything about their Rainboom magic? My main hypothesis is that Rainboom's magic, being implicitly derived from the Tree of Harmony's magic, also inherited its complex magical spell-work (which was allowed to grow and diverge independently in accordance to Eqg world's unique circumstances). 

And as part of the 'spell system', has various defensive 'routines' and 'firewalls' explicitly put in place, either by the Pillars or by the Tree of Harmony itself, that acts to stonewall any attempts to tamper with them, which Sunset unwittingly triggered while trying to assess them. That's what caused them to backfire on her spectacularly rather than magic itself being inherently beyond understanding.

Opinions on this interpretation?
Question: Which animals symbolises freedom, rebellion/revolution, defiance, anti-authority and nonconformity?
Alright, I'll stop dancing around the issue. In the Codexverse, the Second Age is essentially analogous to RL Earth's history - especially in the last two centuries before the Void Aeon, which is essentially the Ponies' 20th and 21st century - and because of this there will be events there that essentially mirrors those from our world.

Their version of the 20th-21st Century is known as the Great Wars Era - which should tell you everything there is to know about that time - which was kicked off by their version of the First World War. Like WWI in our world, the outcome of this would define the rest of the Great Wars Era, so it is important for me to establish how it turned out.

As I had mentioned earlier, the war was a much closer conflict than Second World War; had the conditions are just right, the German Empire actually had a much better chance of winning it than even the ****ing Nazis ever did. 

So here is the million-dollar question for the Codexverse Second Age: Who wins? The Entente-analogue or the Central Powers-analogue? I ask this because my disposition is for novelty, and as easy as it would be to copy-and-paste the 20th and 21st Century into this era, I want to be at least a little bit more original. I want my version of the Second Age to be distinguishable from other portrayals in the MLP fandom right now and leave readers constantly guessing what would happen next, filled with details and twists readers will NEVER see coming.

And believe me, owing to my other disposition to make things more epic and complex, and my love for alternate history, I have such GLORIOUS plans for this time... :evillaugh:

But seriously, should I stick to Fuhrerreich (Entente wins), or go for Kaiserreich (CP wins)? The latter is more original, but comes with the consequence of 'No Nazis' as we know them - and much as everyone sane and reasonable hates them, taking them out would remove such a good source of villains for that era. On the other hand, going for the former keeps them and has the additional bonus of making the whole set-up recognizable for the average readers (And I CAN work with Fuherreich; throw in an original spin and still lead to the Great Wars Era depiction I have in mind), but it would be... much more generic. 

I am REALLY torn between the two right now, so I'm putting this up for fellow readers/writers to decide. Which direction do you think we should go?

I had been thinking about Stygian and his quest to recruit the Pillars of Equestria ever since I watched "Shadow Play" two-parter and read the Legends of Equestria comics; specifically, the circumstances of his downfall. 

Now, we all know by now that there was a great misunderstanding, and that Stygian was kicked out of the Pillars who jumped to conclusions too early when he took their artifacts (Though Stygian also holds responsibility for not making an effort to let them know his anxieties or at least tell them what he was planning to do with said artifacts BEFORE he took them). The one thing that bothered me was how quickly Stygian seemed to have gone off the deep end after being rejected by the Pillars. 

Sure, it would had led to despondency and resentment, and if those two festers he might had turned to villainy because of it. But he hasn't exactly lost EVERYTHING due to the rejection by the Pillars, does he? He still got his life in his village that he had before the Sirens appeared and he gone off to his quest. Well, the village was saved, so he still at least have his old life left, right?

That's when I suddenly noticed something seemed off about the whole scenario. Horribly wrong, I'm inclined to say. 

It took me a while to triangulate exactly what, but it boils down to this: In the cartoon, we were shown Stygian being there when the whole crisis began, the Dazzlings descending upon his village and using their magical singing to mind-control the villagers into unreasoning hatred and attacking each other, allowing them to feed upon the conflict. Stygian runs off, and a few seconds later, he returns with the Pillars of Equestria, who proceeds to kick the snot out of the Sirens and banished them to the Canterlot High world. 

In the comics, the whole quest was significantly expanded; Stygian is shown to have went through a lot of effort getting the the Pillars to help him and get them together, and the recruitment process is not without difficulties due to Stygian and the Pillars having to deal with whatever issue they were facing at hoof - with Stygian even having saved several members from the calamities on one or two occasions (Not that any-pony noticed. At all). They were visibly shown going on a long journey that took them across the width and length of the land as Stygian raced to catch them all. And as of last comic I read, they still haven't got Mistmane or Starswirl yet.

That's when it hit me: Between the Dazzlings attacking and the Pillars arriving to fight them, how long was Stygian off on his quest to recruit the Pillars? 

We're not talking about modern-effing-day Equestria here, with its railroads, its airships, its oceanic liners and other forms of modern transportation. We're not talking about Equestria which is explicitly shown (At least in the comics) to have telegraphs. Stygian and the Pillars are explicitly shown to have lived at least around a thousand years ago (Because OF COURSE it is, according to Hasbro) and back then things were still primitive. There could had been pegasi chariots or dragon-fire mail back in the day, but they were never explicitly shown on screen or in the comic, and given the time period and the likely quality of life for the majority of ponies back then, I don't know if some village kid, even a well-learnt prodigy like Stygian, could had possibly afford or have access to those means. 

Point is, even if Stygian knows where to look for the Pillars (And in the comics, he does), when he had gone off to acquire their help, he would still have to do so by his own power - he would had to walk there, to where they live (And that's what the comics shown him doing), first by himself and then with those Pillars he recruited on each stage of the journey. Even if we go by the frankly silly canon interpretation that they were merely living in different parts of Equestria (Because OF COURSE Equestria is the whole world, according to Hasbro), one can only walk so far within a set period of time. 

In short, it would had taken him at least weeks, if not months, tops, to set out from his village, find all the Pillars, help them through whatever troubles affecting them, recruit them, before finally bring them along back to his village to defeat the Dazzlings, and save his...

You probably can see where I am going with this, right? By the time he got back, would any one of his fellow neighbours and villagers still be alive

They had been enthralled by the Dazzlings' songs and set on each other, frothing with aggression and hatred, while those gluttonous sea monsters fed upon the emotions and conflict that was generated. They hadn't been shown to stop on screen, and I don't know how the comics would depict the finale, if they bother to depict it at all. Assuming they haven't stopped fighting all this time, they would had killed each other off by now. Even if the Dazzlings were smart enough to hold them back (forward thinking of which, I must remind you, they were NOT DEPICTED to have that I can recall), the population is only going to go down from the word go - accidental deaths does happen in non-lethal sparring between martial artists, or just two random idiots beating the crap out of each other. 

So how does this tie with the original premise/question I was talking about? Simple: when Stygian had set off to fetch the Pillars, it would be impossible for him to return with the Pillars in time to save his village, barring them living quite literally right over the hill from where the village is (Which isn't the case, whether on TV or in the comics). He won't be returning home to his family and neighbours; he would be returning to a graveyard, and whatever beat-down the Pillars delivered to the Dazzlings afterwards, all it would had done would is avenging their deaths and preventing the Sirens from repeating their atrocity in another part of Equestria. Despite all his hardships, all his efforts, all his sacrifices - everything he did - Stygian had FAILED. He would had lost everything, nothing else he would had done would had made any difference. 

When we look back at Stygian's fall with this context, his rapid slip off the slippery slope suddenly makes a lot of sense: The Pillars wouldn't just become a major part of his life and existence, it would literally be the only life he has left. He putted them together, he planned strategies for them and read all he could about the foes he faced; all this and other ways he dedicated his efforts to supporting and being part of the team would be the only thing that mattered to him anymore. Perhaps it would had helped distract him from the horror and guilt of not being able to save his village, of being the only survivor - who only made it out alive because he ran off. And of course, when he found he couldn't contribute as much as his more powerful Pillars - in fact, he doesn't even consider himself to be one of the Pillars because of this - and felt becoming neglected and sidelined in terms of recognition and respect, his anxiety would had hit him significantly harder since, being the only life he has left, how much he could give to the group would be the measure of his own self-worth, the only thing defining his existence.

No wonder he was so desperate to want their respect and being able to stand by their side in battle - desperate enough that he went off to steal the artifacts of the Pillars and imbue their powers into himself. And what happens when his comrades, the ponies whom he had gathered, befriended, helped and was helped by, completely and utterly rejected him over the misunderstanding? What would that do to him? 

I think it would had BROKE him. It would had broken anyone. Everything that happens after that - the Well of Shades, the Pony of Shadows - would had come naturally to him, because he would had, quite literally, nothing left to live for - nothing save, perhaps, hatred for his former comrades, and the world which had so unfairly taken everything from him. Who wouldn't want to make the world suffer in the same despair as he did after all this? 

Now, I know this bleak, disturbing premise would had upset many fellow fans, and I wouldn't blame anyone if they couldn't stomach it. But we cannot simply dismiss this out of hoof just because it's uncomfortable to consider, especially when one considers all available facts pointing in this direction. Of course, they would never show this on any media - whether in real life or in-universe.

This is definitely going into my Codexverse, that's for sure. What do you all think? 
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I imagine Pholcidae's hive is basically a fortress applying the typical genre savvy and thought of the Summer Court into making it as near impossible to take as physically possible.
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Makes perfect sense! Wonder if he made it an opulent and elaborate maze as part of the set-up...?
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I imagine it also uses a lot of Shadiversity's castle building explanations are utilized.
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And the new forms of Changeling Webbing he concocted? Fill the moats with it during sieges and create an obstacle even worse then water and quicksand. Those who try and cross it will be stuck onto it, and they'll leave the intruders to waste away in them.
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Given most other races (besides already giant races) have giant counterparts, I wonder if the Great Skunks have Great Aniwye counterparts...
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner 17 hours ago
Maybe! Though it'll be a matter of whether if it's the result of some Great Skunks wandering into Giant Lands or Moufette decides to engineer them...
Kendell2 Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  Hobbyist
Either are possible.

That said decidedly would not want get skunked by one...
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner 17 hours ago
You'd probably MELT like you'd be doused in acid...
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BrutalityInc Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Lol! :lol: "How does that even work?!" --- Mainline Twilight
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