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Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 86
Jaunt 86.0 - Kendell2 Snapshots Pt 15
"So... that's it then..." said Tempest Shadow, sitting in the base (still under heavy watch).
Fizzlepop of Princess Lemonheart's set of Bearers sat across from her and nodded. "Yeah...I guess so..."
They'd been comparing to see where everything diverged. While Lemonheart's different status did change some things, they ultimately narrowed it don to one thing...
Tempest looked at her for a few moments before finally speaking. " chose to go down one fork of a path and I went down the other...and in the end I ended up a monster and you ended up a hero..."
Tempest had heard of Lemon Hearts, and likely had many similar thoughts, so alone it changed little... but just one different chosen path the night of Nightmare Moon...
"...It was more than that...certain ponies I met that night...certain choices I made..." Fizzlepop replied, thinking on it. "...You might not have changed if you met Twilight and her friends..."
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Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 85
Jaunt 85.0 - Kendell2 Sovereign Guard Pt 2
"Wow..." said Flash Sentry as the group walked towards to the Temple of Harmony in the Bright Future reality. "This is Equestria?" he asked, looking at the advanced technology allowing them go through the Everfree Forest without any threat, as well as what composed the rebuilt Castle of the Two Sisters and the Temple.
"From what I've read of the place, yeah. This is all we could be...pretty inspiring, huh?" asked Cherry Fizzy.
The others collectively nodded. Noteworthy had been somewhat suspicious of the utopian world due to the old saying 'if it seems too good to be true', but after seeing it in detail he'd finally been won over.
"Apparently they've also found a far future version of my world too, curious about that..." said Shooting Star, looking around himself. "Wonder what it is like..."
The group finally entered the group, being met by Princess Inkwell, who looked up at them.
"Hello, Sovereign Guard," said the Alicorn. "Y
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Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Index (5A)
Supplementary Index 5A - Notable Groups/Organizations/Factions/Nations
Beyond notable individuals, the Multiverse is full of groups, organizations, factions, and nations which exists across its sprawling expanses, whether independent and isolated by the veils that divide parallel world-lines, or spread across the many world-lines and aligned together in pursuit of various goals and agendas. As the Multiverse Alliance had discovered, they are merely one such group among many, many other factions or civilizations that exists in their corner of the Multiverse, which combined together is but a drop of water in a vast ocean containing teeming multitudes of other factions.
Below are a list of some of these groups, which includes the Multiverse Alliance, some of its more notable member groups and nations, some of the other friendly, rival and even enemy factions and organizations that exists outside of the Multiverse Alliance.
Multiverse Alliance
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Tales of Equestria - Stories 4
Story 4.0 – Kendell2 Temple of the Shining Queen
“...Dazzleglow is an Alicorn deity of Light and the Stars who only recently returned to the world stage, but has caused considerable sensation due to when and where she was returning from...
...Dazzleglow is the ruler of the Lost Kingdom of Kerajaan Cahaya, a realm from the Second Age, which until recently the location was unknown. At some point during the Second Age, the kingdom was destroyed and Dazzleglow vanished from history, only to resurface in modern day...
...what is known is she has been laying dormant for the last 20,000 years and was awakened recently. The fictionalized account of her awakening, Daring Do and the Temple of the Shining Queen, has Daring Do aid in her awakening while battling Ahuizotl, lead by a map found in an ancient artifact stating Dazzleglow willingly sealed herself away...
...When questioned, Dazzleglow merely said that she had read it and thoroughly enjoyed it. The Equestr
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Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 84
Jaunt 84.0 - Kendell2 Pony Rangers: The Wedding Pt 1
“There is also a more pressing issue at hoof…” General Ironsights noted at the meeting, after the discussions were finished over how to deal with the second Ponyland hostile force which attacked the Space Elevator, “It concerns the Discord being faced by the Pony Rangers.”
Discord of the Pony Rangers universe had indeed turned out to be a far more formidable opponent than Nightmare Moon had been. As one would expect from a Discord, he was a very cerebral-minded, with threats that posed both a mental and physical challenge.
One particular thing that he seemed to enjoy doing to counter the Hegemony, who contributed significantly to the Alliance efforts on that end so far, was turn their aggressiveness and brutality against them by frequently transforming something important into his monster that could easily be destroyed if not handled correctly, or even harm innocent people. Naturally his
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Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Index (1D)
Supplementary Index 1D - Magic and Technology (Part 4)
Worldlines LPT-1992 - 'Ponyland' / UCE-0061 - ‘United Communes of Equestria’ / WHK-4000 - ‘Hegemony’ / Multiverse Police Department
Gyrojet Ballistic Weapons
In response to the recent Crises and encountering increasingly more powerful and dangerous factions and entities, the militaries of the Multiverse Alliance has begun extensive armament or rearmament programmes under the auspices of the recently-established Multiverse Alliance Armed Forces (MAAF) to develop new generations of weaponry, both to maintain the edge over existing hostile forces and to rapidly catch up against any new, more advanced enemy in any future confrontation.
Among some of most important areas of military technological developments are ballistic weapons, ranging from infantry small-arms to heavy artillery, and it has recently saw the introduction - or RE-introduction - of a radical design which could potentially revolu
:iconbrutalityinc:BrutalityInc 4 24
Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Index (4A)
Supplementary Index 4A - Extradimensional Forces
Across the Multiverse, explorers from Mainline Equestria and those of their various allies and associates have encountered many strange phenomena in the form of various anomalous forces and powers of a mundane, magical, physical or metaphysical nature, which has various unusual effects in the worlds where they are found and those that populate them. Some are unique only to the world-line where they are discovered, perhaps localized or unique to only a few specific locations, objects or entities, while others are quite literally reality-spanning in scope, affecting many if not all cosmos in the Known Multiverse and can affect virtually everything to various degrees.
Either way, they exist, and the various members of the Multiverse Alliance invest extensively in researching these phenomena in hopes of discovering their nature, determining their effects and finding ways to even utilize and apply them for the benefit of all.
:iconbrutalityinc:BrutalityInc 4 0
Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 83
Jaunt 83.0 - Comickook Mane Meets Mean Pt 1
Hearing "Inverted Ages" Spike talk about HIS Chrysalis's scheme to create evil clones of him as well as his world's Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Rumble and Gabby reminded Pony Prince Spike of something his world's Twilight told him about. A very recent adventure where his own world's Chrysalis created evil clones of that world's Mane Six (the same Mane Six as in the mainline universe and several others) as well as her world's Starlight Glimmer.
Much like on "Inverted Ages" Spike's world, the Chrysalis on his own world kidnapped six children all of a different race: Pony, Griffon, Dragon, Hippogriff, Changeling and Yak: in order to start a war that would destroy ALL of her enemies. UNLIKE on "Inverted Ages" Spike's world, the Chrysalis on Pony Prince Spike's world pulled the kidnapping BEFORE the Friendship School was even started, pulling each kidnapping disguised as a "representative" of one of the races (i.e. kidn
:iconbrutalityinc:BrutalityInc 6 90
Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 82
Jaunt 82.0 - Kendell2 (Added with additions/edits!)
"How is every-pony doing?" asked Bright Eyes, the group currently in a museum warehouse. Well she, Melody, and Patch where. They were also fighting a group of heavily armed gangsters, which involved her blocking bullets with her bracers as she approached and stabbed his gun before swinging her sword around and bashing her attacker in the face with the hilt, knocking him out.
"We're doing fine over here," said Starlight, tanking gun fire to protect hostages before charging forwards and hooking the gun out of her attacker's hooves and bashing the blunt top of her axe into his face to KO him. Bonbon, while powering up her friends, followed Starlight and bashed another gangster in the head with her spear's shaft to knock him out.
Sweetheart blocked the hostages from fire with her shield, allowing Clover to use her blades to free them from their ropes.
"That's all the hostages!" said Clover, before jumping over her s
:iconbrutalityinc:BrutalityInc 7 45
Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 81
Jaunt 81.0 - BrutalityInc Shadow Ops Pt 7
Day three, zero hour had arrived at long last. Two and half days worth of frantic planning and preparations had culminated in this very moment. The timeline was actually moved a few times in the last few days, the last change quite literally half an hour ago, to take advantage of the fact that all the Black Hivers, thanks for the storm yesterday, are now conveniently within the base, meaning that with the new zero-hour deadline, the taskforce can now hope to catch the entire Black Hivers group with their metaphoric pants down before they could resume their patrols and missions beyond the base.
Now, though, the time has come. Everything that would determine whether the mission succeeds or fails will come to a head, starting from this point in time.
In the last 48 hours, Wraith Squadron had infiltrated and scouted the base as much as they had been able to, identifying weak-points in the enemy’s defenses and and made their p
:iconbrutalityinc:BrutalityInc 5 27
Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 80
Jaunt 80.0 - Comickook
(OOC: Here's something else I've been thinking of for a while)
At Jaunting Headquarters, Mainline Spike is talking to two of his counterparts, both of whom are princes. One was from the Inverted Ages universe and the other was a pony and Celestia's biological son.
"So you finally got your wings, huh?" Inverted Ages Spike asked his mainline counterpart.
"Yeah. From the molt a few weeks ago. I'll admit that it's taking some getting used to, even if I AM making better headway at it than my world's Twilight did when SHE got her wings." Mainline Spike confirmed
"Yeah. I can vouch for that. I might not have been QUITE as close to my Twilight as you two are to yours, but I DO still consider her a pretty friend and HAVE seen how hard it was for her to get used to her wings when she got them." Pony Prince Spike admitted.
"But enough of that for now. Are you two up for some O & O?" Mainline Spike asked his counterparts.
"you bet I am!" Inverted Ages
:iconbrutalityinc:BrutalityInc 6 27
Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 79
Jaunt 79.0 - Kendell2 Tower Beyond the Sky Pt 9 (With additions by me)
The agent chasing the three boys came into an open area of the station, quietly looking around for any sign of them.
Suddenly, he received a transmission.
“This is command, to any remaining agent on the Spiderweb…”
The agent patched in, “I read, comrade commander. What is the status of the operation?”
“Assassin Bug and his task-force has failed - they had been neutralized by enemy forces. Our primary objectives as of now are unattainable.” The mysterious commander reported through the Chrysalis Network’s ‘Spiderweb’, voice filtered to erase all traces of identity.
The agent stifled a curse in Prussian, “I’m currently in pursuit of one of our secondary objectives. Should we abort the mission?”
“Negative.” The commander coldly ordered, “Continue pursuit. Do not rendezvous at the esca
:iconbrutalityinc:BrutalityInc 7 102
Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 78
Jaunt 78.0 - BrutalityInc The Monstrous Five Pt 4
The Humane Seven and the Monstrous Five clustered around plasma TV screen in the penthouse suite they had made their ‘Hangout’, the collective den where the mutated teenagers gather every now and then to hang out, as its name implies. The lavish sofas and pillows were modestly comfortable - after sweeping away the garbage and the ravished pillows - and were adequate enough for the Humane Seven to sit on and listen to the Monstrous Five as they talked about what led to them becoming what they are now.
“I’m afraid I’ve never heard of Scumlabs.” Sunset Shimmer admitted, at the Monstrous Five’s question. “I’m not sure if this is due to our timelines diverging at some point in the past or if some other reason altogether. For all we know, Scumlabs might not even exist in our world.”
“Really?” Sunny Flare muttered darkly, thinking about the implications. &
:iconbrutalityinc:BrutalityInc 7 65
Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 77
Jaunt 77.0 - BrutalityInc The Monstrous Five Pt 2
“Sour Sweet?” Rainbow Dash muttered once more, looking at the now recognizable human girl before them. They kept their distance frantically, even though she was now only slightly taller than they are and stopped almost two meters from them, arms folded with a furious expression. “It’s that really you?”
“Quit being the master of the obvious! ANSWER MY QUESTION!” Sour Sweet snapped sourly, snarling, her voice carrying a monstrous undertone while her eyes flashed a more crustacean complexion - all of which disappeared when her mood flipped 180 degrees and returned to a more sweet, sedated tone and soothing expression, “Now, Sunset, it’s only been a year or two! Don’t tell me you already forgotten that we made a deal to leave each other alone!”
“We did?” Sunset muttered. Then she realize what she meant - whatever deal her counterpart made with the
:iconbrutalityinc:BrutalityInc 6 93
Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 76
Jaunt 76.0 - Kendell2
Kimono sat in the control room of the World of Empathy. Overall, the base was mainly to monitor things. The massive tech upgrade had come with a great deal of things, naturally, but the World of Empathy hadn't changed all that much in terms of how ponies lived their life. Starsong Melody could now do recordings and had even gave the 'music video' thing a shot (apparently the result was too sweet for many worlds, but in general was seen as fun), they had television now (most of their shows being rather sweet and upbeat, and getting to have one was an extremely easy thing to do), and video games, but over all they were still living peaceful, innocent lives. And Kimono, while it involved exposing herself to many things she didn't like, was dedicated to making sure it stayed that way.
Kimono blinked, looking at an alert. "Dimensional distortion...Better check it out..."
The ponies blinked, looking at the portal opening to find a trio of humans eme
:iconbrutalityinc:BrutalityInc 6 104
Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 75
Jaunt 75.0 - Kendell2
The Mane Six had arrived on in another 'Conversion Bureau' world, though one far different than the one they'd found before where it was all a natural disaster and humanity and ponykind were genuinely just trying to survive.
For starters, apparently there was a war happening, which meant first contact consisted of running for their lives.
And second, and most disturbingly, was the effects of the ponification formula. Namely, it essentially caused an death of personality.
"So we're the bad guys here?" asked Rainbow Dash with a sigh.
"Looks like it..." muttered Twilight.
So the group did what they logically would: head across the veil to confront the other side...only to find out to their shock the other side of the story was far from what they expected.
" don't know WHY the potion is doing this?" asked Mainline Twilight, cautious.
"No! We tried telling them that but they won't listen! We did tests and it worked exactly as we wanted it too!"
:iconbrutalityinc:BrutalityInc 8 109


Pokerswell - Lady of the Manor by DeivCalviz Pokerswell - Lady of the Manor :icondeivcalviz:DeivCalviz 108 2 Dark Souls 3 by Rariedash Dark Souls 3 :iconrariedash:Rariedash 40 0 Valor of Honesty by Pyrus-Leonidas Valor of Honesty :iconpyrus-leonidas:Pyrus-Leonidas 90 26 Nature colors by Ellysiumn Nature colors :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,260 85 Manchurian Empire / Northern Qing Dynasty by Mobiyuz Manchurian Empire / Northern Qing Dynasty :iconmobiyuz:Mobiyuz 37 8 Ultimate Universe Bundle by GraphicAssets Ultimate Universe Bundle :icongraphicassets:GraphicAssets 123 5 Stick to me like glue! by Daniel-Wales-Images Stick to me like glue! :icondaniel-wales-images:Daniel-Wales-Images 31 3 Renault ACG1 (AMC35) by sandu61 Renault ACG1 (AMC35) :iconsandu61:sandu61 25 4 Reach hope by QAuZ Reach hope :iconqauz:QAuZ 378 9 A Blindspot the Size of the Cosmos by AmericanDreaming A Blindspot the Size of the Cosmos :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 14 3 Ogres and Oubliettes Players Handbook by PixelKitties Ogres and Oubliettes Players Handbook :iconpixelkitties:PixelKitties 240 30 Stargate - Landing Approach by Mallacore Stargate - Landing Approach :iconmallacore:Mallacore 38 7 Border Watch by JamesLedgerConcepts Border Watch :iconjamesledgerconcepts:JamesLedgerConcepts 173 21 Rainbow's Feather by mysticalpha Rainbow's Feather :iconmysticalpha:mysticalpha 297 24 Twilight Sparkle by seahawk270 Twilight Sparkle :iconseahawk270:seahawk270 39 0 It's called a Battlestar by dragonpyper It's called a Battlestar :icondragonpyper:dragonpyper 19 2


“Don't get mad. Get even.”
Robert F. Kennedy (1925-1968)
BBC's full report of the now world famous "Tham Luang Cave Rescue":…
A reminder that there is always hope in the world. 
“... Yet the night is long, and full of horrors.
The darkness is deep, without and within.
The Sun is setting, and the Light soon fades.
The Shadows gather, and The Night Unfurls...”

--- Excerpt from the poem The Night Unfurls, author unknown. Worldline: [REDACTED: Clearance Required].
"Americans... Americans, wherever you are... I wish I had words of comfort to give you, like the warm winds this Nazi general sent down from above. But from me, you will not get comfort, only the cold, agonizing truth. And the truth is this great nation has been raped and pillaged by the greatest enemy of our time.

They ask you to sell your liberty to purchase your safety. To kneel to the new order, to submit to the winds of change. But, my fellow Americans, they that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind!

You were born in the land of the free! You fought the kings of old and broke them. You gave your lives for the simplest but most essential truth of all: "Give me liberty, or give me death!" In your veins runs the blood of revolutionaries!

So tonight, brandish your guns, your knives and your fists! Seek out your oppressors wherever they are and tell them "We don't want nothing, not a thing from you!".

Tonight, we show those that sow the wind that WE are the whirlwind!"

--- Probst Wyatt III, Wolfenstein - The New Colossus
"The more evil something is, the more funny, silly, bumbling, outrageous, or incompetent the people behind it should be. You have to be shockingly evil to warrant the bad stuff you do being talked about with a straight face."
--- General Setting Details, Red Alert: Paradox Mod

I had been thinking about Stygian and his quest to recruit the Pillars of Equestria ever since I watched "Shadow Play" two-parter and read the Legends of Equestria comics; specifically, the circumstances of his downfall. 

Now, we all know by now that there was a great misunderstanding, and that Stygian was kicked out of the Pillars who jumped to conclusions too early when he took their artifacts (Though Stygian also holds responsibility for not making an effort to let them know his anxieties or at least tell them what he was planning to do with said artifacts BEFORE he took them). The one thing that bothered me was how quickly Stygian seemed to have gone off the deep end after being rejected by the Pillars. 

Sure, it would had led to despondency and resentment, and if those two festers he might had turned to villainy because of it. But he hasn't exactly lost EVERYTHING due to the rejection by the Pillars, does he? He still got his life in his village that he had before the Sirens appeared and he gone off to his quest. Well, the village was saved, so he still at least have his old life left, right?

That's when I suddenly noticed something seemed off about the whole scenario. Horribly wrong, I'm inclined to say. 

It took me a while to triangulate exactly what, but it boils down to this: In the cartoon, we were shown Stygian being there when the whole crisis began, the Dazzlings descending upon his village and using their magical singing to mind-control the villagers into unreasoning hatred and attacking each other, allowing them to feed upon the conflict. Stygian runs off, and a few seconds later, he returns with the Pillars of Equestria, who proceeds to kick the snot out of the Sirens and banished them to the Canterlot High world. 

In the comics, the whole quest was significantly expanded; Stygian is shown to have went through a lot of effort getting the the Pillars to help him and get them together, and the recruitment process is not without difficulties due to Stygian and the Pillars having to deal with whatever issue they were facing at hoof - with Stygian even having saved several members from the calamities on one or two occasions (Not that any-pony noticed. At all). They were visibly shown going on a long journey that took them across the width and length of the land as Stygian raced to catch them all. And as of last comic I read, they still haven't got Mistmane or Starswirl yet.

That's when it hit me: Between the Dazzlings attacking and the Pillars arriving to fight them, how long was Stygian off on his quest to recruit the Pillars? 

We're not talking about modern-effing-day Equestria here, with its railroads, its airships, its oceanic liners and other forms of modern transportation. We're not talking about Equestria which is explicitly shown (At least in the comics) to have telegraphs. Stygian and the Pillars are explicitly shown to have lived at least around a thousand years ago (Because OF COURSE it is, according to Hasbro) and back then things were still primitive. There could had been pegasi chariots or dragon-fire mail back in the day, but they were never explicitly shown on screen or in the comic, and given the time period and the likely quality of life for the majority of ponies back then, I don't know if some village kid, even a well-learnt prodigy like Stygian, could had possibly afford or have access to those means. 

Point is, even if Stygian knows where to look for the Pillars (And in the comics, he does), when he had gone off to acquire their help, he would still have to do so by his own power - he would had to walk there, to where they live (And that's what the comics shown him doing), first by himself and then with those Pillars he recruited on each stage of the journey. Even if we go by the frankly silly canon interpretation that they were merely living in different parts of Equestria (Because OF COURSE Equestria is the whole world, according to Hasbro), one can only walk so far within a set period of time. 

In short, it would had taken him at least weeks, if not months, tops, to set out from his village, find all the Pillars, help them through whatever troubles affecting them, recruit them, before finally bring them along back to his village to defeat the Dazzlings, and save his...

You probably can see where I am going with this, right? By the time he got back, would any one of his fellow neighbours and villagers still be alive

They had been enthralled by the Dazzlings' songs and set on each other, frothing with aggression and hatred, while those gluttonous sea monsters fed upon the emotions and conflict that was generated. They hadn't been shown to stop on screen, and I don't know how the comics would depict the finale, if they bother to depict it at all. Assuming they haven't stopped fighting all this time, they would had killed each other off by now. Even if the Dazzlings were smart enough to hold them back (forward thinking of which, I must remind you, they were NOT DEPICTED to have that I can recall), the population is only going to go down from the word go - accidental deaths does happen in non-lethal sparring between martial artists, or just two random idiots beating the crap out of each other. 

So how does this tie with the original premise/question I was talking about? Simple: when Stygian had set off to fetch the Pillars, it would be impossible for him to return with the Pillars in time to save his village, barring them living quite literally right over the hill from where the village is (Which isn't the case, whether on TV or in the comics). He won't be returning home to his family and neighbours; he would be returning to a graveyard, and whatever beat-down the Pillars delivered to the Dazzlings afterwards, all it would had done would is avenging their deaths and preventing the Sirens from repeating their atrocity in another part of Equestria. Despite all his hardships, all his efforts, all his sacrifices - everything he did - Stygian had FAILED. He would had lost everything, nothing else he would had done would had made any difference. 

When we look back at Stygian's fall with this context, his rapid slip off the slippery slope suddenly makes a lot of sense: The Pillars wouldn't just become a major part of his life and existence, it would literally be the only life he has left. He putted them together, he planned strategies for them and read all he could about the foes he faced; all this and other ways he dedicated his efforts to supporting and being part of the team would be the only thing that mattered to him anymore. Perhaps it would had helped distract him from the horror and guilt of not being able to save his village, of being the only survivor - who only made it out alive because he ran off. And of course, when he found he couldn't contribute as much as his more powerful Pillars - in fact, he doesn't even consider himself to be one of the Pillars because of this - and felt becoming neglected and sidelined in terms of recognition and respect, his anxiety would had hit him significantly harder since, being the only life he has left, how much he could give to the group would be the measure of his own self-worth, the only thing defining his existence.

No wonder he was so desperate to want their respect and being able to stand by their side in battle - desperate enough that he went off to steal the artifacts of the Pillars and imbue their powers into himself. And what happens when his comrades, the ponies whom he had gathered, befriended, helped and was helped by, completely and utterly rejected him over the misunderstanding? What would that do to him? 

I think it would had BROKE him. It would had broken anyone. Everything that happens after that - the Well of Shades, the Pony of Shadows - would had come naturally to him, because he would had, quite literally, nothing left to live for - nothing save, perhaps, hatred for his former comrades, and the world which had so unfairly taken everything from him. Who wouldn't want to make the world suffer in the same despair as he did after all this? 

Now, I know this bleak, disturbing premise would had upset many fellow fans, and I wouldn't blame anyone if they couldn't stomach it. But we cannot simply dismiss this out of hoof just because it's uncomfortable to consider, especially when one considers all available facts pointing in this direction. Of course, they would never show this on any media - whether in real life or in-universe.

This is definitely going into my Codexverse, that's for sure. What do you all think? 
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Oy, Somnambula! Put some bloody pants on!…
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Egads! Blush 
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner 1 day ago
That is quite elegant an exotic weapon! And yes! It fits the Pegasi well!

There's probably going to be a mechanism included that allows for retractions in case Pegasi needs to land on the ground...
Kendell2 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist
Logical and given magic exists definitely a possibility. 

Heck if that exists then it might work for ponies in general and not just pegasi.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist
Kamen Rider Drive is interesting from the perspective of the Alliance for the enemies:

The Roidmudes, the monsters, are 108 androids capable of copying humans and desire to wipe out humanity, including launching an attack in mass that was foiled by Drive's predecessor Proto-Drive. They wish to accomplish this by gaining a 'Promised Number' of super evolved Roidmudes (which turn gold and get WAY stronger), which will allow them to initiate the 'True Global Freeze'.

The Roidmudes have an ability called 'Heavy Acceleration', which slows down everything in its radius to a crawl that lacks the same power source they and the Riders have, when all 108 combined their power, they did this to all of Japan at once. 

The Roidmudes also CAN'T be killed for good unless their killer is specifically designed to be able to do so, as their Core will survive and regenerate, typically stronger than before. The longer a Roidmude lives, the strongest it gets, thus the 'single digit' Roidmudes are the strongest ones.

The divide, however, I imagine comes from the REASON the roidmudes desire this in the first place:

Their creator Dr Banno was a Complete Monster who made the Roidmudes' existence Hell, to the point of having 002/Heart assume the form of someone he hated so he could ruthlessly torture him solely for his own amusement. Dr. Banno also intentionally placed a chip containing negative human emotion into the Roidmudes as part of his plan. Banno doing all this convinced the Roidmudes humans HAD to be destroyed if their kind could ever live peacefully.

In fact the whole 'Promised Number' thing was all BANNO'S plan in the first place (something they were unaware of) so that he could activate it himself and digitize the world, only granting new bodies to those who bowed down and worshiped him as the god he thinks he is.

It also doesn't help that a major terrorist organization called Neo Shade was on the rampage under the banner of 'revolution' to justify their bombings and other attacks and thus provided even more evidence to the conclusion Banno solidified. In fact right before their attack was launched, Heart even says "We'll give humanity that word they love to use so much 'revolution'." Showing that Roidmudes learned from Neo-Shade and were indirectly corrupted by what they were doing (being a species of newborns at the time).

The one Roidmude NOT exposed to all of that, Roidmude Proto Zero, their prototype...was Proto Drive and sided with humanity against them, and ultimately ends up sacrificing himself to stop Banno's insane goal.

So the Roidmudes ARE very dangerous androids and a threat to humanity, but ultimately the reason for it is their primary example of humanity as a whole they were exposed to from birth was a Complete Monster who abused them horribly with the second example being a terrorist group, and actively corrupted them, and the one not exposed to any of it turned on the others to save humanity. Everything evil about the Roidmudes ultimately comes from humanity. Or equninity in this case.

I can see their being disagreement in how to handle this situation by the Alliance due to to that.
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Looked him and those guys up. Wow, that's... quite horrible, both that mad doctor guy and everything his creations went through. 

I can imagine the main conflict would be whether or not those Roidmudes are salvageable and whether or not it would be expedient to just blow them all up.
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