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No submissions yet so I'll start it myself.
:bulletblack: Feel free to look up members and ask questions.
:bulletred: No abusing staff or members.
:bulletpink: 5 submissions/faves per month.
:bulletblue: If you are having troubles with the group please report it.
:bulletgreen: Any suggestions? Note the group.
:bulletyellow: Please keep submissions in correct folders.
:bulletorange: Have fun!! =)
-Last update March 2:iconf0r3v3rinl0v3:

joejr63111 added top rule march 3! TALK TO US! WE WANT YOUR FEED BACK! (well, i do anyway)

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i have had the worst case of spring fever ever! im riding a bike in thunderstorms, and im day dreaming in class. So, im challanging u people to create somthing, ANYTHING, that captures ur fav part of spring. PRETTY PLZ!!!! im going insain and need some ideas for wht to do with my time!
wow.... im a very bad person. its been over a month since i have blogged. in my defense, ive been traveling with my robotics team and ive been enjoying the nice weather. HEEEEEMMMMMM im smelling a another hint for an up coming contest. lol, any way. Im kinda upset at myself because i havent been able to write anything new and im sleeping in class instead of wasting my class time productivity by writing..... grr. stupid sleep. Also ive been starting war hammer 40k and any one who knows about mintures games no that building, painting, and learning a game is alot of work.... So, yeah. my goals for this are as follows.
1: get back to writing
2: get better sleep habits going
3: show u my amazing painting skills on my mintures tht i have started. (o yeah, huge time suck)

O YEAH!!! before i forget, the giant marshmallow in the sky is having a hard time, so wish he luck as she gets through it, i no i am!
2x O! its midnight as im writing this... im terrible at this whole sleep thing....

So, I'm Ida or IdaSkoog and I'm one of the co-founders here on BrutalArtoftheLlama
We Co-founders and founder decided to tell you more about ourselfs. Here are some random and unnecessarily things to know about me:

- I'm completely crazy. My friends still ask themselfs how they can stand hanging out with someone like me :XD:
- I'm addicted to Coca cola and dA.
- I love traveling and meet new people.
- If I can afford it, I'll travel around the world when I'm 18. Maybe I'll drop by your house... No, just kidding! ;)
- I listen to mostly all kind of music.
- I'm very clear if I like or dislike stuff (yeah, looking at you teacup! :lol:)
- I have a REALLY weird sense of humor.
- I am from that little country in Scandinavia called Sweden.
- I can speak english, Swedish and some Spanish (but please don't test my skills ;))

So, that was some info about me. Hopefully I'll see you around. Feel free to send me a message or a note if you have any questions about either me or the group. Me and the other Co-founders will try to answer them asap :)
And don't worry, our marshmallow-founder is as nice as her avatar :) She won't bite ;)

Haha, so bye for now!
Peace out
Its been a week, and ive been neglecting you my lamas! lol, so we admines have all come up with this crazy idea to tell you all about ourselves in detail. So, im a writter. I write. its what i do. Don't ask me to draw or paint or anything like that... cause im not gonna. I'm a metal head. I love Rock, and i will kill you for concert tickets (I HAVENT BEEN TO ONE!!!!) i love a good land scape, and i love the mountains. I wanna live for ever, and i cant spell. All my friends are crazy, and my girl friend threats to become a lesbian if i leave her... I cant spell well, so please deal with me a little bit here. And!!! because i read way to much, i hardly ever go out and hang with friends... ok, thats a lie, but i do read to much. I wanna know what you guys think! be sure to keep submitting stuff, cause i wanna see it! And, im gonna pull a no-no, and i might get yelled at later, but, all of the group leaders will be writing works describing ourselves, and you, our groupys, will be deciding the winner!!! lol, see, now they have to! tell me what you think will yeah? I wanna see comments if you want this to happen.
Hi I'm TheLocNessi or Vanessa, and i am one of the co-founders. I guess i'll blog whenever. I'm new to this so don't get mad at me.

Random things to know about me:

1. Huge fan of Avenged Sevenfold
2. I think the best drummer in the whole world is Jimmy Sullivan.
3. I love to draw
4. I like to dye my hair diffrent colors.
5. My favorite color is orange
6. I really want to be a hair stylist or photographer.
7. I'm best friends with founder :D
8. I'm a little bit of a random person
9. I'm a zombie/vampire (Zompire)
10. Pie is awesome :D

Okay so that's about it right now but feel free to message me or whatever!!!
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