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Test mod for Kolin

A very small test mod for Kolin, fixing her battle costume normal map. It has/had same problem like Karin's swimwear (completely inverted). At this rate I am sure her other costumes will have problems too but for start I checked this one.

The screenshot show the result after fixing, before you can see yourself that her legs/muscles look horribly ugly (the problem Cammy's C1 also have right now).

NOTE: Contains only a PAK file, it's just a test mod to see if I was right about her normal map issue and I was lol.
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Nice jacket!
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This costume look so much like Cammy's...

Are they based on the same mesh ?
It would explain why both have normal map problems.
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Yes geometry is almost same except Kolin has bigger proportions.
whats the problem on the original one? i didn't get it.
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Speaking in plain language her normal map have problems, try comparing this screenshot with her original and notice her thigh muscles, you'll see a huge difference.
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Cammy went excellent in this costume. :clap:
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Actually, I saw this mod before seeing Kolin in game, so I had no idea what what you meant by ugly legs.
Then I saw a match online....  WTF!!! >: O   Was capcom in a hurry and didn't have time to fix it or just not care???
I know it's just her battle costume, but that be too distracting for a whole match (poor PS4 users).
And nice job for taking the time to redo the knees instead of quickly slapping on some knee pads (could look cool tho).  
Anyway, thank you for doing capcom's job once again, and keep up the good work! ;)
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Thanks a lot Rock! yeah these problems are becoming more common, hope Capcom start looking at them. Every time they make a great character but experience in undermined because of these small problems.
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Thanks, BrutalAce. I knew SOMETHING was bothering me about that costume. I just couldn't place my finger on what. Which channel was inverted?
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Your most welcome :) both R & G were inverted.
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what about new Zangief's costume? Do you think off 
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Does it have the same problem ? I didn't checked myself.
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Very cool as usual. I really don't understand why Capcom missed this. I'd understand if it was correctly rendered in the game and not when extracted and rendered in other programs, but in the game itself? smh
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It seems the guys they are outsourcing for costumes don't know or pay attention on how UE normal maps work, what's surprising is that Capcom QA don't stop them for doing these blunders.
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