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Scarless Necalli

IMPORTANT: Season 2 compatibility fix applied.

IMPORTANT: Replace Necalli's C1 (Default Costume)

Hey guys,

Here is another Patron requested mod and it's for Necalli, this got delayed a lot and the Patron waited quiet patiently so thanks for that.

- Totally scarless.
- Hairs and bald head variants.
- Normal and oily skin variants.

* The effect of oily skin is dependent on lighting, some stages highlight it very well while some doesn't.

For more information please see readme.txt file.


Bald head textures by modder Bajm.

Have fun!

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His ears look like spock's from star trek
Metylover2143's avatar
Okay that is a good idea
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Is there a way to make him bald but have the scars? 
BrutalAce's avatar
Yes but not revisiting this mod anytime soon :)
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This has a nice brutal look to it.
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Necalli has an Obama mod. That has got to be one of the best and most random non-nude mods I've ever seen.
Heya, love your work! :) I had a weird problem with this mod though on Necalli. It only ever made him scarless with normal hair, no matter which pak I used, and even weirder, he is always like that now, no matter what mods I turn on or off. Even removing all Necalli files from the ~mods directory wouldn't fix it. Do you know a way to delete all modding info for a character (or all characters) to start again? I searched around but I've not come across any info on how to do that yet (cos obviously normally turning them off in ModManager is all you need to do)
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I don't understand, you cannot make him bald even if you pick the bald version of PAK file ?
Yeah - none of the PAK files are making him bald for me, and it's overridden all other Necalli PAK mods too, so I get scarless Necalli with normal hair permanently :-O

I'll re-install SFV from scratch I guess. Just letting you know in case anyone else has this problem too, very odd, all other mods work fine, including many of your awesome mods! :)
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Will take a look again but I remember it was working fine on my end, I give you a tip for re-installation though, always make local backup of official PAK files. They hold around 90% of the game so whenever you need re-installation just delete all files, move them back in PAK folder and let Steam re download rest of the files, it will be very fast. Also stick to one mod manager, I recommend PAK mod manager.
Thanks man :-)

reinstall fixed everything, but I forgot to backup all my renamed and sorted PAKs. What an idiot. Oh well! :-) I can find most of them again eventually :)
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Your welcome and most of the mods are posted on our Zetaboard forums here…
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Interesting mod! So what does he look like when he activates V-Trigger?
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Thank you, his skin just turns darker when he goes into V-Trigger. If you'll use the hairs version (also included) then of course you'll see his V-Triggered hairs.
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Oh ok, very cool! Good job as always.
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This monstrous stare makes him look scarier than his usual SFV appearance.
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and of all the pictures I took this one was the least scary lol.
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nice body :D good work!
Could u give him nice haircut? :3
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Thanks :)

The mod includes his original hairstyle, I just took picture of bald variant. Haven't tried any new hairstyle on him though :)
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