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Rashid Back to the Future

IMPORTANT: Season 2 compatibility fix applied.

Okay guys, here is a mod for Rashid that have been requested by a community member DeLeavelli. It gives him a pair of Nike Air Mags with his story costume (Futuristic shoes featured in 1985’s classic “Back to the Future”). It was requested long time ago and it got my interest too but the problem was original model of Nike Air Mags.

I cannot model something as complex as this so I searched around but found almost nothing until two professional modelers by the name of Dabhong and Darkstormweb got my attention as they had original models of Air Mags, these were commercial models with expensive price tag but both authors were kind enough to give them free of charge when I told them what I am going to do with them.

After some testing I ended up using Darkstormweb’s model because it was slightly less poly which made it easier to work with but Darkstormweb’s model didn’t had a Nike tick symbol on the sides though luckily I managed to make one myself.

Hats off to the people who are down to earth and believe in sharing and supporting the mod community like this!

As always please see the readme.pdf file. If you're using the MM version then use Fluffy's mod manager and if you're using PAK version then use Frosthaven's mod manager, these two are the definitive way of installing mods and save you from unnecessary hassle.

Another Screenshot…

Video (Trousers Option 1 - Full Lights)…

Video (Trousers Option 2 - Full Lights)…

If you wish to use this shoe model for some of your mod, be my guest. You don’t have to credit me for anything but please credit Dabhong and Darkstormweb for their support.

Have fun!

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Very nice. To call it Back to the Future, though, you should give him a "Life Preserver" jacket. ;-)

Hi mate. Does this work with 15 colours now?
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I think I updated it for S2 compatibility but I am not sure about 15 colors, I'll check and let you know. In case it needs updating I'll update it.
DUDE i love Rashid you did such a great work adding those kicks, i wanna get into modding myself, i know how to use 3d modeling software but know nothing of the modding scene. i want to add my country flag on rashids bandana. any place where i can learn the basics?
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Sorry for late reply, please check our forum for tutorials…

You might get deceptive website warning but that's a false positive so please ignore that.
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JESUS CHRIST THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Rashid's been my main since day one and it makes me so happy to see him get attention! ^^
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Thanks a lot man! have fun :)
That works so much better! Outstanding!
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Oh hell yeah! You're killing it Ace!
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Thanks Arlek! :)
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Dabhong and Darkstormweb? Thank you so much for sharing your hard work. 

Community member DeLeavell? Dude, great idea! I could probably kick tornadeos with these shoes, ha.

And of course BrutalAce, I don't know if I would still love Street Fighter like I do, if it were not for you. thanks again  
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Thank you so much man! really appreciate those kind words. I am sure Dabhong, Darkstormweb and DeLeavell will be happy to see this appreciation as well :)
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This is legitimately badass. Bravo again Ace.
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Btw I keep getting an error saying that the files cannot be found after I download the Mod.  
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What do you mean ? the 7z file is there, it should be downloaded.


Just checked it, it's downloading fine on my end.
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Okay, me too, thanks. 
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Dangg man, this looks really cool!! But what are differences between the two options? I tried looking but couldn't figure out. Again, this is a really cool lookin mod, man. :)
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Thanks! :)

Trouser Option 1: Makes one side of his pants a little raised making the Nike logo visible on one shoe.
Trouser Option 2: Both sides of pants are raised to make both Nike logos visible.
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Ah, okay. I see. I was little hard to tell, now I know. 
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Yes it's a small difference but more options the better :)
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