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Necalli Ogre By BrutalAce

Hey guys,

Here is another request reaching its completion. This is a fusion mod requested by one of my Patron Jim Morgan who was patiently waiting for it, really happy to deliver it finally.

IMPORTANT (Please read):

Replace CPT Costume (C5). Sorry guys this time me or Robhal cannot provide you conversions, you need his CPT costume to use this mod, the reason is that here I am using his CPT hairstyle and for some reason the V-Trigger version of these hairs don’t work properly with conversions, and get static. Robhal told me about this problem with his CPT costume months ago but then it slipped from my mind and by the time I recalled this and confirmed with him, I was already far in development of the mod. I might make this again using his C1 costume but that will require me to do almost everything from start and I don’t know what issues I will encounter while merging the skeletons for required items so for the moment I release this as it is, for those who don’t have his CPT costume, I am sorry guys.


· Several model enhancements.

· Two versions (“Necalli Colors” and “Ogre Colors”).

· Necalli colors have normal skin without scars, original hair colors and normal eyes.

· Ogre colors have green skin, auburn orange hairs and glowing red eyes.

· Ogre colors have various vibrant hair colors.

· Improved textures.

· Darker V-Trigger skin in Ogre colors variant.

As always please see readme.docx or readme.pdf for more information.


Have fun!

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is perfect! thank you very much!
Kviesgaard's avatar
Always had a weakness for Ogre.

Maybe it is his green Hulk like apperence?
robhal's avatar
Don't realize this had been public release already (or maybe I didn't notice it), download this asap eventhough I can't use it myself as I don't have the slot myself (hope Capcom will re-release the costume again later to purchase).
Karl11's avatar
The God of Fighting getting the respect he deserves.
BrutalAce's avatar
Indeed and he's eviler than ever.
AlaeNoctis's avatar
Great mod, man! Shame dat my nigga Necalli has so little mods.
BrutalAce's avatar
Thanks man and yeah Necalli is difficult to mod due to a lot of technical stuff he use like V-Trigger hairs, complex materials and such, maybe that's why several modders avoid him.
ViniciusTheVile's avatar
Good, he looks really like a bloodthirsty demon. :D
BrutalAce's avatar
Oh he is a blood thirsty demon :D
LELERK's avatar
Oh nice!! SFxT now improve for SFV :D
BrutalAce's avatar
Lol yes, you saw SFxT Ogre and now you see the improved one :D

Thanks for liking :)
LELERK's avatar
You're welcome :D I like this mod for Necalli :love:
Germano27's avatar
Awesome job! But, i dont have any CPT costumes. Sad. xd
BrutalAce's avatar
Thank you and sorry about that :(
Germano27's avatar
No problem! Is a great mod anyway. :D
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