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Laura Swimwear Edit

IMPORTANT: Season 2 compatibility fix applied.

Hey guys,

Another small mod, this time for Laura. This was already done before by Kalevra but based on Robhal's information I am doing it again because her mesh got updated in latest patch, we don't know what exactly was updated but judging by the fact that most of the swimwear DLC was broken before official release, we decided to do it again.

The only significant difference I found between Kalevra's original mod and my redux is that Kalvera's mod has no bikini strings, I don't know if they were not there or intentionally deleted but I left them intact.

As always please see the readme.txt file. If you're using the MM version then use Fluffy's mod manager and if you're using PAK version then use Frosthaven's mod manager, these two are the definitive way of installing mods and save you from unnecessary hassle. Every link is provided in readme.txt file.

Enjoy :)


Original mod idea by Kalevra.
© 2016 - 2021 BrutalAce
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Swimsuit costume C4.
Hi Brutal, just wanted to say thank you for the mods, your stuff looks great.  I do have weird question though:

Is it possible to Mod animations?  For example, can I change how a Shoruken is animated via Mods?  I was under the impression that FBX files contain everything including animations.  But when I opened them up in blender, there were no shape keys.  I'm not looking to put animations back in the game, just want to have my fun in blender animator.  I don't want to re-make a Shoryuken.  So these animations come along with the mesh?

Thanks for your help!!
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Thanks! No wasn't much progress in animations, they are tough to mod and results are not that good. There are no animation mods out there as far as I know though some modders tried to explore that area but then left it.
Were they able to extract the animations into a 3d program atleast?  Or the extracted only contained the models and textures?

Not looking to put my animations back in the game, just want to play with in blender.
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Not sure but you can play animations in UModel, you can also extract them but the files won't work in Blender afaik.
If you guys got it to work in Umodel, I guess you made it pretty far. :D  I'd imagine the files are just not in the proper format to be read by blender.  If I had 3d studio Max, I'd try to run the extracted animations there.
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Laura is perfect
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She is indeed :)
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The first mod that I installed for the game!!
Love it!! :D
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Thanks a lot man, there is another swimwear edit coming for her so hold your horses ;)
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You're welcome. And I will be eagerly awaiting the new one!! :XD:
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You'll get a treat ;)
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how to swap for C2 ?
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Can you  make Laura into Poison? I mean, they have almost similar body type and personality :)
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Can't take more requests atm but certainly a good idea for future :)
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This is a really great bikini for Laura well done. I do wish I can find a good nude one for Laura. The ones I see the skin tone of the body does not match the face.
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Thanks man ! :)

About nude mod, I am sorry I don't do them.
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nice, i love you !!!!!
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Bro, you forget to submit this mod to StreetModders.

Good job again, everything work fine here :)
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Thank you for pointing out bro, I will do it now and thanks for checking the mod as well. Glad to know it's working fine :)
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No problem bro, and you're welcome too :)
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