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Laura Physics V2

WARNING: This mod can conflict with Laura mods using custom physics such as my own Laura Christmas Bunny mod so use with caution, this mod is meant for her original C1, C2 and/or C3.

IMPORTANT: Replace physics for C1, C2, C3 or all of them.

Hey guys,

Here is one Patron request. It is a complete overhaul of my old Laura physics mod.


- Revised physics for Laura's C1 and C2.
- New physics for her C3.
- Better jiggle effect.
- Her C3 had a glitch making small triangles appear where her breast and bra connect, particularly visible during her final win pose. This has been fixed in this mod as well. Please refer to the intro screenshot to preview of this fix.
- Her hands cause jiggle effect.
- Available as a pack or for individual costumes.

For more information please check Readme.txt file.


Have fun!

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Hmm, begs the question of how grotesque it'll be by having all of the physics mods installed.

Hello! I just love your jobs...

Do you have physics to Poison too?

Thank you a lot!

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Those vanilla latina curve were so statics... Thanks BrutalAce to give us your magic!
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Thanks a lot for liking :)
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Bit of a problem with the glitch fix. It's currently not working. It disables her Barefoot Battle Costume completely, and the model is left with her standard Battle costume with some really funky coloring/shading on her legs. This is the culprit if anyone else is having issues with Laura. I turned it off and all other Laura mods work correctly again.

Just letting you know Ace, glad you have decided to come back btw.
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I will take a look.
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muito bom cara! 
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I cant see the link to this. if someone can reply to this post with the link that'd be much appreciated
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Download link is on upper right corner with green download arrow.
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Your most welcome :)
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Any chance of a physics mod for Cammy's C3?
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Yes it's possible, I will work on her eventually :)
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Does the holiday bunny costume work for season 2?
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Yes get the updated version from here

Laura Christmas Bunny by BrutalAce
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Awesome, thanks man!
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Your most welcome and thank you :)
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What costume is this one? Pretty dope! I downloaded these physics as well haha.
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You mean the costume shown in the picture above ? it's her official battle costume (C3). You can get it from store.
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Great work, as always. Happy 2017, m8!
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Thanks dude, Happy new year to you as well (Belated) :)
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great work ;) can u make this exact costume 3 for laura that replaces costume 1, its that posible? 
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Thank you :)

You can ask for conversions from Robhal here…
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