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Laura Kitana Cosplay By BrutalAce

Hey guys,

Here is another patron request getting done. You guys know about it already so no introductions necessary. Just to make it clear for everything that this is a modified outfit such that the black netting on the outfit was removed on request and her hairs are also kept original on request so I am sorry if this disappoint someone that she doesn’t exactly look like Kitana because that’s not what this request is about.

It was a fun mod to do; I hope that you also enjoy using it in your game, until next time.

Please take a look at readme.docx or readme.pdf for more information.


PS: Sorry for that audio reverb, I was experimenting with an audio application that added that and probably my microphone was also open.

Have fun!

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Nice & Pretty Skins , BrutalAce^^

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It's not working for me. Can't it work with Champion Edition 5.0?

I cant seem to download the pak

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excellent !!! 
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really nice work , is his works with AE??
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Thank you and yes it does :)
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Simply perfect!
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wow, this looks amazing! thanks for sharing!
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Your most welcome and thanks for liking :)
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Very well made :) Love it !
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Thank you very much! :)
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you're welcome :)
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Thank you Zekillshot! :)

You mean some texture work on top ?
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Nothing else to say except it's a fantastic yet simple looking mod :)
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Thank you very much bro! :)
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You're always welcome bro :)
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Thanks a lot! :)
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