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Laura Classic Bikini

IMPORTANT: Replace her swimwear DLC (C4).

Hey guys,

Before hitting another request I am completing this one, it’s my own idea mixed with Laura’s official DLC and I think this is how she should have been in first place. I have done several subtle but important changes to her and also fixed a lot of issues that are present in her original swimwear.

I’d also like to thank community member Shin_Akuma76 who presented a nice little idea that I found interesting to do and I implemented that to some extent at least.


1) Complete overhaul of her weird looking swimwear DLC face which is now replaced with her C1 face, eyes have been replaced with C3 eyes, eye lenses and eye brows are replaced with C3 ones as well, eye brows mesh and weights have been fixed to prevent clipping.

2) Replaced her center cloth piece with a full abdomen transforming this swimwear into classic two piece bikini. Originally my idea was to use her tank top as optional variant too but since I worked a lot on her abdomen, I scraped that idea. This mod will remain a two piece bikini.

3) An optional variant with more toned abs is available, as suggested by Shin_Akuma76. It is inspired dandonfuga’s art of Laura… obviously I cannot increase her torso size which will change her height and other dimensions but as far as muscular look is concerned, I tried to get some inspiration from it.

4) Her original abs are also included.

5) Last but not the least a fun variant in which she’s wearing Ray ban aviator sun glasses with real mesh based Ray Ban logo is included. I was thinking about giving her aviator style glasses but putting that Ray Ban logo makes it more stylish.

INFO: Due to new shades now using transparency, it is not possible to disable glasses using special key combo like before therefore if you want to get rid of glasses then you'll have to switch the mod variant.

NOTE: Some users asked me to make same physics for her as I made for rest of her costumes and I am working on that but it will take some time to complete as there are many items to animate so I’ll release the mod now and physics a bit later.

See readme.docx or readme.pdf file for more details.


Have fun!

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Sadly her legs are seperate from her body and eyeballs go out of her face. lol

Download link not working

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not working on 04.030 can someone confirm it?
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Did the most recent patch break this one somehow? I've been using it for a while but it suddenly stopped showing up.
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PMM stopped working after Sagat and G patch but it got fixed again, try it now with PMM and see if it works.
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Figured out the issue- for some reason as of the most recent patch any outfits that have the 'grey eye' problem seem to break both this mod, and the Laura Monokini, even if the fix is applied. As soon as I removed them, this one started working again.
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Wonderful. Thanks!
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Your most welcome :)
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aww this is perfect, hope other girls (and maybe boys) will get so fantastic swimsuits as that one!
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I love this, her ABS! I wanna rub them!
Does she wear sandals at all? Like the ones you made for Juri?
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Lol! thanks dude, have fun :D

And no this one is purely barefoot mod.
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Ah damn. Still fantastic as always mangoose.
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Haha! there is always room for sandals later though her feet are way too big for any sandals lol so I might have to replace them for sandals model just like I did to Juri.
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This bikini fits her greatly. :)
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Wow, you're on a roll! :D
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You're welcome! BTW I noticed in one of the videos (the one where's she's wearing shades) that her bracelets are flickering in her 1st winpose. Just an FYI.
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Can you tell me the time lapse on video ? I cannot find it.
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Sorry, check around 2:40 to 2:46.
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