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Laura Casual Denim

IMPORTANT: Season 2 compatibility fix applied.

Hi guys,

So before I roll out the RMika mod, I was also working on an original concept by Arlek Orjoman ( It was a commission and the idea was to give Laura a form fitting jeans on her battle outfit with some slits and cuts. Foot ware was decided to be her bonita sandals along with a barefoot version that Arlek suggested for barefoot fans.

More HD images

The idea itself was quite simple but since transparency is such a pain to work with in this game, I decided to create actual slits on her jeans rather than resorting to transparency which I believe cannot work here as I wanted her jeans to have color customization as well.

I never created random looking cuts in the mesh so this was my first attempt and I tried my best so I hope it looks okay. I also made her jeans a bit bell shaped from the bottom because Laura is quite heavy from the top so having it very thin/fit from the bottom made her look weird.

As always please see the readme.txt file. If you're using the MM version then use Fluffy's mod manager and if you're using PAK version then use Frosthaven's mod manager, these two are the definitive way of installing mods and save you from unnecessary hassle. Every link is provided in readme.txt file.

Enjoy :)

PS. RMika mod is coming tomorrow.
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Hello, I have a problem with the Laura Casual Denim costume.

here's what's on the screen

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My favorite character, thanks!
Could you provide a new download link please?, i think the one on this site is dead, it keeps giving me error 404 not found
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I don't have the files right now, I have to find them.
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Is there a way to get this on C2 (Story)?
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Just wanted to give you a heads up that Laura's eyes are blacked out for season 3 update. Cheers!
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This is fixed now, please download again.
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Wheres the link to the mod?
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Upper right corner, there is a download button.
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Thx,  I'm really dumb for not seeing it :p
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Your welcome and np, happens :)
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Lovin' dem pants!
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You're welcome:)
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i would like to ask how you use free camera mod so you can take these photos
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Hi there,

I answered you on the forum, I don't know how to solve Windows 10 crashing problem though.
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Hey Man,

is it possible to move this costume into Slot 4 (summer outfit) or Slot 1?
I bought the Slot 4 outfit because I liked your version of it, but now I want this one! :D

But I don't want to buy another costume slot.
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