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Laura Bikini



IMPORTANT: Season 2 compatibility fix applied.

WARNING: This mod is incompatible with my old "Laura Physics Mod". Delete the old mod before installing this one however in case you wish to use the old mod for Laura's costume 1 then redownload the old mod as it has been updated and now has the flexibility to be applied on individual costumes instead of both costumes.

Hey folks,

There you go a bikini mod for Laura, I made a lot of bikini mods in USF4 so here is some contribution in SFV. It packs a lot of features such as a new body with missing regions meshed by me, her XNALara body although good had some broken UVs and slimmer pelvis area for some reason so instead of using that I ended up making my own with revised textures. The body also has several rigging fixes to her shoulder and elbow weights because several weights are lost after being extracted from Gildor's tool resulting in uneven vertices, this one is as smooth as the original or pretty close.

Then we have proper mesh modding here so the bikini has no visible gaps or vertex deformation, I have also updated her hair physics and now it has less chance of getting stuck with other bodies. Breast physics is also updated with two variants, one having more bounce and the other one with less more stable bounce. You can choose whatever you like.

All her bikini strings are also animated properly, she also wears a big bracelet now and it's also animated ;)

The mod has color customization with remixed original colors. I ended up using her original sandals because the ones I found in XNALara have very tall heels and the that are not tall doesn't look as good original IMO.

Finally a barefoot variant is also included :)

Full Preview…

Video (Sandals Version)…

Please inform if you see any issue with the mod.

Thanks and enjoy :)

- BrutalAce


NOTE: This mod use another set of 4 texture files so it might be a bit performance costly on VRAM, I haven't encountered any issue myself but maybe some will.

NOTE2: I know most of you are waiting for the barefoot Chunli mod and it's almost done though I give some break to it because testing physics continuously gets tiring very fast, I forget count how many times I minimized and maximized the game and bake new physics.... Waaaah! Anyway it's on it's way so stay tuned.
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Probably is an old version but im sharing it anyways because is better than nothing:

Just trying to help.