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Laura Barefoot Story Costume

IMPORTANT: Season 2 compatibility fix applied.

Hey everyone,

As promised here is Laura's barefoot story costume mod. This wasn't that difficult but it got delayed due to the physics mod I have been working on. It looks quite good and works best with the new physics mod I just released so make sure you try that as well. I guess I earned my break to play some Witcher 3 Blood & Wine, that doesn't mean that I will stop working on Cammy Escape From Shadaloo mod but she still need some polishing and I don't want to screw that up in hurry.

Video Preview

For more MM information…

For more PAK information…


- Rare clipping on shirt due to loss of weights when extracting from Gildor's UE Viewer, I tried to minimize it.


v1.0: Mod release.

Thanks and enjoy :)

- BrutalAce

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when i go to the link it says that file is already deleted. can you add new link?

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Broken link fix please

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download broken please fix

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Broken link please fix.

Is it possible to re-upload it? Mega is saying the download is no longer available. Thanks!
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I was cleaning the Mega Drive and I think I lost some of the mods but I'll try to find them.
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Hello mate =) Why last comment was here only in 2016 year? it's good custom barefoot mod.

I tried this mod today - and noticed that Laura gray grid ( likealpha channel) instead of the eye texture. Have you updated this mod after the release of AE? I think it was an update from Falke.
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Thank you!

It's an old mod, you need grey eyes fix to fix the issue.

SFVAE Grey Eyes Fix by BrutalAce
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Do you propose that I do it myself? =) 

By the way, I have a question about the camera mod - I open the cheat engine, run the SFV script but after I open the Steam game refuses to start with the running CE in the processes. =(
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Yes it's an easy fix :)

About CE, there is a small script that change the name of CE to something else so game doesn't detect it, try searching it on Google.
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Thanks! Khaledantar already helped me figure it out.

I just use two scripts - one to change the name in the processes, the other to play. It turned out to be too easy.
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Yep that's the way.
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I read the forum, and one thing remains unclear to me - how many times do I need to change the scale of the model in a blender or in UE4?

They write that you need to change the scale first to 0.254, and then before or after the import (I did not understand) to 0.393708 :think: 

Model look like this is UE4 for me: Blender3d4 by repinscourge  
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I always do that in Blender, never touch anything in UE4.
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Great work on your mods. Do I see a glove-less Cammy as well? I can't wait.
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Thanks a lot :)

The glove-less Cammy is still a work in progress but coming soon.
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fantastic as always Ace ! love it, thanks so much ! and btw i guess you are the only hope for Ibuki now. I saw her story costume and it looks cute but it's not barefeet either :(   I was hoping to see her original costume with her own original foot model with those graphics but i guess you will make it as near as possible. Oh and do you remember my request for some details on the soles ? i hope you will still do it.
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Thanks man, it's my pleasure :)

And sure Ibuki will get some attention, as for detail I guess you're talking about Mika right ? well right now I am improving details of Cammy's feet (For full Escape From Shadaloo mod), after that I'll look into improving Mika's feet.
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Just tried this out. It works and looks PERFECT. This is your best mod yet- absolutely flawless and gorgeous. Enjoy your Witcher 3 break dude!!! 
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Thanks man, glad you liked it. Wait till you see the Cammy mod in action and then you'll say it's my best mod yet :D
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Hahaha okay. It's just that Laura in this mod/costume looks flawless. Her legs going into her feet are seamless (to me) and you just gotta love the many 'expressions' of her toes. Hahaha- dunno if you can appreciate that- in any case, this is my favorite Laura mod. Looking forward to Escape From Shadaloo Cammy then! ^___^
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That's great man :D

Well I am no expert in toe expression lol but I can say that I am getting better in my own work, future mods will be more refined and better. I am improving some details on Cammy's feet so I think they will get better with Escape From Shadaloo mod :)

Btw I saw Laura Barefoot Story Costume video on your channel, it's looking great and I noticed that you're also using the physics mod, just to let you know I have updated that mod with an alternate pack, this pack allows you to have more Capcom like physics for hair but at the cost of collision such that they will have more clipping but better/smooth movement, now you have option to choose between better collision or better movement, whichever you fancy.
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