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Kolin Tier Harribel (Bleach) By BrutalAce

IMPORTANT: Replace Kolin’s C3 (C1/C2 swaps are available for 5$ and above patrons).

Hey guys, it’s finally done. Kolin now cosplay Tier Harribel from anime Bleach. I had this mod in works for several weeks now, maybe over a month and I kind of got fond of it. I am not very interested in animes but this character and the costume was very unique and fun to work on.

Unfortunately she had no XNALara model available to use except for a PS2 era model which was very low in quality for SFV mod standards so whatever you see in this mod is like 75% created by me from scratch including her entire top, belt, sandals, metal parts for mask, inner mask and several adjustments to her pants and hairstyle which was also made using several different hairstyles.

In addition to that her body is also created by me as you know, it’s part of my base body project and I am happy to add another body to the roster.

This might not be the best looking mod in terms of textures since it just have flat colors for the outfit and the fact that it was me who created most of it, it may also have some rigging issues because good rigging requires good topology and my skills as a modeler are limited to say the least but I am very happy that whatever is made is mostly done by me and I tried my best to add as many features as I can.


1.New base body for Kolin, using high quality textures and a very clean mesh.
2.Tier Harribel outfit mostly created and textured by your humble modder.
3.Fully animated new hairstyle closely resembling Harribel’s hairstyle.
4.Animated bell pants.
5.New breast physics.
6.Kolin’s eyelash fix.
7.Bigger blonde eyelashes.
8.Darker skin resembling Harribel’s skin.
9.Bigger bust version, aka Harribel’s bust type.
10. Smaller neck version (my own spin off).
11. 15 colors.
12. Animated collar for short neck version.
13. 3 Physics types including standard jiggle, crazy jiggle and no jiggle.

NOTE: A small note about smaller neck version that this is not the opened jacket version as some might misunderstand, the open jacket version will require me to create another jacket for her as well as her inner armor so that will take considerable time, I really like this mod so I might do that in future but for now I will release her with closed jacket and a shorter neck version just to reveal her face for those who like to see her.

INSTALLATION NOTE: Please install the physics pack of your choice provided separately. Using one physics pack is necessary otherwise her animated items won't work (such as hairs). Also all preview images, videos etc are created using the Harribel's bust version so her breasts look big, as mentioned above there is Kolin's bust version included in case you prefer smaller bust.
© 2017 - 2021 BrutalAce
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@BrutalAce this looks amazing! I'm wondering why ex flash does not seem to work with this mod though. Is there any chance you would fix it?

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I realize I'm super late to this, but the Ebony version on Modderbase is gone. T_T I love this and want that version if its still available.

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This doesnt work anymore?

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you think you could make a version of this where part of her nipple shows, i think the nipple touch would look great
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Character model won't turn red when casting EX skill.
Will you fix it?

Thanks for the mods.
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doesnt seem to work anymore
great job, I like the phisics
About the phisics, are there supreme jiggle phisics for falke, menat  ibuki and sakura? I found a pak but only for chun li cammy mika juri laura.
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As for supreme jiggle, the mod author dropped it so it's no longer updated.
nooo :(
would you do it? (in the future)
Anyway I found a bug in the cammy supreme jiggle after v3, there are 2 glitches, i'm very sorry it is no longer updated
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That supreme jiggle physics mod is not made by me, I cannot update that.
so start one new supreme jiggle phisics mod from the beginning for all the female characters??   :) :)
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Not really interested in that :)
Well, now i gotta learn Kolin.

Looks great. Awesome work, dude.

EDIT: Took me a while, but there's no EX flashing. Is there a way to fix it or is it because Capcom tends to screw with mods every update?
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Thank you!

I haven't checked this for a while now, I need to take a look and see what's wrong.
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Dude, this is awesome. You got some serious skills :D
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Thanks a lot man! :)
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hey brutal is it too much to ask if you can make a size 3-4 breasts for this mod
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I don't understand, can you show me a reference ? a picture or something.
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That mod already have a big boobs variant but not that much.
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